New Found Blog

As I was searching for the Best Joomla Web Hosting, I stumble upon a cool blog authored by a cool mom. Happens to be the blog of my fellow creative team member at a digiscrapping store. I adore her pages so much and I am glad I found her blog. I added her blog on my google reader and I am now updated on her blog and scrapbook pages.


DSC_1852 copy 

This is dad’s favorite restaurant. He is a fan of buffet right now. When he discovered this restaurant he is now a regular customer. He even asks his officemates to eat there during lunch break. And on his 60th birthday we ate there together with his officemates and friends. What I like about this restaurant is that they serve delicious food. And all I can say is that we will eat there in every occasion that the family celebrates. A resto with good food and reasonable price.

American Idol

I am a fan of American Idol. I watched some of the previous seasons and I enjoyed looking forward to seeing the performances and the elimination part. I specially love when a Pinoy is included to the Top 14. Now that Jessica Sanchez is included to the Top 6 I am even more determined to watch this show! The performances are so great, the fabulous outfits, transformations and the band are so good! Worth watching really! And I think I saw the Arturia Keyboard Controller that the band uses and they are so cool! I am sure it is one of the bands wishes to have. Will ask my brother in law who is into music as well what’s his thoughts on AI.
Go Jessica Sanchez!

Not In A good Mood

A friend kept on bugging me on Facebook. I am ignoring him as he is so annoying! He was telling me about annuity quote but I think I wasn't paying attention as to what he is saying. haha! Bad me! So I ignored him. I don’t know why I am so irritated by him. I guess I am not in the mood to listen to his stories right now. But I will give him time soon. Not now. I am not in a goo mood.

Dad’s New Iphone

I have been using dad's new iphone 4s ever since he got it last January. And wow it's fast! My 3g one got even slower after I used the 4s. hahaha! I set everything up on the 4s. Installed a lot of nice apps and took a lot of photos. The quality of the photos are so nice and crisp! I love it! I even installed ebooks there and some free one from the ebook store. As if I will be able to read all of the book there! haha!

For our backyard


I saw this photo while I was blog hopping. Hubby is planning to make a bench like this one out of scratch. He told me to save the photo on our laptop so he can take a look at it by the time he is ready to make a similar one. I love to have a bench like this one on our backyard. Isn’t it beautiful? I cannot wait for this one to be placed there. A very nice place to have coffee and just appreciate nature.