Mom needs vacation

I can see that mom is always problematic about something. I can't really tell what it is. Maybe from work. I pity her a lot and i guess she badly need some vacation. I found this Sea Pines rentals online and this is the perfect place for her. We can tag along so that the vacation will be a happy one. I know mom will be very happy if this will push through. I need to plan it well.

Traveling with my Husband

There is this friend of mine who is looking for a good hotel in Vegas because she and her husband will be having a vacation there. I am envy again because they got to travel together. I hope when hubby and I will travel we will be together also. I will plan this well so that all schedules are fixed and money matters are available also. I wish it will be soon.

Speed Test

40 words


I am not that fast.

New eyeglasses please!!!!!

Wow I am so thankful that I found this Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses online. A very nice site for eyeglasses and they have cool designs too! A Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses indeed! I can't wait to go buy this cool eyeglasses.

The Best Thing found: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses in my whole life! I love this site a lot! So if you guys need an upgrade to a new eyeglasses be sure to check out the Zenni Optical glasses OK?

Thank You so so so much!

My challenge was a success!!! Woohoo!

Thanks to all of you who joined! Specially to the Bebots. I owe you all a lot!

Thanks! Thanks!

Voting is now open and I can’t wait who will win this challenge.

Go and vote for your favorite digital scrapbooks.

Here’s the link to the blog:

Good Luck to all who joined!

My Birthdate

Your Birthdate: August 31

You’re a pretty traditional person. If it’s lasted, it’s probably good.

You seek stability - both in your career and your romantic relationship.

In return, you’re very loyal and predictable. Which is usually a good thing.

Without a partner, you feel lost. Being with someone is very important to you.Your strength: Your dependability

Your weakness: You hate being alone

Your power color: Midnight blue

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Your power month: April

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

New Eyeglasses Needed!

I so need to change my eyeglasses. I hate it when I have a headache because of my eye. I have an eyeglass since I was in the fifth grade. I am so used to wearing these. Some says that it suits me not to wear an eyeglasses more and they were telling me to wear a contact lens instead. But I am more comfortable wearing an eyeglasses. So I need to update more often my eyeglasses style so that my looks won't be boring. I am eying this Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses that I found online. This is such a Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses. I will tell this to my husband so that he can give me an allowance for this. So far this is my Best Thing found: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses.

Cake Cutting

I am so in a roll right now! I just want to scrap what I purchased. I am loving this new kit by Traci reed. Perfect for my elegant photos like my wedding pictures. I will surely make another LO with this kit.

The credits can be seen here.


Finally my challenge over at KAYA blog is now finished. I am the host for the February challenge and yesterday was the last date of submission. My topic was about digital scrapbooking. They will scrap digitally using the beautiful kit by Danielle Young. I am so happy that many joined my challenge. Thank you to all of you who joined the challenge. I now can say that all of you screaming the word KAYA! See digital is not difficult at all.

If you want to vote the voting is now open. You can visit the site and the poll is on the right side. I just voted today and I can say that it is very difficult to vote with all those beautiful LOs.

Good Luck to the participants!

On the other side if you are going to ask me what I am doing right now is that I am hunting for a good modern furniture online. Mom needed to buy a new furniture in the living room. So I am helping her find a good design, a good price and a good site to order from. I just hope that I can find it before mom buy the ones at the mall which I find very expensive.

Wish me Luck OK?

New Look

I renovated my main blog. From the romantic Red to Pink and Purple-ish theme! I love how it turned out and I so love that header! I am so proud to say that I designed almost everything on that blog. It took me up to 4am to finalize my design. I hope you all like it. Go and leave me some love there. Here is the link:

"See" you there!

New digital LOs

Credits here.

Wish Lists

My goodness we don't have any food on the fridge! I am so guilty of not buying food for us! hahahaha1 I am busy you know! I need to fill up the fridge before hubby arrives on the 29th! Or else! huhuhuuh! We will not eat!!!

I also need to go to the mall to buy a cabinet for our clothes. I just don't like our old cabinet. It makes our clothes dirty because it doesn't have a cover! I want to buy those cabinets made by the China Manufacturers. I think that is ok for now since we have a very small bedroom. I want our cabinets to be all wood when our bedroom will be fixed already.

I am hoping to finally finished decorating our house. As well as buying furnitures and things needed for our daily living. i wished we had an instant money so that I can buy all of the things on my wish lists. I need to save save and save more. I hate it when I have the money and kept on buying things not needed a lot. I just hope to control more on impulsive buying and be more practical on things.

Wish me Luck on being a housewife!

New Paper Scrapbook

I have a new Lo done the other day and I am so happy to share it with you all. You can visit My Paper Scraps blog and leave me some love OK? I had fun creating that one and it is for my cousin. I just love that photo that I took and I hope she'll like what I created for her. I will give that when she come visit us. Go and leave me some comments there OK?

What's Up!

What is happening to me? I am not updating this blog!!! I know this is sad! I am so sorry guys! I am a bad bad bad blogger!

Oh well! Yesterday I scanned all of my wedding photos and it is so tiring! I scanned hundreds of my wedding photos and thank God I finished them all. I want to scan them because I am afraid of losing them. My wedding photos is so important to me.

I started scanning them at 2PM and ended at 6:30PM or something. Gosh! I went home at 7PM and did not eat my dinner because I am so full.

I woke up this morning very hungry! hahahahha! This is what I get when i don't eat my dinner last night. I ate a little for breakfast because I am not a breakfast eater. I want to but my stomach doesnt want to take in all of the food. It makes me vomitt every time I eat a lot during breakfast! Grrrr!!!

So my lunch is heavy. I ate a lot and enjoyed eating fish and rice. So right now I am hungry again. I will just finish browsing this Europark 'Full Of Shit' Challenge and then I will go and eat some desert or snack. I hope mom has some food on their fridge.

LO Share: Baby Girl, Forever and I Love Paper

This are my newest LO’s.

You can view the credits here. TFL!!!

Diet Pills Anyone?

I never found the best diet pills until I was introduced to one. I can see a lot of changes on my friends body when she used this particular diet pills. And for only a few months she lost a lot of weight already. And I said wow! It was like yesterday since she was so fat and now she is getting back her weight when we are still in college. I should try this also and well suggest this to my mom who is so into dieting.


No not us! A friend of mine is looking for a good movers New York last week. I haven't heard from her if she already find a good one. I just hope that her move will went fine and I am really excited to see the pictures of their new home. I bet it is beautiful! She is was too meticulous about houses so I am sure it is a beautiful one.

A Request

A friend of mine is requesting me to search a good male enhancement pill today. I didn't bothered asking me what that was because I am such a good girl following her friends request. : D And thankfully I found a good site about it and it is the site. The testimonials there are good so I think my friend will like what I found. Plus they have a safe enhancement pill ingredients and there are a lot of people who got this pill. I will text my friend that i found what he is looking for.

New Los again

I made this last time and it kept on adding to my not shared LOs. LOL! So here I am sharing this to you. TFL!!

Credits here.

I want to buy new items for our house.

Today we went to a nearby department store to buy stuffs for our house. i can't find the one I am looking for so i browsed the net for some ideas on what i can also add to my small house. I went to Lillian Vernon Site and wow I find a lot of stuff there. I wish I can buy to that site without a lot of shipping cost. I can also use this Lillian Vernon coupons that I found yesterday. Hmmm... Maybe I will just give this coupon to my friend abroad so that she can buy her new stuffs at home. They moved to a new house and I am sure they need new housewares too.

New LO's to share

Here are my New LO’s. I forgot to share this with you all. TFL!!!!

You can see the credits here.

The Beautiful Faucet

I so love the Price Pfister Faucet. Look at this beautiful thing. I really want to have this on my sink. It will be a happy dish washing time if I have this beautiful faucet. I think I will wash the dishes over and over again if I have this. LOL! I am so crazy about things in our house and other things that I can put into it. Like this faucet and the cabinet I am eyeing for the longest time here in our local antique store. I am saving for this faucet for sure and that cabinet will be mine soon!

My New Digi Scrapbooks

I made 3 new LOs. One is for my CT and the other two is for the SSD Challenge. I hope you’ll like it.

For the Pop Rocks #12 at SSD.

Baby’s Got Funk Kit by Micheline Martin
Color your own alpha: Pencil by Zoe Pearn
Torn Template by Jen Caputo

Font: FG Astrid

For the Scrap with the SugarBabes Challenge at SSD.

Fancy Pants Kit by Eve Recinella Designs
Color your own alpha: Pencil by Zoe Pearn
Font: CK Boutique, Mirror Thin

For the Cookie Decorating 101 #27 Challenge.

Quixotic Kit by Creative Confusion Designs
Funky-Bets by Zoe Pearn
Template by Aggie Aviso
Font: Enchanted

Payday Loan

It was never easy if you have a lot of things lacking at your kitchen and you have no money to buy all those needed groceries. I wanted to make an egg sandwich yesterday and only to find out that I have no mayonnaise. So I put back the ingredients that I have and discontinued my plan. Hubby is not at home so there is no way to buy a mayonnaise and other things I need to make that sandwich.

I guess this time I will try to go on a payday loan. It is so practical already to go on a loan if you have no money. It is so common here in the Philippines also to have a loan. A lot of Filipinos are waiting for their payday so that they can buy new things and go grocery shopping. But nowadays some people can't wait until payday so their only way to buy new things and pay for a rent and bills is to have a loan.

My mom use this always. When I was still in College I always ask my mom for my tuition fee payment and she gave me money with her saying I loaned that money because we doesn't have any right now. I got used to her always saying me that and I am not aware of what does that mean. Now I knew how they sacrifice a lot to get money for my tuition. I am thankful that there are sites and companies that offers loans to people like my parents.

I Love You!

This is my Spin-A-Lift entry to SSD’s challenge.

I scraplifted this LO by Mandy Koontz.

Mod About You Kit by Dani Mogstad
Polka Dot Green Paper from Precious Child Kit by Mandabean & Robin Carlton
Frame by Gina Cabrera
Button by Dani Mogstad
Tag by Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Ric Rac by Robin Carlton
And I Quote…Love by MandaBean

Go and Enjoy your Play!

Have you tried playing to one of those online casino today? Then this is your time! You should check it out! This game is so cool you'll win if you got luck! You'll surely enjoy this game if you have a lot of money! Hmmm maybe I won't enjoy it because I have no money right now. If I will win the lotto I will never pass this game. I will bet as long as I like! Hahahhahaha! I see a gambler in here!!!! LOL!

Kidding aside, there are a lot of online casinos out there and last week I found this that has all of the best links of online casinos on the net. You should check them out! I know you'll find the best one for you in this site. If you ever find that site go on and play, enjoy and win lots and lots of money!!!!

My Dream Place

Someday I will live at Branson Missouri. I just love the houses there that I saw online. I am dreaming of living there someday. I guess that someday will be too far away from reality. But I am still dreaming.

I will surely live in this place.

Oh how I love nature and at the same time living in a city is exciting too! I will just buy whatever I like at a nearby mall or grocery and just go to the nearest bookstore to buy a new issue of my favorite scrapbooking magazine. It is so nice to live in the US. I will surely be broke there because this hobby of mine is so expensive. LOL!


I made this yesterday. I forgot to post this here.

I hope you’ll like it!


Sunshiny Day Kit by Penny Springmann
And I Quote…Sisters by MandaBean
Staple from Dressed Up Dots by Robin Carlton
Chalked Tag by Robin Carlton
Font: FG Astrid


I was having a hard time with my internet connection for a month already. I am suspecting this connector on the modem. It keeps on falling. The lock is already removed that's why it kept on falling from the modem. I guess I need to change it to this Cat5e that I found online. It annoys me when it interrupts my time browsing the net and checking emails and blogging too! Hmp!

Coaster Furniture

Need some beautiful Coaster furniture for your house? Or maybe a gift for your special someone this valentines? Then go over at and shop for your favorite furniture. They have a wide variety of styles of furnitures for you to chose from. Their prices are affordable and high quality. You can browse their catalog in the site and choose from formal dining sets, casual dining sets, bedroom collections, armoires and beds to bombe chests, dressers, desks, recliners and sectionals. Go now and shop!

PhotoHunt: Heavy

That is my husbands helmet. My nephew wore it and it is too heavy for him he can't stand up with that. But he love it that's why he is smiling!

Unwind and Play

I wanna play in joyland casino which I found this morning on the net. I guess I really need to have fun this time. I am having a lot of stress reading emails and writing to my blogs and I guess I need to take a rest just for one day. And that only means I need to unwind and play. I guess this will also make me happy. This site is the best place you play your game! You have to try this one out too! This casino joyland is the best one I found so far. So I am sticking to this one. Wish me luck on this online casinos ok? Off to read the instructions!


I made this for my handsome nephew. I had fun creating this LO. At last nagamit ko na mga bago kong napamili na kits. hihiihihi! I super love that alpha by Zoe Pearn. Gamit na gamit ko sya.

Here’s my new LO.

Credits here.

Please leave me some love. Thanks a lot for viewing!

Go and Explore!

I love love love to go to Spain. I wanna visit that place and if ever I will given a chance I will surely tour the place and stay in their grandest Spain Hotels. It is been a dream for me to travel to at least one country. I love to discover another place than the Philippines. i want to taste the different culture they have and the great food there.

One friend of mine stayed in Mallorca Hotels and she said it is so beautiful there. I wanna visit that place too! And the Lanzorote Hotels or the Menorca Hotels. It is my thing to collect souvenirs from different hotels so I will make sure that I stay in a different Hotel when I visit the place. And I don't have any relatives or friend living there so I will surely stay in a hotel.

I just hope that this will come true. I am itching already to go and explore the world.


Got this from Yen.

1. What women want :: To shop and shop and shop! hahahahha!
2. Epidemic :: Virus
3. Taxes :: Problem
4. Hello :: Greetings
5. Confidential :: You can't see it!
6. Lights :: Bright
7. Summation :: Add
8. Hard feelings :: Emotion
9. Electric :: Current
10. Fresh start :: Beginnings

Business Loans

Tired of working in an office and following you boss everyday? Want a Business Loans right now? And start a new business whom you are the boss? Go now to and apply for a Business Loans. This site willn approve your application in just 24-48 hours, they have no application fees and no hidden charges. They also offer the lowest interest rates. And have 8500 lenders that you can choose from. That is the best deal you can get if you wll apply for a Business Loans on their site. So go now and apply! I am sure you will be happier than working in an office before. Try it!

PhotoHunt: Narrow

That is my sister in law. My brother photographed her walking down the hill.


My brother is asking what nice places to visit for a vacation. His in laws are having a vacation with their families. And this site came in time when I found it online. It is the Branson rentals which is great for a vacation for families. They can rent a resort so that they will enjoy their vacation and spend some time with their love ones. If you are thinking of renting a place like a resort or family houses you can check out Branson Rentals.