Gift for Grandma

It has been years since we gave grandma a gift so I wanted to give her something special. When I asked her what gift she want to receive from us, she told me that she wanted some beautiful garden flags, but it was not available at the mall so I got new garden utensils instead. She haven’t received it yet and I hope she won’t read this post until we give her gift to her. She’s not into internet and computers anyways.

Cash Advance

After all the shopping we had, our wallets are now empty. We need money right now as we are renovating our bedroom. I might try the cash advance method that my friend suggested to me. She said it is fast and easy to use. She tried it and she was happy with the service. I just hope that it will be easy to use for me and we will get the money asap as we badly need moolah right now.

Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless!

Jun, Diane and Cate

Car Insurance

We went to SM Naga yesterday and hubby thought of dropping by Toyota Naga to follow up on the plate and registration of our car. But we got so busy shopping for Christmas gifts so hubby forgot to drop by before we head home. He said he will just check it next week. How I wish we can just go online and check the insurance just like the site offers. It is easier to get it online right?

Arthritis Treatment

My uncle is telling me to find some treatments for arthritis on the web last month. He was suffering from bad case of arthritis. And he kept on bugging me about it so I searched the web and found one at I am suggesting this site to him and print the information in this site as well so he can read more information about the matter. I just hope I helped him in his situation.

My Wallet


These are the gifts I received from my SIL who went home from Kuwait last June. I super love the color and how big this wallet was. And it has credit card slots in it where I can put my cards. As of today I still use this and have no plan of replacing this unless it is damaged already. Thanks Ate Shiela for these gifts I love it so much! Thanks You!

Memory Foam Mattress

Soon I will be getting a new bed for our newly renovated bedroom. We will be upgrading from a single bed into a queen size one. I think we will get one over at Uratex in Pili where my brother got their King size bed last month. I am also getting a memory foam for my husband. He’s been suffering from neck pain recently. And this memory foam mattress sale over at is timely. I will browse their site and hopefully get what I wanted.

Leggings and Tutus


I love window shopping online. I saw this somewhere (sorry I forgot the link) while looking for free directories online. The dresses and leggings are to die for. Someday Cate will be using those things and I hope I will find similar ones at our local mall. Plus that tutu is so in right now. I saw a lot of little girls wear those, specially on parties. And I think it is cute. I just hope that when Cate reaches the age 7 or 8 she can still wear a tutu.


I was experiencing depression the other day. I think it was a mild post partum depression. I envy my husband who can mingle with his friends while I am at home taking care of Cate. I miss going out and meeting new friends. I miss having the time of my life. I headed to site and learned that there’s still cure to depression like what I experienced. Thank God for sites like this where you can get answers if you have a lot of questions from your head.


I need to read more articles about  natural diuretics but I am too sleepy. Cate is awake almost every two hours last night and I think I only slept 4 hours or less. I work on my bed and the soft sheets makes me want to lay down and close my eyes even if I need to accomplish a lot of things before the little girl wakes up. Ugh!


I am breastfeeding Cate to give her enough nutrition. I intend to do this until 2 years and beyond or until I have supply. This is new to me as I only got to breastfeed my first born for 2 weeks. He never suck milk from me so I just rely to pump my milk. And with Cate I am happy that she is drinking milk from me. Now what I need to do is to learn how to increase breast milk production so Cate will get enough milk from me.


As I was browsing the garage door parts that my husband is looking for the other day, I remembered that I haven’t done any of my tasks. So I checked my dashboard but to my surprise all of it expired! Yaiks! I really need to be more industrious in finishing my tasks on time. I need motivation in doing my work these days. I guess my mojo in blogging went with my delivery. hahahah!


Medicare plan is a great help specially to people who cannot afford hospitalization and healthcare. I salute all the people connected to Medicare profession as they help a lot of people.

We visited my sick uncle last November 1 at his house. I pity him so much. How I wish I have the time to take care of him. Thank God to people who loves and take care of him while he is sick. And I thank Medicare for his health care. My uncle is single and he is now in his 70’s. I pray that he will be fine. We will visit him again soon.

Bedroom and Bathroom Renovation

We are currently waiting for the carpenters to finish working at my parents house so they can start renovating our bedroom and bathroom. I am thinking of putting wall tiles on our bathroom. It’s been 4 years since it was worked on and never got to finish it. So this will be the perfect time to paint it and put on some orange tiles in it. Yes you read that right we are going to have an orange bathroom. I am so excited as I type this. I’ve been longing to do this for a long time.

We will need new and beautiful tiles to install in our bathroom so I am in the hunt right now for that. I asked a friend for some suggestions on where to get bathroom furniture and tiles. She gave me as they tried them when they constructed their first house. And when I opened the site it was really a bathroom accessories heaven. They got everything I need! I am drooling on their photos! How I wish I can have a bigger bathroom but nah our house is small so no big bathroom for us.

If you also need some furniture, taps, baths, showers, mirrors, and bathroom accessories just visit betterbathrooms site. They have a nice range of bathroom necessities at affordable price. I am sure they have what you are looking for.

Yellow Door


Look at that beautiful yellow door! I want to have one like that in our house. I am thinking of painting yellow or red the back door in the kitchen. It will be a good area for portrait photography isn’t it? Oh well will just wait for the right time for our back door to be painted. I will just look for some Branson tickets that my friend is asking me to do since yesterday. Later!

Never complain

Mom renovated the dirty kitchen but I wasn’t impressed by the result. She should have installed the glass tile that I was suggesting to her. It will look more beautiful than what it looks like right now. Oh well what has been done is done so I just let it be. My mom is happy with it and I should never complain. It is not my house anyways! haha!

Christmas Décor Shopping

I went to the mall yesterday and I forgot to check put the prices for the outdoor Christmas decorations that my mom is asking me to do. She is planning of setting up the tree and put on Christmas decors as early as now. I wanted to put up our own tree but sadly I still don’t have a budget for new ornaments to hang. So I'll just wait for the next payday and hopefully have an extra money for my Christmas décor shopping.

Sleepless Nights

… is starting now in my life.

With a baby to take care of, dark circles will surely build up on my eyes. But who cares as long as I am having a grand time taking care of my baby. I will sacrifice my sleep for this cute little bundle of ours. She’s taking most of my time now. Breast feeding every 2-3 hours. I love being a mom. It gives me and my husband a lot of happiness.


I am still wide awake and it’s 3am already.

I am finishing work as the deadline is near. My boss might spank me if I didn’t accomplish what I need to do. I think I will be needing sleep aids later. I need sleep because I still need to take care of my baby Cate. Ugh!

Will just finish a few more tasks and I am off to tuck myself to bed.

Good night!

I Gave Birth…

To a very beautiful baby girl last October 17. And as of now we are enjoying her presence. I love smelling her baby smell. I love her to bits. We are so thankful for her. Thank God for this wonderful blessing! We are so lucky to have her.

Now she takes most of our time that is why I can’t hardly update this blog. I also have a lot of pending tasks and reading the colon cleansers article that my cousin told me to do. I also want to scrap but mojo isn’t visiting as of now.

In short I am one busy mom now. =)

A friend

Me and my husband had a chit chat last night. We are talking about our friend who shared the proactive reviews to us a few days ago. She was asking us if we want to try proactive. But what struck us is her new look. She looked different from the last time we saw her. We are so happy for her new look. This only means her life is changing. And I do hope it is for the better. We are wishing her lots of luck.

The Priority Test

You Have Your Priorities in Order
For you, your career is usually your number one priority.

You don't mind having things to get done... as long as they don't pile up on you.

You attend to almost every priority in your life. You don't neglect much.

You want money to be a high priority, but you don't often get around to it.
As much as possible I want my priorities done before I get lazy again. I tend to procrastinate always. It is my hobby. LOL! I am happy that the result of this quiz is that I have my priorities in order.

New Gas Stove


We are using a single burner gas stove ever since we moved into our new house. And when the 3 year old gas stove broke we decided to buy a new one. And upgraded into a two burner gas stove. I am so pissed when the fire is so slow when I am cooking on the old one. Thank God we were able to buy a new one now. I was one happy cook when hubby installed this a few weeks ago.

Looks Like A Gold Bar

Doesn’t the photo on my post below looked like a gold bar? I kept on looking at those chocolates box. I wish it is really a gold bar. I will be the richest in the whole world because I have a lot of those chocolates. haha!

Speaking of gold, do you like to buy gold and invest in it? I do! I would like to start investing in something that will never depreciates its value. Something that will gain more profit in the long run. Gold as they all say is the highest form of precious metals. So why not invest in it right? The future will surely be secured if I do it now. With the not so stable economy right now you can never be sure on what it will offer in the future. So start saving up and jump into investments.

Goya Chocolates


I am not a chocolate lover but I love eating this one. Goya Dark Mint and Goya Black and White are our favorite. My friends over at twitter posted about this yummy chocolates. They said for a very cheap price you can have this delicious treat. We also started hoarding this when we  saw it at SM Naga. And it was joy to us when we learned that our local grocery have this. Kudos to the makers of this chocolate. A lot of chocolate lovers is now hooked including me and my husband!

The Sunglasses Test

Your Sunglasses Say You're a Free Spirit
You are spontaneous, open minded, and optimistic.
You are very youthful and free wheeling, no matter what your age happens to be.

You need to be shaded from the darker, more depressing aspects of life.
You feel sunniest when everyone around you is up for a good time.

Yes they all say that I am a free spirit. A lot of my friends enjoy my company (I hope I am right about this one). I love being happy as much as possible. Sometimes even if I am sad I wanted my friends and family to see the happy me. I don’t want them to be worried at me.

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Due to a defective DePuy Hip Implant your health may be in danger. It is not easy dealing with this. Not even a joke! You may seek for a DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit in the long run. And it is not easy to find help from this situation. Not all lawsuit will accept your case. Thank God there’s O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath who has professional attorney who  understand that it is not your fault to have a hip injury. I read that their expertise will make you at ease and that everything will be well handled according to your needs. Be safe always and seek help whenever possible.

Good Luck!

Music Lover


I really like this new ipod nano. I want one!

Your greatest hits. And taps. And swipes.

The best things in life have a soundtrack, and that’s where iPod nano shines. The Multi-Touch display lets you experience your music in a new way. Tap to play anything you want to hear. Swipe the Home screen to browse your music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, or composers. You can even rearrange the icons on your Home screen so your music is organized just how you like.

Clip on some tunes.

With the new built-in clip, you can walk, run, ride, or dance with your favorite songs on your sleeve (or pocket, jacket, or bag). The album art of the song you’re listening to fits perfectly on the display.

Play all day. And all night.

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 24 hours of nonstop music. So when you clip on an 8GB or 16GB iPod nano, you’ll have plenty of tunes to make it through your commute, your workout, and beyond.

Shake it up.

Now for something completely random. Give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library. Shake to Shuffle is perfect for when you’re not in any particular music mood. You never know what you’re going to hear, and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised.


When I was a child I always want to collect on something special to me. I collected pens, stationeries and even stamps. I still have some of my old pens and the stationeries but my stamps are gone. i don’t know where I put them. Maybe it is in the attic at my parents house. I won’t be able to locate them now as there are a lot of things stocked there. I will just let it go and hope that someday it will show up. Who knows it is just under my nose. LOL!


Buy Gold

Financial experts is now into buying gold for investment. This is better than buying a land for investment. To buy gold is simple and it’s value never depreciates. Plus it can be traded easily. So why not try investing in precious metals now. You’ll never go wrong about it.

I want to suggest this form of investment to my in laws. They are now interested in land investing and I know that they will also like this form of investment. I will try to talk to them about this and suggest the US gold Bureau site for further information. I hope they will take time to get informed on this one.

What's Your Blogging Personality?

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate
You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.
One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...
And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.
Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.
I love to blog! This is my life and my passion.

Do you love to blog?


I love watching SNN every night. I can get showbizness scoop everyday. It is such joy when you know the latest with your favorite actor or actress. And I am looking forward to Bianca’s outfit for the day. I love her style. I wish I have her body. LOL! But it is not often that I got to watch this show as hubby is the one who is in control of the remote. =)

Gold Bar

What I know right now is that a gold bar will make me the happiest person on earth. But who will give that to me? We can never afford to buy that. But I know that saving up little by little my dream of owning one can do come true. Slowly but surely as what they said. I already visited a site where they offer precious metal investment. And that is the US Gold Bureau. They are one of the leading provider of precious metals to investors. So why not check their site now and start informing yourself about gold investing.


I have a friend whom I adore for her beautiful body. She doesn’t even exert more effort in losing weight or never bother on those fat burners being displayed at the mall as her metabolism is really fast. She can eat whatever she wants and never gain weight. I so envy people like that. Why does when I eat a piece of chocolate next morning my weight increases. Ugh! I hate it! I wish I have her body. =( 

Lose Weight in a month

My husband went to our friends house last Wednesday for an important business talk. He left me here at our house as I am not in the mood to tag along with him. When he got home he told me that his friend’s wife, which is my friend also, lost a lot of weight now! Meaning no bulging belly and skinny face for her. I saw her last time during her son’s first birthday last August and it was after a month and she lost weight already? Wow! I salute her dedication! If it were me a Lipofuze will help but exercise? Nah, I am too lazy for that.

Chooks To Go


Chooks To Go roasted chicken is super yummy! I really love this chicken. My cousins bought this during our nephew’s 11th month birthday celebration. The kids loved it! It was a hit during our get together! My other cousins dived in eating this minus the rice too! I heard them complaining about their diet and asking each other what weight loss pill that works. After tasting the chicken they forgot about their diet. LOL!

Sleepless Nights


I know that in two months time, me and my husband will experience sleepless nights… all because of this baby inside my tummy. She will be making us long for 8 hours of sleep and crave for natural sleep aids. So I will just savor the moment of over sleeping. I am so annoyed when hubby wakes me up so early in the morning.

Anyways, the photo above is so nice right? I will make something similar to that soon for the baby. She will love it I am sure. Babies are so cute when they watch anything hanging above them. 

Dinner Last Night

My husband went home last night at 9pm I think. I was so hungry by that time he arrived. I was waiting for him as he bought dinner from Biggs. I was too lazy to cook so I asked him to buy food instead. He got me chicken with rice and for him is baby back ribs. The baby back ribs is so delicious! I love it! Next time I will ask him to order me that. Now I am talking all about food as I am not worrying on my diet. I am pregnant and I need to eat for two. No need to take weight loss vitamins too. The perks of being pregnant!

Blazers and Jackets

I started browsing the women's apparel over at this afternoon as I am too lazy to scrap. And I super love their new arrivals. I specially love the blazers and jackets. they look so good in those models. I wonder if it will look good in me though. This blazers are best worn in December where the weather is cold. And why not buy these for your friends too. These are the perfect gifts for your girl friends this Holiday season.

K04749_110_S K04210_317_S

K04946_892_S K04162_091_S

Home of Gold

Whether you are interested in investing in silver, gold or other precious metals, US Gold Bureau is the leading site to provide you with gold bars, coins or in bullion form. Check out their site and know that a lot of investors prefer this form of investment now. You can choose if you want a personal delivery or store it in an independent bank or depository. The world may be suffering from economy and everything is affected but spare to that gold. Gold never depreciates its value even if everything does. Gold changes everything so make your decision now and start investing gold.

To Work Better


I love this list!

I need to take note of this list all the time. I always feel lazy to start working every time I open my laptop. I think I need to have this xeroxed on a xerox phaser 8560 which is so cool btw, and distribute them to my working friends. I know they feel the same way I did in working. They will surely benefit from this list and change the way they act towards their work. =)

Barcode Scanner

My friend is putting up a business in the coming months and she needs a new barcode scanner. She was asking me where to get one. Thankfully I bookmarked as they got some new barcode scanner in their shop now. I will let my friend know this later when I see her. I know she will love the variety the site offers. And the high quality barcode scanners they have.

Buko Salad


This is my favorite salad. I love buko so much!

This was one of the food served during Kameron’s 11th monthly birthday last Sept 5. I think my Aunt Cathy made this. I had a second shot in eating this that time. Shhhh…  =) It was too yummy I can’t resist it! My husband even told me not to get another one as it is too sweet and bad for my weight gain. But nah I didn’t listen. hihihih!

SATC 2 Movie


I was watching this the other day when I got interrupted by the internet. I stopped a few scenes from the first part of the movie. I hope to finish watching this one so I can watch The Last Song movie next.

I love Carrie in SATC. How I wish I have all her clothes and shoes!!! Gorgeousness to the highest level!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Having trouble looking on what to give to your best friend or love ones this Christmas? Then Lussori is the best site for you as they got the very nice IWC Watches for men and women. They also got jewelries if watches are not your thing. You need to take a look at those wonderful collections in their website.

Lussori is in the business for 10 years now and their clients are very much satisfied with their purchases. So why not take a look at their site now and see the wide variety of watches and jewelries they offer. You won’t regret buying from then as their outmost priority is your satisfaction.

Patio Cushions

2851_s 3202_s

Mom was talking to me yesterday afternoon about renovating the patio of my brother’s house. She was thinking of getting a new patio cushions for the chairs. It is kinda gross already after leaving them in the rain for a few months. She was also planning of repainting it with yellow color. I think yellow is a good choice. I love yellow! How i wish we have a patio in our house too. So I can have a little place for reading and bonding time with hubby in the afternoon after his work.

Christmas is just Around the Corner

With Christmas time coming in 3 months, a lot of people are planning on their Christmas shopping already. Some opted to look for a wholesale distributor of toys. Because that way they can have big savings than buying in retail. If you plan of giving your nephews, Godsons and daughters, kids from your neighborhood and your own kids as well, whole sale buying is the right thing for you to do. I might consider this wholesale buying as I plan of giving gifts to a lot of kids. This is the only way I can make them happy and share my blessings as well.

UGG Boots

ugglphero81810WomensShoes-UGGAustraliaAuthenticUGGAustraliaWomensClassicCardy5819CeamNatural_medium_image1_23386   WomensShoes-UGGAustraliaAuthenticUGGAustraliaWomensCove5136FieldstoneLeather_medium_image1_26082 WomensShoes-UGGAustraliaAuthenticUGGAustraliaWomensSwellTall5139BrunswickBrownSheepskin_medium_image1_23553

I like to wear a ugg boots but it is not suitable for the weather here in our place. Of course you cannot wear a UGG boots if the weather is so hot and sunny. People will look at you in a weird way. haha!

I like the stylish look of these boots. Shoes is not my thing but a good pair will be a good investment right? Sigh! When will I ever can wear this beautiful boots? In my dreams!

Be Secured

Sheesh! the peso dollar exchange rate right now is going up and down. I won’t withdraw my money from paypal first until it goes up at least for a bit. the economy today is not good. Specially when tourists are not coming in. Because of some major incidents happened to the country.

I might consider buying gold coin for our future use. I know that this form of investment is a good one as a friend of mine who took the plunge and invested in gold is now earning more than his salary. I wanted to have that earnings too. So I am considering this gold investment. Wish me luck!

No More Ideas

I am so tired already. I passed some work to my friend today as I cannot finish them on time. I was lazy the whole day and when my mojo to write visited me, it is time for bed already. I am sleepy right now. But I still want to write. Sigh! Will finish some work now and sleep already. I am out of ideas to write on this blog. =(

Comfy Living Room

Picture 25

Wow! This photo is so nice to look at!

I love the comfy feel of this living room. I would like our living room to be like this. With a comfortable sofa and those soft carpet. It will be a nice spot to take pictures in here. There is enough natural lighting and look at those chandeliers! wow! Sigh! This is my dream living room.

Time to Invest

I was telling my dear friend that she needs to start investing. With all the income she and her husband gets they have the capacity to invest now in gold coin and save it in a depository. That way their future will be secured and they will have money to get from in times of emergency. I told her to check out the US Gold Bureau as they have these precious metals. They are America’s best dealer of precious metals with the best prices in the market. I guess my friend is convinced as she said she will take a look at the site tomorrow.

Books for sale

I have a friend who decided to open up an online store and sell her used books. I got some of her chic lit books which I haven’t read. I got 3 books from her and is just waiting for her to send me them. I can’t wait! I am into reading these days. Maybe I am just too bored right now. With the pregnancy and all. Sigh! My friend said it is just gathering dust in her room so she decided to sell them. I am sure in the long run she will sell textbooks too. This will really help her with their financial problem.

Baby Gender

US girl 

We are so happy to know that we are having a baby girl!!!

We are so blessed!

Thank You God for this wonderful blessing!

Pretty Kitchen and Dining Photo


I so love the color combination of this photo. Not the usual matching colors but its beautiful to the eyes. Very nice lighting. Small kitchen and dining. So cute! This kitchen will be so nice to cook at. And I am wishing for that gas stove there. Pretty!


I always thank God for denver accident lawyer when my friend was involved in an accident a few years ago. Their family is now living safe in Denver, Colorado and they are now taking extra care in driving in the highway. Thanks for this post!

One Site For All

Have you ever wanted an all in one site for finding the best school and degree for your education goal? I’ve seen some sites which allows you to go research online degrees suitable for your needs. And one of them is CollegeDegreesToday. A website that helps you pick by degree level, degree program, online school, campus based school, or vocational program. They will also help you find the right  accredited school or university. So why look for another when all that you are looking for is at CollegeDegreesToday? Visit them now and choose the right path for you. Go and pick the best one for you!

Beautiful Small Kitchen


I am so loving that pink fridge!!!!

Look at this beautiful kitchen. Isn’t it lovely? I sighed when I saw this photo over at The space is limited but the owner didn’t limit herself/himself to design a very beautiful kitchen. If this were mine I will be surely stay in my kitchen whole day long! I will bake and cook to my hearts out! haha! And eat, and drink and check the groceries at that small pantry, and look inside the fridge.. Ahhhh!! Pure bliss!


listening: Classical Music for the baby.
eating: 2 bread (pandesal) with Chiz Whiz.
drinking: Birchtree Milk.
wearing: pajamas. =D
feeling: energized. I love working early in the morning where I have all the energy to blog and scrap.
weather: Sunny weather here!
wanting: to finish the book Love The One You're With.
needing: some rest. But nah! I have tons of work to do. Maybe tomorrow I can rest. I really hope so!
thinking: of what to write next.
enjoying: working at home.
wondering: when will the electricity comes back. ???

Go To The Parlor

Today I remembered I need to go to the parlor for the preparation for the baptism and first birthday party that I have to attend on Saturday. My nails looks ugly already! With all the chipping old nail polish on my toes! Ewwww!!! It’s been weeks since I went to the parlor for my manicure and pedicure session. How I wish we have a decent parlor near our place. Hmmm… this makes me think to put up a parlor in our town. Why not right? Maybe this business will be my calling. But of course I cannot just put up a parlor without a knowledge in the business. I heard about this beauty school in Wichita and I am really wishing to study there! Well we will see if this will push through. My fingers are crossed!


Yes I am early. Not a usual thing for me to do right? I usually sleep at 10pm and wake up at 8am. Today I woke up at 5:30am. I slept late last night because of work and still I woke up early because i need to finish a lot of things today. I really do hope that I can accomplish everything on my schedule. I don’t want to have a bad impression on my “bosses”.

Wish me luck today guys!

Natural Light


I super love a living room like this. Natural light coming in. This is a great spot for taking pictures. I am not a flash user and natural light is important to me. I love how it makes my photos beautiful. Someday I will have a room like this. Maybe not our living room as ours don’t have a glass window but maybe a future bedroom in the upper floor of our house.

Comments-Conference Group

Having a good provider for Web conferencing is satisfying specially when they give you the best services for your business. I am glad that there's who can help business owners with their daily communication to their clients.


Now I am full!

I ate champorado for my midnight snack. I just need to stay awake for a while as I need to digest the food. i don't want to have a nightmare because I am so full. I love it when I eat food. But at the same time worried that I might gain weight that much. I am conscious with how I look now. As long as my baby is fine I am fine as well.

Ok after this blog post I will just watch TV and then off to sleep.

Good Night everyone!
Good Morning!

Hungry Baby

My tummy is growling right at this very moment. I will just finish this blog post and I am off to the kitchen to find something to eat. Dad cooked champorado this afternoon and I think that's what I will get as my midnight snack. Or if it is not my taste I can have a sandwich and a cranberry juice. I am srooling now. So I need to stop writing and get up and go to the kitchen. This baby is hungry you know!

Invest If You Have The Money

A friend asked me what will I do if I won a million dollar. And I thought of it for a few minutes. Well now that I am having my own family and this baby's future is what I want to take priority, I am considering of investing. I've read that when you buy gold bullion and invest in it you'll get double of it's value in the long run. It is the most secured investment today. And according to my research a lot of investors go to the US Gold Bureau site to purchase gold. Will check the site later as I need to learn also the ins and out of the business.

I Love Wednesdays

You Are Wednesday

Like this day of the week, you are ruled by Mercury.

More than anything, you are unpredictable.

You are witty and wise - but you are also easily bored.

You tend to be flighty and careless. You are unreliable at times.

In some ways, it's perfect that you match up with hump day.

You are always coasting downhill - even when it seems like an uphill battle.

I love Wednesdays! Not a very busy day for me. Just an ordinary day of doing nothing but surfing. I love it! But nothing really beats Saturday and Sunday. I love weekends too!

Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk

The 3rd Annual Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk was held last Saturday, July 24, 2010. I saw the photos on my friends facebook and a lot attended the event in Albay even if the weather is not good. It was raining the entire day here.

Most of the photographers here in Albay has a Canon camera. I am a Nikon girl so I am not one of them. hehe! I also didn't join the photowalk as I am pregnant. It will be tiring for me to walk a lot. I cannot risk the baby inside me. I will just join next time and I cannot wait for that event to happen again. Learning photography is my passion and this is one of the chance I can get to learn new things.

Gold Investments

Looking for gold coins? Same here! Now that the economy is unstable we can never know what the future will brings us so investing is the solution to the problem. I heard buying gold coins is the best form of saving up as the value of it is upgrading year by year. You can never go wrong with investing in metal form. a lot of people are doing this already. Even in the early age our ancestors are investing in gold. And we can see that they really succeeded in doing so. So why not do this kind of investing too right? My friends and I are thinking of doing this already we are just finding more information to educate us with this form of investing. Wish us luck!

Camera Necklace

I am eying this Crystal diamond drill Camera Necklace that I found on
. I always loved photography and this is the perfect accessory for my get up when going out. I am on an online window shopping right now. No money yet on my paypal so this will do for now. Will just bookmark these and wait for my money arriving next week. I also want to buy this floodlights that I saw yesterday. Perfect for our barkyard which can also serve to highlight a certain tree. Nice!

Diet Talk

I remember when I went to a birthday party and talked to my friends, we discussed about diet pills like phentermine and ways to slim down. Of course I just listened as at that time I was not concerned more about losing weight because I wanted to get pregnant. I was too afraid that if I take diet pills I wont get pregnant ever. Now that I am already pregnant I am considering of dieting after I gave birth. What we have talked about before will now put into good use. Yeah!

Chicken Pineapple

Chicken is my favorite and I am in the look out for other ways of cooking it. When a friend shared the link to this recipe I instantly bookmarked it and when we went to the grocery I gathered all the ingredients I need to cook this. And I am so happy with the outcome. The photo above is the result of my chicken pineapple. Yum!

Here's the recipe for it:


1 kilo of chicken (you can use whole chicken cut into pieces or choice of our favorite parts)

1 tsp of grated ginger

3 cloves of crushed garlic

one onion sliced

half a cup of pineapple chunks

one red bell pepper cut in cubes

2 laurel leaves (bay leaf)

1 tsp of patis (or 1 tsp of salt)


one carrot peeled and cut into cubes

1 tsp of curry powder

1/4 cup of evaporated milk

2 to 3 tbsps of cooking oil

half a glass of water


In a casserole put the cooking oil then sauté the ingredients starting with the garlic, add up the onion as soon as the flavor of garlic comes out. Put the garlic right after the onion, continue sauteeing. Then add the chicken and red bell peppers sauté for about three minutes or until the chicken has changed color on all sides. Add the carrots and the pineapple. Mix well. Put all the spices; pepper, patis, bay leaves, curry and the salt. Put the water and let it simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes. When the juice has reduced add the evaporated milk and lower the fire and continue simmering for five more minutes. Then this dish is ready.

This post may result for you to looking the best weight loss supplement. haha! I know I gained weight after I ate this for lunch. Hubby loved this too! I am a happy wife. =)

Multivitamins For Hubby

I love it when I see my husband take his multivitamins everyday. It is such a problem for me to get him drink it regularly. He was so stubborn! Thank God he never forgets to drink once a day without me telling him to do so. It is joy to me to see that. It is so important for him to drink his vitamins. I don't want him to get sick. He is a workaholic so he needs additional care for his health. and I am not there for him 24/7.

Adobo For Lunch

I had Adobo for lunch today. Yes cholesterol overload! I might need cholesterol treatments soon! haha! but it was a yummy lunch. I am so full right now and I barely can't stand anymore. I love being pregnant because you can eat whatever you want. But of course you need to take precautionary caution to the things not recommended for pregnant women like soft drinks, coffee and tea. i am such a follower to my OB. When she said that I don't have to drink or eat this and that I follow. I am too scared to whatever will happen to my child if I disobeyed my OB. Plus I have a husband who regularly reminds me of the NO NOs. =)

Front Door Open

I was so scared the other day when we went home from eating out finding the front door open. My heartbeat was like I was dying. I was so scared finding a person inside our house. So I let hubby go out of the car and check the house. Thank God no one there and nothing is missing. I remembered not closing the door when I went to the car to put my bag when we left. I really intend to go back but I forgot. Now hubby is thinking of installing those deadbolt locks for security in closing the door. I am sure that if we have that lock i won't be able to forget locking the door. Sheesh!

Goodbye Soon

My brother's family will soon follow him in the US in August. I am happy at the same time sad as my playmates will soon be gone. Happy because they will become family again. I really do hope that time will pass quickly so that in the blink of my eyes I will be able to see them again. I can't wait for that time to come.

They have a lot of plans when they reach the US. My nephew will soon go to school. They will soon have their Branson vacations that they were dreaming of for a long time. I am so happy for them. I just hope that they will have a good and happy flight.


I want to travel now but I can't. I just finished my first trimester and I don't think it is a good idea to go traveling. Maybe I can do it when I am on my 5th or 6th month. I can't wait. Will just think of a destination now. And go to Cebu Pacific to check on promos and dates. Exciting!


I am waiting for my Etsy orders this week. I am sure they will arrive this week. I hope to get them tomorrow or on Friday. I can't wait to get them. I ordered an Iphone case and a baker's twine for my paper scrapbooking. I am also waiting for the artscow prints that I ordered a few weeks ago. I am so excited! A lot of packages are arriving. Woot!

Investing in Gold?

Have you ever considered investing in gold? As an investor, it is believed that gold should occupy at least 5% of one’s portfolio. As one of the most important commodities, gold is believed to be a very good investment because of its high returns and its value never rarely depletes.

Interested to buy gold coins? Feel free to visit US Gold Bureau for relevant information and help regarding this wise investment. You can even sign up for Gold Gold Monitor Newsletter and receive updates. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newbie, you will find this website informative and helpful when it comes to gold investing.

Sleeping Time

I usually sleep at 10pm but now that I am pregnant I see to it that I sleep early. At first it was so hard to sleep. What I did was I just close my eyes and asks hubby to close the lights. I cannot sleep with the lights on. I am so glad that hubby is fine and cooperative. Thanks Hon!

What People Think of Your Mouth

What People Think of Your Mouth

People see you both as mysterious and exotic.

You definitely have cultivated your own unique interests and lifestyle.

Brainy and quick witted, you aren't one for superficial friendships.

But if someone can make you laugh or think, they'll likely be your friend for life.

Hmmm... I think this quiz is nice. I didn't even know that there could be a meaning with your lips. I like the result and will try another quiz today. Try them too. It is fun i tell you!

Searching for a Beauty School?

Well look no more because your search for a Virginia Cosmetology School is over! Try Regency Beauty Institute. It is a school that provides quality training and education in the field of cosmetology. Because of these, Regency graduates are sought after in various industries like salons, runways and even cruise ships all across the United States.

From two campuses when it was founded some 50 years ago, Regency Beauty Institute now has 30 campuses all around nine states. Thanks to their commitment to providing relevant and quality education, Regency Beauty Institute is considered as one of the best beauty schools in the United States.

Midnight Confessions

1. Have you ever had to confess something to a lover or friend? Yup.
2. How well do you handle rejection? I just let it pass.
3. What makes you feel old? Seeing the wrinkles on my face. I guess I need to get the wrinkle fillers I saw online the other day.
4. What makes you feel young? The Internet.
5. What’s something you are old school about? Old photos.
6. What TV show's seasons would you buy on DVD? Tell us why it rocks. Desperate Housewives. I love the story of the girls.
7. If you could create your own TV channel, what would it be? DVM Channel.
8. Where do you like to go for a day trip? To a beach in Sorsogon.
9. Name some things that you still want to do in your life. Travel abroad. Learn how to drive.

Cute Baby Dresses

Found this at Old Navy and I was drooling there every time. Sigh!

Look at those cute baby dresses! I want to own that for my baby. I also need to update my wardrobe now that my tummy is getting bigger. I am so sure I will be needing the best weight loss products there is after giving birth.Off to browse some maternity clothes for me.

Desperate Housewives Season 6

I finished watching DH Season 6. And I can't wait for Season 7 to start. The show is getting exciting every episode. Plus there are returning casts. I know that season 7 will be as exciting as season 6. I really can't wait! I love Bree because even if she is already old she is still beautiful. I wonder what wrinkle creams she use on her face. She is so hot in season 6. I wanna be like her when I grow old. haha!

School Starts

... in 2 weeks.

We don't have a kid in school yet so we are not so problematic on school supplies, uniforms and enrollment. I guess we won't be doing it in four to five years from now. And I am so glad I still have a lot of time to prepare for that time to come. I will just enjoy being a mommy to this baby inside my tummy. And never have to worry also on the lipozene reviews that I read a few days ago. I can go on a diet while I am pregnant. I should do it after giving birth. Now i have time to pig out and eat whatever my heart wants. Woohoo!


We can now make shakes at home. I bought a blender after a long time not owning one last week. I am a fan of shakes specially Mango Shake. Whenever we eat out I always see to it that I have a shake on my order. Now I can make my own at home. In fact I made one this evening. Hubby love it so much. It was perfect for the hot weather. And did you know that fruits are also a good way of cleansing your tummy? Yes the fibers acts as if you undergone a colon cleanse. Now this made me think of getting back to my colon cleanse reviews I was reading a while ago.

I Love Fruits

What's nice about being pregnant is that you can eat whatever you want. Husband gives me whatever I ask him to buy for me. But I noticed that he always gives me fruits. Well I love fruits! We have apples, grapes, guyabano, mango and papaya on our table today. I have a lot of fruits to choose from. Now do I need this 7-dfbx that I saw online for losing weight? Nah maybe after giving birth yes.

Treadmill Equals Play Area

The treadmill at my parents house is now a play area for my nephew and niece. They always play there. I wonder what's in that place that they found their sanctuary. I guess the flat surface is a good place to lay their toys. Dad never got to use the treadmill as there are always toys there. I need to tell mom to keep them off that place.


I have a friend who always complain about her looks even if she is beautiful. She always complain about how rough her skin is. And how she adores the faces of celebrities and models in the US. Maybe she needs a blue light therapy. I think it is the only way to make her shut up. She loves derma and anything that will make her beautiful so I am sure she will love this one. I just hope that in the long run she won't complain again about her looks. It is so irritating already!

A Young Lady

My little niece is not little anymore. She begins to act like a grown up already. She starts to imitate what mom does. Doing some make up and wearing high heeled shoes. I bet someday this girl will look for some quicktrim to use one day. She loves wearing sexy dresses and walks like a model. She has a future as I can see. But it will still be a long time when she is able to become a full lady. Good luck my dear!


I was on my way to the grocery store when a friend texted me about phenphedrine. I haven't encountered that word and don't know what it means. She was asking me to buy phenphedrine for her when I passed by a store that sells it. I am not sure if I can get it as I was in a hurry to go back home. So I texted her back that I won't be able to get it for her. Maybe I'll try next time.

What's for Dinner?

As I am writing this blog post I can smell what's for dinner. Dried fish!!!! It's so smelly. The whole house smells like dried fish! hahaha! I think I am going to throw up! Ugh! But I know that I will love to eat that later. This pregnancy is so unpredictable! Some of my favorite foods are not my faves now. =( And I am irritated most of the time. Specially with the previous campaign ads on TV. I hate seeing candidates on TV. I wonder why. My favorite past time like window shopping online went away also. I was looking at this epson tm-t88iv as I was thinking of getting one even if I don't need it. Funny right?


I miss my husband so much. It will be a few more days of sacrificing to be with him again. I am just hanging in here. I survived the same last year and I can do this again this time. I just hope he'll come home early. It is never the same if he's not around specially if you are pregnant and looking for his face to pinch. Sigh!

Never Go Wrong

We are currently on a tight budget and doing grocery with only a few list on your hand is really hard. We need to slash on some unnecessary shopping and save. I wanted to buy gold bullion but maybe it can wait until this baby comes out of me. I promise that I will start investing for the good of my family. It is never wrong to have a lot of investment as long as you are investing with a good asset just like gold bullion. Gold are the highest form of metal and it never lose its value in time. So if you also plan on investing you can never go wrong in buying gold bullion.

My Summer 2010

As of this moment I only went on a swimming once and being pregnant I am lucky to at least have spent my summer in the pool with my relatives. I am happy with that. As some of the pregnant women they never got to go out of their houses. I declared to be on bed rest even if my OB didn't say so. I was so afraid to lose my baby once again. I want to take good care of him/her. But going out from time to time won't hurt me and my baby. I just need to take a lot of care in moving. =)

Morning Sickness

I am on my 9th week on my pregnancy right now and so far all i do is vomit and sleep. I am embracing this stage and I do hope that it will soon go. I am tired of vomiting. What I eat I will just throw it up. But i am thankful I am not worrying on my weight loss. As this morning sickness is keeping me slim. But I know it is not good for the baby inside me. I hope to finish my first trimester soon and just enjoy this pregnancy. Keep in praying for me okay? Thanks!

Miss Philippines-Earth 2010

I am watching Miss Philippines-Earth 2010 right now and I love watching beauty pageants. I wonder if they also use the best hemorrhoid treatment on their legs as it is really flawless! I love Miss Earth as it not only focuses on beauty but also in caring for our nature. Kudos to the maker of this beauty contest. I salute you all for the time you all give to give mother nature she deserve to have. Good Luck to the candidates! I can't wait to know the winner and represent Miss Earth 2010.

Boasting or Something

As I was surfing my facebook friends I saw one album in which there are a lot of high quality bags. She posted Prada, Hermes, LV and Chanel bags. I was like hello can she afford all of that? Well I am not being mean here. But I've known her as one of those person who belongs to an average family. I was totally in shock she posted all of those as if she was boasting or something. Well she has the right so I didn't even bothered to comment. She was happy with what she's doing so just let it be. =)

No Shopping

Impossible!!! I haven't shopped for a month I think! Bravo!!! hahahha! This pregnancy is keeping me from being online and purchasing unnecessary things. haha! But right now I am eyeing the xbox 360 at again. Ugh! Please get me out of this laptop right now! My paypal will be hurt for sure. But I don't think I will give in to this shopping, I have to save up for the coming of our baby. So I'll say no for now. =)

Mac Dream

Our friend invited me and my husband to a dinner party as a celebration for their daughter's moving up day last Wednesday. The food served was delicious, I am so full. They also showed to me their new Mac laptop. It was my first time to hold a mac and the first impression was WOW. I want one for myself. haha! I wish! My friend told me that they will soon upgrade the mac memory. And I agreed to them as they will need more space for their photos, videos and applications. A MAC laptop will be in my dreams forever. =)

Happy Birthday Huey!

It's my son's 6th Birthday today. I am sure he's having a grand party in heaven. Happy Birthday son! We miss and love you so much!

Yummy Lunch!

I am hungry already. Smelled the food being cooked by our maid in the kitchen. We are having Fried chicken and Pork in tomato sauce. Yummy smell it is! I can't wait to eat lunch. But I need to watch out my diet. I don't want to use the slimquick extreme in the long run. I might regret being too fat. Ok I need to check again if the rice is cooked already. Later!

Murad Company

Who doesn't want to have a great looking face? At my age right now I should be taking care of my skin. I am not getting younger you know. So I am in the hunt for the best acne treatment in the web. This murad reviews is a great help for me. I've read great things about the Murad company and I really hope to find their products here in our place. Murad is a skincare company that offers great looking skin as a result for using their products. Will so searching for their product online if I didn't got them at the mall.

The Birthday Cake Test

You Are Daring and Dazzling

You are funky, eccentric, and charming in unexpected ways. You are constantly inspired and inspiring.

You throw caution to the wind and try to avoid the safe option. You love not knowing what's coming around the corner.

You love that the world is full of infinite possibilities - and you'd like to try every combination of them that you can.

You are always changing, growing, and expanding your horizons. You never suffer from stagnation or boredom.

Love this result! It is so nice to take quizzes like these. I love answering them one by one. Somehow the results are accurate and are pleasing to read. This quiz made me happy today. Will take another one later. I have to clean my scrap area first.

Benefits of Colon Cleanse

The benefits of colon cleanse will make your life easier. No more tummy aches, low energy and no more parasites on your tummy! Isn't that great! I've been experiencing tummy aches lately and constipation and colon cleanse is my option to remove this. I was not able to move freely with my tummy aches. I really wish I will have time to do this. Might plan it ahead so I can do this. Wish me luck!

Acne Scar Removal

I want to get an acne scar removal right now. I have this scar on my face which I hate. It always get attention to everyone I am talking to. I hate it when they notice it. I feel so ugly when they tell me about it. I hope our local derma have this kind of treatment or else I will be just wishing that these scar will be gone forever. If you know a good one near me please refer it to me ok? Thanks!

Sick Friend

I am such a freak when it comes to a person getting sick. I guess the trauma in the hospital when Huey died never go away. So when I learned that a friend is in the hospital I was hesitant to go. But she was a friend I need to be there to support her and give her a big hug. I almost cried when I saw her there. I am thankful she was ok now and free from cancer.

Cancer is serious. And it is not to be taken lightly. With the low mesothelioma survival rate, a cancer which is very rare and develops in the mesothelial cells, it is a thing needed to be taken seriously. So be careful with those Asbestos as it can cause cancer that is hard to cure. Be safe!

Thankful for Friends

When I am sad or happy I go to my online friends. I chat with them and tell them how I feel if I am upset or happy. I am so thankful they are there. Without them I won't be able to solve problems that are hard to bear and share my excitement to something new in my life. I treasure everyone of you and please take care of yourselves always. I am lucky to have all of you! Thank you!

Iphone Camera

I love that I have an iphone already. Thanks to my dear friend who offered it to me at a very reasonable cost. I can take photos of everything I see and then share it online in a minute. I love it! The camera though is not that clear but I am happy with the result. It is viewable and what matters most is that it can take photos. I am happy with that. =)

Invest in Gold

With the economy we are facing right now, investing is the best way to secure the future. Saving up in a bank is not enough. It is too risky if the bank gets bankrupt right? So why not try to buy gold bullion and start investing in it. Gold never gets old and it's price value never depreciates. Get this form of investment now. You'll never go wrong with precious metal investment specially GOLD. And I found a site in which can help you in this matter. Go now to to read more information about it. Come let's go there now and start investing for our future. Good luck to us!

New Eyeglasses

My dear friend is so nice to me. She gave me a new eyeglasses at an affordable cost. I love it! She let me pick a frame through flickr. I got the one which i think fits me perfectly. I am so excited to get it. She said she will send it to me as soon as it is finished. I cant wait! My old eyeglasses is already broken and it is perfect that i will have a new one. Thanks friend! You know who you are!


I am thinking of buying a typewriter for my husband next month. The one we have is already broken and hubby was having a hard time using it. The keys are hard to press and the ribbon is not functioning well even if it is newly bought. I will order from a friend in the US. It is better to buy it there. Much much cheaper!

A Friend in Need

A friend talked to me last time about the condition of her father. He was sick and needs money for the hospitalization. My friend said she is in the lookout for some admin jobs so that she can buy some medicines and hospital supplies for her father. I hope she find the job that fits her. She badly need work! And as a friend will help her to at least add some financial support to her family. I love her to bits. That's what friends are for. Love you friend!

Bathroom Lighting

I am visualizing again. I've been planning on my head on what to do on our bathroom. I need to continue working with the tiles there. Plus put the sink there and maybe this Golden lighting fixtures that I saw from I like the elegant design of this. It surely fits above the mirror right? I will ask my husband to get this for me when the renovation starts.

Birthday Gift for my Sister.

Too many birthdays to celebrate this Month. I have 5 family members and relatives who will be celebrating an additional year to their lives. And one of that is my sister. She will celebrate her birthday on the 19th. And I haven't thought of what to give her on her special day but I was thinking of giving her this tm-t88iv, but she might not like it. So I will just look for another gift for her if she doesn't like that. Any suggestion you can give?

Happy Vacation

It's vacation time once again! No more school and no assignments to finish. Just laze around and enjoy summer. Maybe a nice vacation is a great way to spend summer in your part. Do some relaxation and maybe learn a new sport like swimming or surfing. Are you planning where to go? karisma Hotel and Resort is the place for you. A great destination for your family.

At Karisma Hotel you can have a vacation with yourselves, if you prefer it. If you hate crowded places then you should book at Karisma Hotel. They have a secluded place for your privacy. You got to enjoy your vacation and spend time with your love ones. A family vacation is what the family do to unwind and catch up on what the family member is up to. And catching up needs no distraction. And of course spending with great service and grand vacation. Book your vacation now at Karisma Hotel.

Happy Vacation everyone!

I Love Twitbird Application!

I installed this iphone application when my friend tweeted that it is a great application. And it was indeed a great application! I love it to bits! I always check twitter in that application. Maybe I need to delete the twitteriffic. What I love in this application is that it posts the tweet you are replying. That way you are not lost in what you are reading. Also you can sign in with your other account. Meaning you can have two account logged in. Plus the design is very cute! Try it! You'll love it too!

SM Naga Trip

We went to SM Naga last Saturday with the family. I was going to meet Yon for his exhibit that's why I want to go to SM. Hubby tagged along with me. We were supposed to go on a motorcycle but when I mentioned to my mom that we will be going to Naga they said they wanted to go too. So we just went there using the Revo along with my nephew and niece. We ate lunch at KFC, I met Yon and visit his exhibit. After that we went a little shopping and met my aunts and then headed home. That's it. Simple as that. Short trip but we had fun.

Business Administration Degree

I am still thinking whether to take up another course just like what my friend did. I got so convinced when I talked to her last time over at YM. She told me that online universities does a lot just like studying in an ordinary school in your studies. Was thinking whether I take up a business administration degree just like my friends course or another course which I am interested. She will be graduating this year and I am so happy for her. She is really a great student. And soon she will have her own business. A successful one it is!

My friend suggested to me this link for studying online. She heard a lot of good reviews about the site so she suggested it to me. Will take a look at this site and then well see.

Big EB on Friday!

I am so excited for Friday and Saturday! It will be another big EB for us bebots. I will be able to see again my dear friends online. In preparation to that I am going to the Parlor tomorrow to beautify myself. And maybe go to my derma for a facial treatment. I don't want to look ugly come our meet up. Plus I have a big zit today on my cheeks so a zit cream is needed. I have to get it from my derma tomorrow. I really can't wait for this EB!

Back and Joint Pains

I am here at my parents house as hubby is on a tour. When we move into our house all of my things were transferred and our room was occupied by my brother's family. So right now I share room with my sister. And I sleep on the floor. Poor me! Every time I sleep here I suffer on back and joint pains. I should get a back and joint pain relief soon. This would result to something serious in the long run. I should take good care of my health as I am not getting any younger.

Diet Pills for Men

I am on the lookout for some diet pills for men. My cousin needs one right now. He wants to look good for their homecoming on December. I didn't know that men are also vain specially my cousin. Well they have the right to do those things but not more vain than women ok. You might get a different impression. =)

Acne Vitamin

I was so lucky I never took acne vitamin in my entire life. I never experienced acne on my face and had a clean face compared to those who got acne all over their faces. To think I never use anything on my face. I just clean my face with water and that's it. I am so lazy putting creams on my face even when I was younger. I just hope that this won't do anything when I get old.

Quick Tip

Do you have a quick and easy weight loss tip for me. I am gaining weight again. I was losing weight a few weeks ago and now I gained again. Blame it to the too many parties we attended this week. Ugh! I just can't help it when I am seeing a lot of foods on the table. Ugh! Discipline is really not me!

Throw Pillows

I bought new throw pillow cases last Sunday at SM. I got the green color as I want it to coordinate with our wall color. I wanted to get the ones with beautiful design but it is over my budget so I got the cheap one. It's cheap but the design is nice. I wish I can find a design like in the photo above. Will continue hunting for that.

Bed Covers

I just love love love this bed cover that I saw online. I feel like sleeping in that bed already. Someday when we are able to get a bigger bed I will surely get some nice bedsheets and put it in there. And put lots of pillows too. Yawn... I feel like sleeping already.

Investments are Important

Investments are super important to my parents. They purchased land and ventured into different businesses just to save up for our future. I salute my parents because they didn't stop until now. I so wanna be like them. They told me when we got to talk last time that they wanted to buy gold bullion but mom wasn't so sure about it and has no idea on how to buy one. Thank God there is internet now and with just a click of the mouse you will be directed to sites including which sells gold coins and bullion to those who are interested in investing those kinds of precious metals. This is why I super love the internet. I should tell mom about this site soon.

Iphone is LOVE

Ever since I laid my hands on my friends Iphone it got stucked in my head that I am going to buy one someday. A lot of my friends have it already and for sure when the time comes that I will have mine I will ask for their help on how will I use it. haha! i cannot wait for this to happen. Pardon all my wishful thinking.

The Tooth Fairy

Hubby and I watched this movie at SM Iloilo. We wanted to watch Avatar in 3D but the person in charge said their machine was broken so they have to stop showing Avatar first. That got me sad so we opted to watch The Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, and Julie Andrews. It was one great movie. I love the Rock and the story. It has lesson that we all need to learn. Watch it!