Feel the Music

I love listening to music when scrapping. And as I am listening I am trying to imagine what instruments the musicians are playing. I think there are Harke bass amps musicians friend to the one I am listening now. I love it! I am hoping to watch an opera someday. The music is relaxing and my ears deserve a time to hear good music. All I can hear nowadays are horns and the sound of the cars outside. Ugh!

What’s for Snack?

I am so hungry already. It’s 4:30pm now and I asked our helper what’s for snack. And she told me we are having Hamburger but with Cheese ketchup and hotdog in it. Simple snack but still yummy! Yay! I will stop what I am doing first and head to the kitchen to eat snack. I’ll be back later.

What’s your snack by the way?

A Musician

Before I don't even know what Fender is all about until I became a wife to my husband who is a musician. Well, he is not in a band anymore but he still knows all those music and instrument words that I don’t know. And I asked what fender is when I came across that word online and he said it is one of the leading instrumental company. His brother has been dreaming to own a guitar by Fender. He’s the one who is still active in performing in a band. I love music too and this is one of the things that me and my husband have in common.

Cates Playmates

I love having Cate’s playmates here in our house. She have a social life! not like Mama who doesn’t have one. haha! I love seeing my daughter play with her playmates. I wish they can stay but they have school on weekdays. They are just here on weekends. And sometimes they stay at my parents house so we just go there so Cate can play with them too. I am sad that Cate doesn’t have a playmate on regular days but me. It’s still different if she plays with a same age bracket kids than playing with an adult like me. I wish we have a play school nearby.

Ber Months

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BER months are here and Christmas is just around the corner. I would like to get some leather wallets to give to my cousins this Christmas. I need to do a list on who will receive something from me. Yes as early as now I will do my Christmas list as I get to be busy with taking care of my kids, being a house wife to my husband and other occasions to attend. And oh I am so excited for our family get together this December.

Sleep Deprived

Hello 3 hours of sleep! Ugh! I hate this!

My daughter slept late last night plus I worked for 2 hours after that. Slept at 3am and my son woke up at 6am. Argh! I must sleep later when my kids take their nap. I badly need energy.

For now I will just use up my remaining energy to play with my kiddos.

Bye for now!

Wooden Toys

I am looking for some wooden puzzles for kids for Cate and Hans. Educational toys are great gifts to children ages 2 and up. I can't find good one at the mall so here I am searching the web. I saw one alphabet wooden blocks but it's too pricey for me. I will continue looking until I find the right one. For sure Cate and Hans will be delighted to have these kind of toys. I won't give up searching. maybe you have a recommendation? Link me up please!


Good morning! I just want to share that I am a milk person. I don’t drink coffee at all. I don’t like the taste of it. I tried before when I was in college but I gave up as i really don’t like the taste.

Right now I am enjoying my hot milk while working. Yes I am different and I love being one. =) Are you a coffee or milk lover? Or both?