I hate staying in front of the PC for a long time. It gives me a freaking backache!!!! Ugh!

Now I badly need a massage! huhuhuuhuh! Maybe one of these days I will go on a soothing massage. I am longing for it! Sigh!

ok I need to go back to working. Bye!


For the coming home of my brother and his family! I am so excited really! I can't wait to see my nephew and niece! We will be in the airport to fetch them first week of September. Weeeeee!!!!!

Yes I am still up at 1am. I can't sleep! So I blogged and say what I needed to say. hihihiih! August is a very good month to me. It is my birth month!!!! Weeeee!!! And a few days from now I will be 26! huhuuhuh! I am old na!

Destination Wedding

I talked to a friend today and she has a bad news for me. She and her boyfriend are over. I got sad as I love them being together but that is God's plan for them. I am sure they will be good as friends. Their dream wedding won't be coming true now. But I will still offer my services to them even if they will marry different partners in the future. Their dream destination wedding won't be coming true I guess. I got really sad about this as just yesterday I found some destination weddings sites. Specially what the Karisma Hotel is offering. It was what they wanted when I talked to them a few years back. Sigh! I guess it wasn't really meant to be. Oh well!


This is my favorite sports. I am not an athletic person but I enjoyed being in the pool since I was a child. So this is my favorite sports. I am now watching sports unlimited and wow Diane the host, is really a good swimmer!!! I love her. She is so athletic! And her son is super cute! Game to anything her mom does! I want my kid to be like him! =)

Love Reading Blogs

This is one of the things that keeps me busy when I am online. I love reading blogs and learning from it. It inspires me to do things specially scrapbooking. Sometimes I also visit different galleries which I also love. So if you see that I am so busy one of the things I am doing is browsing my Google Reader reading blogs. hahahahah!


I just went to the parlor this afternoon to have a pedicure. I am happy having a me time and spend it on the parlor to beautify myself. I was watching the lady who is doing my nails and I admire her for being so good in her craft. I always want her to do my nails. Now I also want to go to one of the best cosmotology schools in town. And because I am so inspired I surfed the net and found which is a beauty school! i almost enrolled myself there! But nah! I still need to think about it first.

Meet Ups

I am excited to see my friends on August 30th. I haven't seen them in a long time. I hope everyone can come to meet me. I am just happy about this whole meet ups. I have a lot of new and old friends to meet this august. Busy birthday month eh? I am definitely happy!

Busy August

My birthday month is a busy month for me. I have a lot of things to finish and to do this month. And I hope I will finish it just fine and without any worry at all. I hate stress you know! My brother will be coming home first week of September too and I am super excited! I want to see my nephew and niece. This is exciting!!!


Tomorrow is Sunday and that means it time to clean the house again for me. I remember I need to buy a new air filters for our AC today. Yaiks! I totally forgot! I need to tell my husband to clean our AC tomorrow. Maybe we will just use the old one again. Sigh! We will go to the mall tomorrow afternoon and I will see to it that we buy the AC filter. Need to put it on my to buy list now so that I won't forget it again.

Can't Get Over

... of that stripey shorts on my previous post. I want to have that one. But with my very big hips I don't think that will fit me. Now I am sad. I got depressed at the situation that I am not slim anymore. A weight loss pills is badly needed now. I want to start my diet but food is tempting me right now. I am here at my parents house and they have 2 ice cream in their freezer and my sister in law wanted me to bake a cake. huuhuhh! When will this temptation end???


A friend of mine said they successfully moved yesterday. I am so thankful they are finally settling with their own house. It was a roller coaster ride when they still don't have their own house. They will move from one place to another. It was crazy! I also heard they wanted to go abroad and they needed a cross country movers but thankfully they won't be moving there now. They found a great place in Manila and they loved it there. I am so happy for them. They are settled from now on.