Longing for a Vacation


I was looking at my friends Boracay photos on facebook and admiring the beautiful sceneries and the amenities of the hotel they stayed in. I specially loved the outdoor chaise lounge and the different luxurious furniture at the hotel. It was a very nice hotel I can see. And the description on my friends photos tells how they enjoyed their vacation. I wish I can also go on a vacation right now. Not in Boracay as we can afford to go there now but somewhere a little far from where we are right now. I hope it will happen soon.

Where Are You?


I miss this phone. Hubby gave this to me a few years ago before I had my iphone. I can’t find it anywhere. I knew I put it near my scrapbooking area but I can’t find it now. =( This phone is still working and I am planning to put a sun simcard in it. But oh well, they said if you don’t look for it it will just show up. And I miss that wallpaper.

Unisex Scrubs

I wonder if my brother who is a nurse wear these Marcus nurses uniforms as well?


I only saw him wearing the white uniform in his pictures. I think it’s fun to wear this at work huh? Such a colorful and fun designs. You will never get bored at work if you are wearing this for sure! I will have to ask my brother if he’s wearing a scrub like this. If not I will have to recommend this site (www.marcusuniforms.com) for him! He is missing a lot on good and colorful scrubs! Off to leave him a message on yahoo messenger. *Poof!

Onion Rings


This is one of my sisters specialty. She cooked this at her party yesterday and everyone loved it. I can tell as the plate is empty after a while.

I don’t like eating onions but this one is yummy! Sis you did a good job cooking this one! I am a proud sister. Now teach me how to cook that so I can also serve it if there are guests at home as well. Thanks in advance!

Summer is Here!

It was so hot! I am sweating like a pig right now and the electricfan is in front of me. What is happening to the world! Oh well it's summer time already on my part of the world. A weather like this is the perfect time to hit the beach! Will ask the husband if we can go swimming, if not at the beach at least at the nearby pool. It is important to drink water so we won't be dehydrated. Take care people! Ok will read the testoripped review now and later will check the fridge for some snack. Bye!

Bro’s Pre-Birthday Lunch


This was our lunch yesterday. My sister in law went to the market to buy meat and other ingredients for the pre-birthday celebration of her husband. Mom cooked the Adobo Rice, Togue and the grilled tuna. The Ginataang Manok and the Igado was cooked by our helper. It was a happy and yummy lunch. My brother invited his biking colleagues and I think they had a great lunch just like us.

Advance happy birthday my dear brother!