Study Table For Two


photo grabbed from pinterest.

I really like that photo above. I saved it on my computer for future reference. I would love my two kids to have this when they starts to go to school. Such a space saver and very nice design too. It will be a very good study area near our living room. Will tell the husband about my plan about this so he can have it copied by our carpenter. I am one excited mom here!

Cowboy Themed Party

RSTLLarge_VF6005 RSDILarge_DI522

Our family (dad's side) celebrates Christmas with a happy themed reunion annually. We had a Holywood Red Carpet theme last December and it was so nice! Next year it will be a white Christmas and we all should wear white. And I am so excited for that celebration! We haven't had a cowboy themed party so I am bookmarking this boots at I will surely need this when the time comes. Isn’t the boots nice? I like it so much!

Dried Mango Strips

My snack for this afternoon.


photo from the internet. not mine.

I have been munching this sweet treat from Cebu. Mom, Dad and my niece Nadine went there last week and have this as their pasalubong to us. I love dried mangoes! I hope to go back to Cebu soon. I have been there when I was in college and that was long long time ago! Now that I have a family it will surely more fun to travel. Will plan this trip soon.

The Beautiful Black Dress


I saw some nice plus size dresses over at Sydney’s Closet today and I wish I have seen this when I was hunting for a dress for our family reunion last December. Plus size dresses will fit me now that I am pregnant. I had to wear a simple maxi dress as I didn’t find a nice dress fitted for me. But my relatives said I look good during the event. Oh well, maybe next time I will just look online or here at Sydney’s Closet if I need a formal dress for a special occasion.

New Theme

I am thinking of changing my theme for this blog. But I don’t know where to find a nice theme. Can you suggest one? This blog badly needs a new look. I think this theme is ugly. Oh pregnancy hormones! Will try to look for a nice one later when my baby is asleep. If you know of a site where to get a free blogspot theme please link me up ok? Thanks!

New Netbook

A friend just got her new netbook last Christmas. I was so happy for her as she will be able to work on her thesis now that she has a new laptop. There are a lot of good netbook computers out there. I have a good and still working one so I didn’t wish for a new laptop last Christmas. Now I will be able to catch my friend more often on YM. Yey! I am so happy!

Ok I am off to sleep now. It’s 1 am already. Good Night!