Tag Train #4

PLAYERS: FAB FINDS,ETC. | Somewhere Over the Rainbow

1. What's the age difference between you and your eldest sibling? He is now 31 years old. I am 25. So the age gap is 6 years. :)

2. Do you believe that there's always room in your heart for your first true love? He will always be remembered but that doesn't mean he still has a room in my heart. It's occupied already. LOL!

3. What is your zodiac sign? Virgo

4. Why did you hug the last person you hugged? Because I love him. And I am taking about my husband.

5. Who is the last person of the opposite sex that made you smile? My husband. He makes me smile everyday without any reason.

6. Do you have trust issues? Hmmm with some friends.

7. Where will you be tonight? At my relatives place. My Lola's sister died and we will visit her.

8. Who are you texting? My friend.

9. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Definitely!

10. If the person who hurt you the most in your life apologized and told you they loved you what would you do? I will forgive him/her but it will be hard to forget.

11. Last time you had a yummy chocolate ice cream? Last Week.

12. Are you mean? Maybe. hihiihih!

13. Who do you trust the most in your life? My husband. I love him a lot!

14. What do you miss most about your past? Me being so skinny and I can fit to a small size tee. Hmmm... that made me think again of getting a good weight loss pill. :)

15. If given a chance, would you change your name? No. I love my name a lot!

How am I right now?

Hubby is in Manila right now. He will buy materials for our bus. It needs a new piece of material for repair. I am here at my parents house and doing online works and researching about how does Hydroxycut work. I am helping my dear sister on her write up about this subject. I am sleepy already but I still have a lot of things to do. I need to scrap pages for my CT and compose my journaling for the Week #6 entry to the Scrappinmoms Idol 2008. Sigh! I have a lot in my hands right now. I am cramming already!

Blog Should be Blue

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.

You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.

From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Boracay Here We Come!

Woot! Honey and I are going to Boracay on October 9 and I am so excited already! I need to get a fat burner so that I can wear swim suits there! hihihiih! It will be my fist time to Boracay and I wanna take lots of pictures there. Nikolette will be very busy again for sure! I am excited for honey and I. Second Honeymoon? Nah! We have friends with us. This will be so much fun I am sure!

Questions of the Week 30

1. When did you last wonder if you are in the right path of your life? Hmmm... last month I think. But I am sure that I am on the right path right now.

2. Share or admit the most selfish thing you do on a regular basis. Always in front of the pc and never even help mom in the kitchen. Bad!

3. Name three people throughout your life that helped to complete you as a person. My mom, dad and Jun.

4. It says that when a person die your spirit could protect anyone in the world, who would you pick? My husband.

5. What makes you feel dirty? Physically, I mean. I feel dirty when I am cleaning and cooking. Sweaty! Yuck!

6. Do you ever find it hard not to smile at a time when you don’t want to? Yep!

7. What do you do to stay physically fit? I try to watch what I eat.

8. What do you do if you suspect you have a symptom of a serious illness? Take medicine.

9. What do you do when you have nothing better to do? Browse the net and dream on those cruises that I saw online.

10. Do you laugh when you see a stranger trip and fall in public? Sometimes.

Tag Train 5


1. What do you carry with you at all times? My ballpen.
2. Where are you most ticklish? Every part of my body. LOL!
3. Have you ever finished a rubik’s cube? No. I have no patience on those.
4. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? Just woke up.
5. Do you like your life as of now? Very much!
6. Last thing you purchased? Magazines from Booksale.
7. How’s your heart lately? Very much in love with my husband.
8. Did you have a good birthday last year? Yep! I am happy at that time.
9. Who was at your house last besides family? My Yaya.
10. Do you sleep with the TV on? Sometimes but I prefer it off.
11. Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter? Never thought about it.
12. Do you have anything in your pockets right now? No pockets here.
13. How many windows are open on your computer? Six.
14. What can’t you wait for? For hubby to come home from Baguio.
15. Did you do this tag because you were bored? Nah. This is FUN!

Dreaming of Huey

Tomorrow is Huey's month anniversary. Mom offered a mass to him at 6am. We will go and pray for his soul. Hubby won't be there because he is still in Baguio. I miss my little boy so much. Last time he appeared into my dreams. He was so alive and I kept on telling my mom that Huey is not dead. I am carrying him and I can see his sweet face. I dream of him every now and then. And the setting/story of my dream is always about Huey being alive. Maybe this is my longing for him and him telling me that he is just beside me. That he is my dear guardian angel. I am not that sad dreaming of him but instead I am happy. I am happy that he is constantly reminding me that he is just there.

This happenings on my life is making me sad a little bit. I guess I need to find a nice destination for my vacation to unwind. I dream of going outside the Philippines but it is too expensive for me. And I guess this Las Vegas travel site will be visited in my dreams also. Sigh!

In Baguio

Hubby is still in Baguio for a bus service to the student who attended the leadership training. 2 nights to go and he will be here na. I am so excited! I can't wait to see him again. It's been a while since we've been separated and the feeling of missing him is new to me again. Thank God for txt messages I am updated to what he is doing everyday. He said he misses me a lot. I miss him too. If I were to ask I won't let him go for a long time. But it is work so I need to accept it.

New Look

Did you noticed that I changed the look of this blog? I was bored last time and I came across a site with great blogger templates. So I downloaded some templates ( for my 2 blogger blog and for my sister's blog) and tadah! I have a new look for my blog! It was nice to redecorate this blog. Its been a year I think since I taken good care of this. This blog means a lot to me. This is my 2nd blog after the momidiane blog.

The Idol 2008 is making me busy. This is a contest of the scrappinmoms. I am one of the remaining 19 participants. Now I remember I need to book my flight on Oct 4. But first I need to find a good flight deals. I am excited to see my scrapbooking friends again!

Looking for a Job in Manila

My sister went to Manila yesterday. She will be on the lookout for a job there. Maybe an admin job search is what she is looking for now. I wish her good luck and I hope she will get a job soon. She is a very intelligent girl and I am sure company's will be hiring her in no time. I am happy that she went a long way on her studies. She will surely reach her dreams.

Blog Contest Winners

I forgot to draw the winners last night. I was too tired I went off to bed after I got home, so I was in a hurry to do it today. I have no one to do the drawing so I did it myself. Sorry for the no thrill drawing. Hubby is leaving for Baguio and as you all know I have no child. So no one will draw the winners except me.

Here are the winners:

Click the photo to view it larger.

Winner of $10.

The winner of $5.

The winners of scrapbook magazines as consolation prize. I picked 5 instead of 4.


To the winners of paypal money please send to me your paypal address. If you don have my email address you can reach me via the contact form on this blog. And to the winners of the scrapbook magazines, I will be sending them to you this week. Kindly send to me also your mailing addresses. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned because I will be having another contest next week for the first anniversary of A Handful of Surprises blog. Weeee!!!