Restaurant Website Builder

A friend is looking for someone who can make their restaurant’s website. I saw her post the other day on facebook and I instantly thought of the site where they make the website. I was thinking where I saw that site before. And thank God I remembered now. I am going to recommend to her this restaurant website builder that I know of. Off to send her an email. Tahtah!

Mom, Can you relate to this photo? LOL!


Facebook changed my mother. Before, she will go home during lunch time, take a nap and go back to the office. And in the afternoon, she will clean the house, cook dinner, watch TV and bond/talk to us about how our day went. But today she won’t go home during lunch time, just stay in the office and in the afternoon after work, she will change clothes and sit in front of her computer until dinner is served. I miss the old mom. I just hope she will realize that not everything is in facebook. Yes we are there also but the memories she will build with us cannot be found in facebook. =(

Taking Down Notes

… on what to give to my family, friends and relatives this Christmas. I have a long list and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. I want everybody to feel special, to let them know that I remembered to give something to them this Christmas. I am thinking of giving the girls some hair accessories since my dear friend makes lovely hair trinkets. And I'll just buy montecristo cigars for my uncles and guy friends who smokes. =) Now that slashes almost half on my list. Yey!

Cate’s New Headbands


This is my daughter’s new headbands from dainty ashley. Thank you to Cate’s ninang Zanne and tita Mai (the owner of dainty ashley) for these beautiful hair accessories. This was their gift for my daughter’s birthday last October. Me and Cate loves them so much! I will order soon for Christmas presents. The perfect gift for your little fashionista! Go get them now!