We bought her this bracelet making kit to enhance her fine motor skills. My co mommies told me that this will also help her to properly hold her pen and pencil in writing. And I gave it to her this morning and she enjoyed stringing those beads. She also loved classifying them by color and by shape. Way to go Ate!


I missed my husband playing the bass with his band. It’s been a long time! He is such a busy man now. That ESP Bass that he was eyeing for a couple of months is just a dream for now. I know that he will go back to his first love in his hobby, someday when everything is stable he'll enjoy it again. I want him to enjoy life. No to being a workaholic.

Pororo Fans

I have two kids here who are Pororo fanatics!

So I got them a new DVD with all Pororo in it! They are watching it right now and what a peaceful time for me. LOL! I love it when they are behave because they love what they are watching. I wish it will be like this everyday. No fighting and arguing about something. Just behave in watching their favorite cartoon. Oh love!

A drum maybe?

Hans always watches movies or video clips on youtube. The other day, he was so bored with the cartoons he was watching so I searched for some musical instrument playing there. I found a drum playing kid and he loved watching it. I need to ready myself on him wanting to buy boss drum soon. He loves singing and soon he will love playing an instrument too. A drum maybe?

The New Mickey Mouse Doll


Minnie & Mickey Mouse fanatic!

She got her new Mickey Mouse doll by tantrums yesterday. She sat on the floor and threw a tantrum at us. Sigh! We have to give in to her plea. Kids!

Engagement Ring

I visited our scrapping forum today and found a great news there. One of the team members is getting married to her long time boyfriend next month! I am so happy for her! Their BF/GF relationship lasted for 10 years already! Wow that is so long right? And finally they are jumping into a new chapter of their life together. Plus she showed us the engagement ring! I so love the design. Simple yet very memorable. I don't know why I love seeing engagement rings on peoples fingers. It gets me teary eyed. Maybe because I didn't get one. Because the husband didn't proposed to me. We just new we needed to get married right away. Oh well!

Long Time


I am back! So sorry to be on hiatus for 2 months. Oh my! I lost my mojo in writing plus mommy duties ate me whole. haha! My kids won’t even permit me to sit in front of my laptop whenever they are awake. And if they are napping or sleeping, house chores are my buddies. Oh well, I managed to make some time to write now. It’s 2:30 am and I am so hungry!

Will get some food so I can start with my tasks.

Have a great day everyone!

Hello December!

Christmas songs are now playing at the local radio stations. Hello December! Merry Christmas everyone! I so love listening to Christmas songs. I feel so calm and relaxed just by listening to it. I wish it will be Christmas all year long. But it can be Christmas everyday right? With your love ones and friends by your side it will. Now I am off to buy some gifts for the Holidays. A good studio 4 at musicians friend will be the perfect gift this Christmas to those music inclined friends and love ones. Happy shopping everyone!

Trimming the Tree


My dear daughter is helping me set up the tree the other day. She was so happy about it. She was enjoying herself hanging those snowflakes ornaments to the tree. She kept on saying WOW every time she sees the tree with decorations in it. She still can’t say Christmas tree instead she say “Quisinin”! She is so cute!

Family Christmas reunion excites me

Another Family Christmas Reunion to look forward to this December. I cannot wait for this one! We will have lots of games for adults and kids. Foods that are yummy and the place has swimming pool! How cool is that! The presentations of each family are the most awaited ones. And I haven't think of what to do this year. Do you have any ideas? let me know ok? I always gets excited whenever we have reunions. Exchanging of gifts are what excites us most. I wonder what to give to my manita/manito this year. I think a mixer lift will be a good one. It is a great gift for bakers in the family. Hmmm... Will think about that.


I am having a headache big time right now. I cannot be sick so I took paracetamol to ease the pain. I have no help in taking care of the kids so I must not get sick. It is so hard to be well in times like this. Cold weather and people surrounding you are sick as well. I need to double dose my vitamins C. I hope you are all well. Be safe everyone!

Buttkicker Gift

Another friend is celebrating his birthday next month and I don't have a gift for him! The buttkicker at gc will do I think. I saw it while he was using my laptop to check on it so I guess he wants it or something. He will enjoy it for sure because he is in a band. Will get some nap first as I am getting headaches already and my back hurts! will rest first and then go back to working later.


I am munching on some junk foods instead of healthy snacks right now. Ugh! I am swamped with work and I need to finish everything so that doesn’t permit me to go out and get some foods for snack. This will do for now. Will get something later after. Time is running and I will get spanked if i didn’t finish these. I hate cramming!

Looking for Oktoberfest leaves invitation cards?

October is getting nearer and nearer and planning of the Octoberfest event should start as early as now. And great timing as a friend of mine is looking for Oktoberfest leaves invitation cards. It is important to him that he has a striking invite so he said he wanted to have a colorful wording ideas for Octoberfest invitation. I agreed to help him when he asked me the other day. It is now my quest to find sites that will solve his invitation problem.
party invitations with Oktoberfest leaves
And thank God I found My friend and I’s invite hunting is over. According to the site, if customer does not find exactly what they are looking for, they will create a special design just for you. What a great offer! I will definitely recommend this site to everyone who would like to have their Octoberfest invite taken care of.

My Afternoon Snack

I am having Lucky Me Pancit Pares right now. Yaya cooked and brought it to our bedroom as I am still working. Thank you Ate! I will surely miss having her as she will go on a 2 week vacation starting tomorrow. I am lucky to have her. I can’t wait till she gets back in August!

Musician Friend’s birthday

A friend will celebrate his 30th birthday next month and I was invited to his party. But I am so clueless on what to give him. Maybe that affordable gibson les paul classic at musicians friend would be perfect! I will canvass on how much is that and start saving up. He is into music anyways. He is in a band who performs in Manila. I am so excited to see him perform on his birthday. I bet he will. And maybe a few request of my favorite songs will be granted. I wish!

Eggs and Hotdogs


My kids love this over breakfast. But they are full so I ended up eating this. And I ate my breakfast already! Talk about being the leftover ( and sometime not leftover) eater! LOL! Maybe it is best to ask them first if they want to have breakfast or not.

What’s for Lunch

I have been planning on the weekly menu for my family. I’ve been struggling on what to cook for lunch and dinner. I have no problem on the snack and breakfast as I have that covered. I searched the web and found some yummy dishes but it’s so hard for me to follow the recipe as some of the ingredients are hard to find. So if you have some recipes that are easy to cook with easy to find ingredients please do share to me ok?

I am just gonna search for a nice vinyl banners printing site for a friend and off I cook lunch. Bye for now!

Rainy Sunday

It’s a cold morning for us here. Perfect bed weather but I need to get up to work. Yes it’s weekend and I need to work. I have a lot of unfinished projects and blogging to do today. As much as I want to slack today I simply can’t. Will make it up for the kids and the husband next weekend.

Sweet Mom

My mommy friend is trying her best to give everything to her kids. She works hard and makes effort to go home early to play with them before they go to sleep. She also buy expensive clothing and other things for them. And the latest news that I read from her blog is that she is getting one spot at guitar center for her eldest son.
Awww. that is so sweet of her. I wanna be like her when I grow up. haha!  I am trying to be a good mom for my kids. I want to give them everything they like. I love them so much.

Thankful for Yayas

I don’t know what to do if we don’t have a yaya. I will be crazy if I don’t get some help! Sometimes I am a very short tempered Mama. I easily get mad at them even by the simplest thing that they do like messing up their toys after I packed them or cleaned them. So thank God there is help. I am lucky to have my Yaya right now. I hope she changes her mind of leaving for vacation. I don’t know what to do if she is not here!

I love Lee Grane

She plays acoustic songs beautifully. I am such a fan of her. And she has this acoustic guitar pickup that I really like. If you haven't seen her perform you must watch her video on youtube. You will like her for sure as much as I liked her when I saw her at The Voice Philippines. Bamboo is so lucky to have her on his team. I will watch her in the coming episode of The Voice Philippines. I am so excited!

Sleeping Together

I am so thankful when my kids sleep together. They are in bed by 7pm. How I wish it is like this forever. So I can also work, read emails, scrap and most importantly sleep early too! You know after they sleep it is my ME time. My time to sit in front of my laptop. So when they sleep late I also stay late and sleep late. But never got to wake up late as my youngest will wake up early. Oh motherhood!

Dance Recital Gift ideas

A friend of mine is looking for some dance recital gift ideas as her daughter is going to her first dance recital next month. She asked me where to look and of course I pointed her to Pinterest. There are a lot of DIY there which she can do and save a lot of money instead of buying expensive stuff. I hope she doesn’t get addicted to pinning. hehe!