the survey thing....

Gender? Female. as if! may anak n nga ako noh?
What is your age? 21.
What is your favourite number? 8.
What is your favourite colour? purple.
What is your favourite letter of the alphabet? D
What is your favourite time of day? night that i can rest.
What is your favourite day of the week? Saturday.
What is your favourite season? spring and summer.
What is the shape of your imagination? huwatttt????
How many hours sleep do you have per day? at least 7 hrs.
How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? i dont smoke pare!
Do you believe in God? Very Much.
How many standard alcoholic drinks do you have per day? i drink occasionally.
What did you have for breakfast? kanina? hmmmm... champorado... nam! nam!
How many minutes of aerobic exercise do you do per day? I rarely exercise.
How many different countries have you visited? huhuhu! wala pa... hopefully soon...
At what age do you think you will die? 85
Are you currently a psychology student? Nah.
Would you rather be an eagle or a whale? Eagle, so that i could fly and reach for the sky.
How many brothers and sisters do you have? 2 brothers. 1 sisterette...
What is your favorite website? blogspot.
What is your least favorite vegetable? i dont eat vegetables. I only eat Squash.
What kind of clothes do you like to wear? pants and shirt/blouse.
Does your clothing match your personality? maybe. because what u wear is what u are.
How often do you change your style? dont know...
If youll have a baby, would you want a boy or a girl? it already came true... its a Boy. i prefer first born to be a boy.
Would you rather go skiing or snowboarding in the winter? Skiing.
Do you prefer to watch TV or read a book in your free time? Read while watching tv... hahahaha!.
What's the most interesting or fun date that you've ever had? forgot na eh...
Have you ever thought about your dream house? yup. with an attic. cream color on walls. green gate and roof. with a garage. 3 bedrooms and with a garden of course.
How do you celebrate Christmas in your home country? in our family we really celebrate xmas... as in celebrate to the max!!! we Eat, we have a program and the whole family was there. and with color coordinated shirts. fun huh?
Do you jump to conclusions? Nah.
Categorize people based on looks or clothing? looks.
Ever lied to a friend about something you've done? yup!
Did you ever talk bad about people to others in an attempt to make yourself look better? yah! so sorry for myself... heck!
Wondering if your friends are really there for you? yah everytime. i really wonder if they are there tlga...
DO OTHER PEOPLE...have a misconception as to who your are? Sure.
make fun of you for being different? Just Try.
treat you like you don't have feelings? yah! everytime. y dont people knew that in the first place?
YOUR FRIENDS do they listen to you and give you advice? yah...
do they come to you for help? yes.
are they always there when you need them? nope. not always.
will they keep a secret you tell them? i guess not..
has a friend ever talked bad about you behind your back? Loads.
HAVE YOU ever been abandoned by anyone? yah many friends abandoned me.
if so, are you afraid of people leaving you now? so much... i dont like being alone... huhuhu!
ever talked about a friend behind their back? yes. not all are perfect. i am just a human u know.
FINAL QUESTIONS have you ever been to therapy of any kind? nah. my kid is doing that not me....
do you think you need it? maybe.
do you think you have issues to overcome? yes a lot, but dont wanna talk about that now.
what is one thing you would erase from your past? nothing. because i wouln't become what i am now if those didn't happen.
what is one thing you would change about yourself? I love myself.
who is one person you are having a conflict with? dont wanna talk about it right now.... hate them... hmp!