We went to my in laws house the other day. I noticed there are de-sta-co clamp and other kinds of clamps in their garage. I asked hubby what are those for? But he didn’t answered my question as he was busy texting a client. And until now I don’t know what are those clamps are for. Oh well, will just ask him again later after he finished washing the car.

Live Simply


A very nice quote I found on the web.

Good morning everyone!

The Arturia Wish

My niece will soon graduate from elementary and she was asking us for an Arturia as a gift. Which I have to Google as I don't know what it is. haha! Well, I love what I researched about that brand and I hope to find it here or maybe I can just order it online since her graduation is still far. She will be a good musician I know. She loves it and I am so proud of her.

Sleepy Head

My darling daughter is still asleep at this time (time check: 10am). She slept really late last night at 12mn I think. I was nursing my son when she fell asleep so I was not aware of the time. It is her sleeping time usually. I am having a hard time changing it so i just let her. This is also good to me as I can have ME time while waiting for her to wake up. My son is napping as well so double yey! These are the simple things that makes me happy. haha!

A Double Bass

Whenever I see a double bass I remember lent. It is the time where the local musicians play that instrument. During some prayer meetings and prayers for the departed soul. I love the beating sound of it. The musician who plays that is a veteran. He is using the instrument for a long time already. I wish I asked to try it as I never got to attend prayer meeting in the past years.

Valentine’s Date


We celebrated Valentine’s Day at Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay. The place is awesome! I love it there! the food is delicious and there are a lot to choose from. We went there with my family and we had a great time! I wish it was only me and hubby but with the kids age we cannot leave them yet with the yaya. I will just worry about them if we went just the two of us. I felt loved anyways and that is what Valentines is all about right?