Vacation Update

We aren't able to go out yesterday as our friend who supposed to accompany us went to process his life insurance quotes. Hubby and I just lazed around and I played Hotel Dash after. I got addicted again in this game. All we do here is to eat and the sleep. For sure I will gain weight after this vacation. huhuhuhuh! I cannot wait to go home.

Weight Gain

Any of you can give me some quick weight loss tips? This vacation is giving me weight gain. And when I get back at home I will surely do some dieting. Maybe no food for 10 days. Bwahahhaha! How I wish I can do that to lose weight. I may lose my life if I did that. I will just take lots of fluids and maybe slash off some of my rice intake.

Acne Popping Up!

I am here in Iloilo right now and one of the things I need to do today is do the laundry. Hubby and I are lacking pants and t-shirts already. I also need to finish a lot of online tasks today and scrap for my CTs. Ugh! With all the things I need to do for sure I will be needing a good acne treatment gel for my acne. It will pop up after sleepless night I am sure.

Too Much Eating

Our vacation is making me bigger! I can see a lot of bulges on my tummy already. Would you recommend the strongest fat burners online for me? I think I need those so I will be able to slash at least a little bit of amount on my weight. My resolution for this year got busted and while the year just started I want to keep my resolution. So the answer is exercise or a fat burner.

Good Life

Life is hard and you have to sacrifice a lot of things to have a good life. You will learn more if you are open in everything that life offers. Whether it is a work change or a decision that you really have to decide. I am facing a lot of things right now and I hope to handle it well. I want to live my life and just be happy for me and my husband.

My Tummy Hurts

I ate a lot this day and now my tummy hurts really bad! I think it's time for a colon and body cleanse this year. I am planning to do this last year but I never got to do it. I hope this year will be the time to do it. A friend told me that it was a good way of overhauling the body. It will do good on me she promised. Oh well I will just try this process and hopefully it will really do good on me.

I Can't Sleep!

I am not used to sleeping in a hard bed. I want to go home already and sleep on our dear soft bed. huhuhuhu! I am having sleepless nights because of the situation I am having right now. I think I need the best sleep aid tonight. I bedly need help. I kept on yawing but I still don't want to sleep. Ugh!

Ferrari Parts

Hubby is looking for Ferrari parts right now. He needs it not on his Ferrari car because we don't own one but on his friends car. He was trying to help his friend because he owe him. So he wanted to help him too. I am happy my husband is helpful and I love him for that.

Ok time for a snack now. We will have Pancit for this afternoon. Happy Snack time to everyone!

Out of Town Trip

Summer is once again here and I am planning already on where to go. Some of my friends are going out of the country and will go to punta cana in Dominican Republic. I soooo envy them! I wish I can go with them. But I can't go there if hubby won't go. We will just plan an out of town trip this summer. I wanted visit a new place. A place I haven't been to. I want to go to Bohol this year. Let me just save up for that trip starting now. =)

Project 52

I am doing a self portrait project 52 this year and because of this I need to have a good looks for my photos. I wanted to see a difference on how I look this year. By taking this challenge I will be able not only accomplish the project but also the need to slim down. When I saw this commercial fitness equipment I got really motivated to save up to get it. This will really help me trim down at least a few pounds. Wish me luck this time!

My Resolution This Year

Welcome 2010! Yes it's new year once again and it's back to normal. Holiday is over and all the holiday hangover starts tomorrow. Today I am thinking of resolutions. What will be my resolution for this year? I am not much into resolutions actually. I kept on breaking it anyway. But this time I wanted to keep it. I wanted to lose weight so my resolution for this year is to lose some weight and keep it that way. I was thinking of taking some phentermine so that I will lose weight fast. But hubby said I should do the natural way first. If I didn't lose weight then I can take diet pills. Let's see whats the outcome of this resolution. will I break it or keep it. Good Luck to me!