Musical Equipment

A friend was posting photos of his new komplete 8 ultimate on Facebook this morning and I know someone is really envy already! Our common friend wanted to have that musical equipment but he is still broke.  I wish he will be offered a new job order so he can save up and get that dream equipment of him. For sure when he got it he will become a great musician. I cannot wait for the time that he will sing to the stage and for sure I will be there to cheer. WTG my dear!


My baby boy was baptized last July 7. Here are some photos of my son’s special event.

DSC_6531 DSC_6700

IMG_5775 DSC_6784

Child of Blessing, Child of PromiseAuthor: Ronald Cole Turner

Child of Blessing, Child of promise,
baptized with the spirit's sign.
With this water God has sealed you
unto love and grace divine.
Child of love, our loves expression,
Love's creation, loved indeed!
Fresh from God refresh our spirit,
into joy and laughter lead.
Child of joy, our dearest treasure,
God's you are, from God you came.
Back to God we humbly give you;
live as one who bears Christ's name.
Child of God your loving parent,
learn to know whose child you are.
Grow to laugh and sing and worship,
trust and love God more than all.

We are so happy with this special day that we welcomed our baby boy to God’s kingdom. Friends and relatives arrived and we are so thankful for them.

Thank you for coming!

No Idea

Someone is asking me on the Rebif side effects but I have no idea what to tell her. I never heard the word before. So here I am researching on the topic. She might ask me again about that tomorrow and at least now I am prepared.

I am sleepy already and I need to rest my eyes or else I will have headache tomorrow. But the problem is that Cate is still awake! Waaahhh! I hope sleep will find her soon.

A Month…

Of being offline here on my blog. Sorry about that. Busy momma here. I sometimes want to blog but I cant because blogging mojo attacks when my hands are so full. Ugh! I wish it will find me on my free time and that’s when my kids are sleeping. Right now my hands are still full, breastfeeding my son in front of my laptop, but I pushed myself to blog. I wanted to update all of you at least once a month. But it will be nicer if I can blog more often right? I will try. Promise!