Having a phone is so important to me when I was still in high school. First I call friends for some bonding time, call for assignments and even answers. hahah! It is also our time with my boyfriend back then. I was too shy to tell my parents about him so the phone is the only way to talk to him.

I was glad that the telephone was invented. Right now I have a lot of business in mind and one is, a small business that is related to telephones. Maybe I can start a small business telephone service and I wanted to get the Talkswitch brand because I think it is a great brand for a small business like that. I am imagining myself talking to a lot of wives of overseas filipino workers. hehehehhe! So I searched the net on where I can get that brand of phone and I came across neobits site that has a lot of other brands like talkswitch. Wow they have a lot! So if you are searching for phones to use in your office or maybe in your business you can check out neobits site first.

Are you also thinking of having a small business? Maybe you can share it with me so that I can get an idea on what will I start.


Naughty or Nice?

I created this digital LO for my friend Pia. I just love this photo of ethan. He is so cute! Thanks Pia for liking my LO for you.

Here is my LO.


Jolly Jingle Kit from Little Dreamer Designs.

Sparkle Overlay by Anna Aspnes

Candy brads by Michelle Coleman

Tag by Michelle Coleman

Worn and Torn Frames by Linda GB

Lots of labels by Birgit of Catscrap

Staple by Kate Hadfield

Drop Shadows by Tracy Murphy

Font: FG Tindra

Essay Oh Essay!

I hate doing essays specially those rush essay. I am not good in writing an essay. Thank God for these essays for sale on the net that I came across this morning! My friend is bugging me to help her in her essay but I cannot help her because I am not good at it also! Imagine she is asking me to write a very long finance term paper!!!! So I should suggest to her and she can consult them with her essay.

New LO

I have a new LO to share. This is a LO to our fourth anniversary last November 29. I hope you like it!


From Tracy Ann Designs :

Soiree kit

Lace Ribbon and frames

Shape Matte by Jen Caputo

Pinned n Tagged alpha by Amy Wolf

Teachers Pet Alpha by Lauren Reid

Drop Shadow by Tracy Murphy

Font: Porcelain

SEO Expert

Want to consult an seo specialist? then worry no more because there is an seo expert that can help you. Traficare will take care of your problem. Just let their seo services do for your site and bwalah you now have a lot of traffic on your site. So go now and consult them with your problem and let them do their job.

Good Luck!

Good Morning!

Hello all!

My morning is good. I woke up early because mom is already in the room to have a chat with my brother who is in Kuwait. It is very cold here right now. It is raining outside. I have to get my blanket and cuddle with my pillow before getting up. I haven’t eaten my breakfast. I am lazy to eat. hahahahha! I am already in front of the computer and I haven’t eaten my breakfast!!! Shhhhh… Don’t tell my husband OK? hihihiihih! Oh well he is in Baguio right now so he won’t know. :D

I grabbed some OPPS and I am happy of what I got even if it is only 3, at least I have for this day!

So I will just do my assignments now. Laters!


I love jokes. This one of the thing I love about my husband he has a lot of funny jokes. There is one time that he cracks a joke in a very serious mood and I just burst into laughter after I realized that it was a joke. I am very slow in terms of catching a joke sometimes. But I always love jokes. But I want it in a right time. It can also ruin my day when you crack me a joke if I am in a bad mood.

Are you also a joke lover?

Lazy Me!!!

I guess everybody is so busy preparing for a trip or for a post Christmas party or doing some shopping for the New Year celebration. Me? I am doing nothing. I have a lot of things on my mind but I am too lazy right now. I just woke up and haven't eaten my breakfast. I am still yawning here. hahahahhaa! I am trying to scrap right now.... digitally! I hope I can finish this one so that I can create another one for my CT.

You what are you busy with?

Try Backgammon Game

Are you a player of the online backgammon game? If you are then is the best site for you! Go to the site now and try it out. I am sure you'll enjoy your play there. I never play backgammon but I wanna try it. I guess it is so much fun! I see a lot of people getting hooked to this backgammon online and I know I will be hooked too!

My Christmas Celebration

I had a very FUN Christmas Eve. December 24th.

The food for the kids and the kids dancing with my nephew on yellow shorts.

The kids (lots of them!) and me hosting the program. hihihiihih!

My cousins. Mothers side.

We gathered the carolers on my parents house and celebrated Christmas with them. I was happy to see my family together with kids that we don’t even know. My mom prepared spaghetti and cake for the kids. They sang and danced the night away. They are so happy. I hosted the program and started the games. Mom gave me 1T (in 20’s) to be the prize of the game. The kids are so happy to receive the prize when they won in a game. I am happy too because I can see in their eyes that they are happy.

After the game for the kids our family with our relatives we ate dinner together. I was glad to see them again after so many years of not celebrating Christmas with them.

So this what happened on my Christmas Celebration. You? What happened to you on Christmas day?

Merry Christmas!

Poker Calculator

Do you want to use the poker calculator and know if you will win your card or not. This is such a great help to players. And they will win if their card is the right combination and add it up the luck that is in your hands. And also try the poker odds in their site and who knows you might win in the game! The holdem calculator is really a big help for you to win so try it now!


I made this today and I would like to share it with you. This is my Brother and his family. A very beautiful family!


I will put the credits later.

Medical School

My sister in law is a graduating doctor in one of the medical assistant schools in Manila. She was an inspiration to me. She went to school for 10 years I think. And she has a family now with 4 kids but she can still manage school from family time. I wonder how she do it but I admire her. She inspired me to be conscious about my time budgeting. I also admire her parents, my parents in law because they raised a good children with a great goals in life. I salute you Ma and Pa.

Right now those medical assistant training programs and medical assistant programs will be soon finished by my sister in law. She will soon become a doctor and major in surgeries. I am so proud of her. She taught me to dream again. She taught me to be strong and to fight my trials. Everything has a reason and God will grnat everything you aspire. To my sister in law, Way to go! Good Luck!

Are you also into medical assisted schools? Tell me your experience. I wanna be inspired more from your experiences and the lessons that can be earned by this courses. I wanna know more on why a lot of Filipinos are so hooked into Medical courses.

My relatives are here!

My relatives are here at my parents house already. They will be spending their Christmas here at my parents house. I was happy because mom was happy that her sisters are here. My cousins are here too! Lots of kids are already invading our house! hahahahah! They are so makulit!

What are my plans on Christmas?

December 24

> Go to my parents house for some bonding time with my relatives.

> Go home to cook foods for our noche buena.

> Party for the Christmas Carolers at night on my parents house.

> Go back home for the noche buena.

December 25

>Go to church

>Open Gifts

>Go to Jun’s brother to give our gifts

> Go to my parent in laws house to give gifts also

>Go to my parents house to give our gifts

>Send an email if I can to friends and other relatives abroad.

Whew! that is so many things to do in two days! So I might not be online often this holidays!

I will miss you all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Wine Racks

I remember those times when we are doing our thesis we have to go to our friends house to do our thesis there. We were a group of 20 persons I think. And I remember the house of my friend which is a very nice one. They are rich and they have a very large house. I love the interior of the house and when I saw their mini bar I was in awe. I love the Wine Rack and of course the wines. My friend says that it is expensive so I was thinking did he say indirectly that I shouldn't touch it? hahahahha!

I dream of having a mini bar at my house also. It is beautiful if you have a mini bar at the corner of your house. And that will be the place where you'll have a nice drink with your husband and friends. My sister in law in Manila has a mini bar on her house and I was joking to her if I can have the mini bar and bring it here in Bicol. And she just laughed. hehehehhe!

So you want a mini bar too or do you already have a mini bar and is needing of wine racks? Then you should go to and browse their wide variety of wine racks.

Happy Shopping!

What Makes Me Busy?

Nothing! I am so lazy to blog right now.

Last night I already wrapped our gifts and later I will go to the mall again to hunt for a nice gift for my “baby” on our Christmas Party. I am having a hard time finding a nice gift for my “baby”. I will also meet up with Eden later. I will give her my gift for her daughter.

Jun is in Daet, Camrines Norte right now. He attended a baptism of his friends son. I wanna go with him but I can’t ride in a motorbike for long hours. From our house to Daet is about 3 and a half hours ride. That’ll make my butt smoke! hahahahha!

Will update again if I am not lazy already.

Merry Christmas everyone!

TV Stand

I want to purchase a new plasma tv stands for my parents. The one in their living room is already damaged because it is already old. I wanted to give them a new one this Christmas. I will put it on my list so that later on I can remember and try to canvas on the price. I hope I can still buy it before Christmas so that I can give it to them on 25th.

PhotoHunt: Light

The light that comes from a candle uplifts my soul!

I love lighting a candle.

Speech Bubbles

I remember when I was in High school I always buy those bubble quotes at the mall to put on my photo album. That was my first scrapbook I think. I love bubble quotes specially those wacky ones! I love to make fun of our photos by putting those bubble thoughts. When I wanted to be happy I just browse the album and an instant happiness comes to me. I laugh sometimes because as I view the photos I also imagine what happened during that time. And it really cracks me up! One time I made this very serious photo to a very funny one when I put a green bubble quote and when my friends saw it they just laugh when they saw it! And that was the best memories I can remember with the bubble quotes. I am so glad that someone invented this bubble thing. I totally love it!

A friend told me through YM that I can now add speech bubbles online. And I was so happy because I can now add speech bubbles to my site. It is called The Bubblenator and wow it was so cool! I will surely try this one out! For sure my site will be a happy site if I will put bubble quotes and speech.

So do you want to have an instant happiness try the bubblenator at

Enjoy creating OK?

I won! I won!

This LO won as Advanced Honorable Mention at Click here for the announcement.

I am happy to receive $25 GC to their shop. At least I can shop to their uber beautiful designs. Specially the 7gypsies designs. I totally love 7gypsies whether paper or digital products. Thank you so much Pclayers! And thank you to the judges for picking my LO.

My friend Amore won on the second place in the advanced category! Woohoo! So happy for you sis! Congrats!!! Your hardwork paid off! Di bale sali tau ulit next time baka manalo na tau ng 40D na camera. hehehehhe!

Will post later the other LO’s I made as my entry to the contest.

Thanks for looking guys!

Looking for a good faucet?

Have you been into the stage of having a problem on where to find a good faucet for your home? Then you don't have to worry anymore because a Hansgrohe faucet can be found at You'll also find a lot of different kinds of faucets there. So go now to the site and choose the best one for you!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Mikee the Equestrian

I am a super fan of Ms. Mikee Cojuanco when she is still in showbiz. I love her face a lot and the dimples on her cheeks. I adore her so much for being a great equestrian. And I often wonder where she got her equestrian riding apparel because I have this friend who is also wants to learn riding a horse and dreaming of being an equestrian like Mikee. I want to give her something about equestrian things as a gift this Christmas. And i found out about this and wow they have a lot of equestrian needs! i will browse this site and lets see if I can get her something.

I made this

… for eden! She was a very dear friend. I am happy I met her and Christelle. Thanks guys!

This is a tin album kit from The Shabby Princess. I enjoyed doing this!

Christmas Plans

I can't wait till Christmas! This year we will be celebrating our party in our house. It will be a first time! And I need to fix our house well. So that my relatives will be comfy in our place. I am also thinking of what to prepare for my menu. So do you have any suggestions? I am thinking of serving cheese sticks and palabok because they will be bringing the other menus. We assigned the menu by family so that it will be fair for everyone. I can't wait!

I am still thinking of what to buy for my manita. And for Jun's too! Honey and I will go to the mall again tomorrow to buy gifts again! hahahaha! And maybe Honey will buy wines for our Christmas party. There are good wines out there. And speaking of wines, did you know that there is a wine of the month club online? If you are a wine fanatic you should check them out. They have amazing wines and the best one out there!

So whats your plans this Christmas?

Big Zit!

What??? A big zit? That is my first reaction when I saw a big red pimple on my face during my prom night. I was really shy that time. I can't even look at my crush! Gosh! It is so embarrassing to him if he sees me with a big zit on my forehead! I didn't enjoyed that night. How I wish I've known a good skinceuticals back then. So do you have the most embarrassing prom night? Come on share it to me! I'd love to read it!

Hubby is back!

Hubby is now back from Manila, I mean Tagaytay. Our bus was rented last Monday by the Digitel Company here in Bicol for their Christmas party in Tagaytay (sosyal!) hehehehhe! I miss him so much. It is only 3 days but I miss him while is not around. Today he came back with GO NUTS DONUTS!!!!!!! woohoo! I really love those donuts!

Thanks Hon for these yummy donuts!

I had this for breakfast but I can’t finish the whole cupcake because it was too sweet and my throat is already aching so I gave it to hubby instead. I need to drink more calamansi juice so that this won’t lead to tonsillitis. I don’t want to get tonsillitis this Christmas specially I need to pig out on sweet foods! hahahahah!

And oh about yesterdays shopping time? Will blog it later.

Van Rack

The father of my sister in law is in search of a van rack for their car. So I wanna suggest this site called Buy Auto Truck Accessories. They have a lot of things for autos specially the one he is looking for... the Van Rack! I will tell this to my sister so that she can buy it for her father this Christmas and surprise him with the one he is looking for. I think that'll make him happy.

A SALE!!!!!

Little Dreamer Designs will have a 12 Days of Christmas SALE!!!!

Did you hear me???? A SALE!!!!! I just wanna repeat that to all of you! hahahhaha!

Starting December 13-25 there will be a SALE on their shoppe. So go now and list down what you are buying. Me? hmmmm will think it over! hahahahha!

A site for Bed Liner

Hubby is asking me to research on what side best offers truck bed liner. He need it for a customer who want a new one on his truck. So here I am searching for the best site. And I found this one site that I think is the best seller of what hubby is looking for. It has a wide variety of bed liner. I am sure hubby will like this and also his customer. Hmmm should I ask for a commission? hahahahha! I should! So that I can also buy scrapbook supplies! hahahahha!

Freebie Time!

This is for you from Designs by Dani. Enjoy this goodies!

Get this here. Be sure to thank her OK?

Talk121 Site

Are you hooked to those chat lines? Do you enjoy chatting with new found friends? The this site called talk121 is the best site for you. They offer free chat and also a phone chat. Isn't that cool? you can now bond with other people and know their different interests. So if you are into chatting go now to the site I gave you and have fun meeting other people.

Good Luck and Enjoy!


woohoo! I am now verified!!!!!




hahahahha! Mukha na ba akong tanga? heheheh!

I am really happy that my account is now verified!


I want to make it suspense thats why I didn’t tell I am verified for what. hahahah!

I am just happy that my paypal got verified already. hihiihhihi!

I’ve been wanting this for a long long time.

Essay Writing

Writing an essay is so hard for me. When I was still in high school I kept on bugging dad to edit my essays. It is so frustrating to know that I don't do good in essay writing. I always end up to those people who knows how to write them properly and get help essay to them. And also those custom papers gives me headaches. I really need to practice this essay thing or maybe just buy an essay. Yes you can buy one. You didn't know? Just go to and you won't be problematic of your essay ever again!

The Yellow Color

I am the yellow crayon. This is not my favorite color but I love it also. This is honeys favorite color.

You Are a Yellow Crayon

Your world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors.
You have a thoughtful and wise way about you. Some people might even consider you a genius.
Charming and eloquent, you are able to get people to do things your way.
While you seem spontaneous and free wheeling, you are calculating to the extreme.
Your color wheel opposite is purple. You both are charismatic leaders, but purple people act like you have no depth.

What Color Crayon Are You?


Looking for a place where in you can have a free chat? Then head now to and have a blast in chatting. This site is a teen chat site. You can meet a lot of teen chatters there. By registering you are now qualified to the chat lines chatting area. It is a fun site so go now and meet a friend today.

Good Luck!


You Were Pretty Average This Year

You Were 55% Naughty, 45% Nice
You tried to be a good girl this year…
But as you know, being good isn’t that fun!
If you’re extra sweet, you may have enough time to get on that nice list.

Were You a Naughty Girl or Nice Girl this Year?

I am in between! Gosh! I never knew that I am not that bad and not that good either! So tell me what’s the result of your quiz?


What really is backgammon? I am so interested to know what backgammon is.
This is the meaning I found on the net:

Backgammon is a board game requiring two players. In the game, the players compete with each other to be the first to remove all of their backgammon pieces from the board. A backgammon set consists of a board with 24 triangles, 30 game pieces, and two dice. Each player receives 15 game pieces, and they take turns rolling the set of dice to determine how they can move their pieces.

So if you know how to play this game you really have to teach me. I think it is a fun game. And I didn't know that there is an online backgammon game that everyone can play! I think there are hundreds or thousands of player for the backgammon online, well I wanna try my luck also and lets see if I can get money this Christmas. You should try this also. Just to have fun!

Perfect Gift

I found this via Alpha’s blog. Thanks Alpha for posting this. I am looking for something like this since last month!

This is such a perfect gift this Christmas. I bought this at The Shabby Shoppe. I need to do this fast so that I can also send some to relatives abroad. You should get this too! A very nice gift for your family. Will post my finished CD Calendar after Christmas maybe.


Finding vent free gas fireplaces can be trying, but it's not impossible to find the one you want. What can be tricky to find is quality fireplace surrounds that can be made to fit whichever fireplace you do end up getting. At Agee Woodworks I've seen the work they do and they're masters at customizing everything from mantels and cabinets to surrounds and granite facings to fit every size and shape of fireplace. They'll even give it the finish you want so that it matches the rest of your d├ęcor, or let you do it yourself. That's service that you won't find anywhere else. Go see what Agee Woodworks can do for you and your fireplace…I think you'll be happy that you listened to me.

Ksharonk Freebie

This is another beautiful kit from ksharonk. I just wanna share it with you all.

You can get it here.

Be sure to thank her ok? Thank you so much!

The Top Quality Graphics You Want

With the new Entasi Tension Fabric Displays from ExhibitDEAL you can get the most amazing Lambda graphics that are sure to make your customers come back for more. I know that part of having a trade show display is having the newest and best thing, and with the tension fabric displays that you can get from ExhibitDEAL you're getting just that – a display that will showcase your service or product and is sure to increase your sales. Banner stands offer a great opportunity to display additional graphics and information at a trade show.

Four Months

This is my LO for the fouth month of my niece Alyssa Maree. Yesterday was her Fifth month so I better scrap those photos fast before her sixth month will be celebrated again. Thanks for looking!


Antique Garden Kit by Michelle Coleman at Little dreamer Designs

Frame by Linda Gil Billdal at Scrap Artist

Date Stamp by Janel Kretschman at Pink Poodle Studios

Font: CK Handprint, Cafe Rojo

Closer Than You Think

Here’s the deal…I know that when you’re looking for a Missouri car dealer that you want to find the very best quality new and used vehicles. Well here’s the catch…Conklin Fangman, the Kansas City, Missouri used cars experts, has the best selection of all the new and used cars that you’ve been looking for in one great location. Why not check them out today and save yourself time searching other places that won’t have the car that you want anyways. Trust me…you’ll be glad you saved yourself the time.


Thanks glorie for this tag. I really need this right now. Hmmm for interim. hehehhe!


=How old Is ur Lover?
♥ he is now 33.

=What is Ur lovers Fav. Color?
♥ he loves the color yellow.

=What Is ya Lover Fav. Movie?
♥ Too many to mention.

=What does Your Lover like to do most?
♥ he is a workaholic. And his motorcycle.

= How much Do u LOVE your LOVER?
♥ Till death do us part!

=Is Your Lover a Flirt?
♥hmmm i don't think so.

=Where did U and Your Lover First Meet?
♥ Here in my parents house.

= How Long Have u and Your Lover Been going out?
♥ We've been a year of bf/gf thing and then we got married. We are now on our 4 years.

=Do u and your Lover Parents Have a good relationship?
♥ Yes. Very much!

= Does your lover like night or day?
♥ Day maybe.

=Do your Lover like root beer or Sprite?
♥ Sprite.

=Do you and your Lover get along?
♥ Yah.

=Do you and your Lover Fight? If so Who Wins the fight?
♥ Sometimes. Me maybe? I really don't care if who wins.

=How often do u go to your Lovers house?
♥ Not so often.

=What does your lover call you?
♥ Honey.

=Is your Lover older or younger than you?
♥ Older than me.

=Does your Lover buy you gifts often?
♥ Not so often.

=Do you Hate your Lover AT TIMES?
♥ No. I never hate him.

=What is your LOVER fav. Sport?
♥ Racing.

=Do your lover tell you everything?
♥ I guess not all. I gave him his right of privacy.

I am tagging everyone on my list.

Networking Cables

Have you ever wondering where you can get a Cat6 for your networking needs? Then worry no more because you can get these at They have a wide variety of cables for your needs. Their price is so affordable so I am suggesting this site to you. You can check them out and I hope you could find what you are looking for in their site.

Happy Shopping!

PhotoHunt: Long

This is so funny! My brother's camera has this feature of making a photo warp.

How I wish our smile will be as long as the smile in this photo.


It will be so obvious that we are happy if this will be our smile. ahhahaha!

Teenagers Nowadays

I am so sad that a lot of teenagers are so hooked to drugs. They are ruining their future with it. Well I cannot blame them if the reason of doing it is because their families are broken. I just hope that my family won't be like that. i love my family so much. And I won't do anything to ruin it. These drug addict should act fast now before it is too late for them. They need to be enrolled to a good drug rehab like Sunset Malibu. They will take good care of your family member who is into drugs. So why not enroll them now, you'll not only save them but also their future.

December Spotlight

Now I can share this. I’ve been keeping this as a secret only hubby and sister-in-law knows. I’ve been told not to tell anyone by Pia so I didn’t shared this to you guys. I was chosen as the December Spotlight on Scrapbytes. And I am so thankful to Pia for choosing me. Thank you so much Scrappinmoms for this opportunity.

Here are my 4 LO’s submitted to them. These are all paper scrapbooks.

About ME

My Wish List

The Magic between Sisters

Jump for Joy

Read more of my spotlight on the December Scrapbytes.
Thanks for looking! And thanks to all those who commented to me on Scrapbytes.

Make Over

I love magazines more than books. I love the glossy pages and the photos that is in it. When I was still in college I am collecting fashion magazines like seventeen, candy and cosmopolitan. I was waiting for the issues every month. And I am saving my money for it. I am so addicted to magazines before. Even my boyfriend, now my husband, is always asking me why I am buying a lot of magazines. And I tell him I don't know. hahahahahaha!

I specially love those beautiful models I see on the mag. I often wonder if their face is really flawless and their body are natural. Because nowadays plastic surgery is already not new. I saw an article about tummy tuck and the model has a good surgery of her tummy. I wish I can also do that. hahahah! I also saw that a woman is trying to find sites that is offering surgeries. I found this site about california tummy tuck and I wanna suggest it to her. And also the Beverly hills cosmetic surgeon. I know they are good because a lot of clients are coming back for them. And there are a lot of good reviews about the site. I wish I can find that woman so that I can suggest to her this great site about surgeries.

Well, back to the magazine, I love seeing sections where there are makeovers. Beauty makeover or a room makeover. I love how the transformation takes place. And I am wishing I can also have a make over. Right now I sometime buy the mommy magazines like good housekeeping and smart parenting, though I have no child right now I still buy those mag sometimes. I also love Working Mom magazine because of the scrapbook section there. And I also see some mommy makeover which busy moms are the target. I am so happy that a lot of magazines are noticing busy moms who can't even grab a lipstick to put on their lips.

I am talking about mags now and all I think of right now is I wanna grab some mag and read. Better start moving. Bye for now!

PhotoHunt: Red

This is my nephew wearing a RED Elmo. That shirt is his favorite. I always saw him wear that shirt. Well I guess it is telling me that I need to buy him a new RED shirt this Christmas huh?

Call Center Consulting from an Industry Leader

There's no reason to be wasting precious labor hours when you're not that busy. I know you want to take care of your customers, but you also need to protect your bottom line. F. Curtis Barry has been working in Call Center Consulting for over 20 years, and specializes in direct-to-customer sales. They understand what you need to do to make sure that your phones are manned when you really need them to be.
They not only work for you, but with you, finding out what's important to you, then collaborating with you to come up with a plan of action. I thought they were a leader in order management systems, but it turns out that F. Curtis Barry & Company offer a range of services for a wide range of companies including warehouse consulting. I think you'll be surprised by what they can do for you and your company. I know I was.

Q & A

1. Who has your heart? Hubby has my heart. And that’ll be forever.
2. How did you wake up this morning? Hubby woke me up because it is already 8:30am!!!!
3 . Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset? I love the sunset. It is too early to see the sunrise. heheheh!
4. Are you wearing any non-clothing? Yes. My flip fops.
5. What did you do last night? I watched the TV and slept.
6. Who was the last person you kissed? My husband. I said goodbye to him this morning.
7. Would you kiss that person, again? Over and over again.
8. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Yes. After breakfast.
9. What did you drink today? Water only.
10 . Do you like honey? Yah. I love honey. I like it on my bread.
11. What’s the last thing you broke? None. I can’t remember I broke something.
12. Do you know the date? November 30th.
13. Where’s the last place you went shopping? Booksale. For my magazines yesterday.
14 . Did you sing at all today? Yes. But I forgot the song already. hahaha!
16. How many letters are there in your last name? 10. Long noh?
17. When did you go swimming LAST? Last summer I think.
18 . Do you love anyone other than family? Yep. My friends.
19. What book did you read last? hmmmm.. scrapbook related books. hehehehhe!
20. Is your shirt dirty? Nope.
21 . Do you live near your best friend? Yah but she is now in Manila.
21. Are you a Bon Jovi fan? Nope. But I like their song.
22. Are you scared of snakes? Super!

Platform Beds

Looking for some platform beds to put in you bedroom? You can check out Bed in a Box for a good selection. They have a very reasonable price for you. I was also looking for some bed platform because right now we sleep in a single bed. Imagine hubby and I are sleeping in a single size bed! My goodness think of every uncomfortable scenes! heheheh! I really need to change those single beds! Thanks to Bed in a Box site I am now eyeing a double or king size bed from their site!

December 1 Horoscope

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)


The Bottom Line

Do something that reminds you how capable and smart you are. Challenge yourself.

In Detail

Your recent achievement was wonderful, but it isn't as recent as you might think it is. You can't go on resting on these laurels for much longer. It's time to pick a new challenge and conquer it! Roll up your sleeves and pick out something that requires a lot of physical work. How is your diet doing? Maybe it's time to hit the gym a little bit more often, or a little bit harder. You need to do something that reminds you how capable and smart you are.

Selling or Buying a House?

Thinking of buying or selling your home? I know it is tough but I know you need the money. If ever I will be on a tough situation I will also sell our house. So if you are on a situation like these you can always check out a real estate site like They can help you with your problem and a lot of people trust them so go and check them out OK?

Freebie for you!

Here is a new freebie again from ksharonk designs. Grab it now and use it on your favorite photo!

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Scary Place

It is so scary nowadays to walk on a dark street. I am so scared specially if there is someone following me. What I do is either I speed up or I slow down to let that person pass me. I have this experience wherein There is this man asking me what is my name and he is drunk. My heart beats faster because I am the only one in that street. I hate people like that. Although he did nothing to me but I can expect the worst right? What if he did hold my hands and forced me to do something I don't want to do and I can't even call for help? That is so scary right? And also a lot of bad news coming from the TV that a lot of teenagers are already hook in drugs. Our place has a rumor of having teenagers doing drugs so this place got scarier and scarier for me. The local officials should act now and let those teenagers go to a drug treatment center. It will help them change and move on with their lives. It is not yet too late for them, they are still young. And with treatments that has a good programs I am sure that these teenagers will see light again at the end of the tunnel.

Whats up on me?

Well nothing fancy about me this days, I guess. I’ve been busy doing some Christmas decorations in our house and last night I cooked our own food which is new to me again since I have Mama Chon who is my moms maid when we are still young. Yes I call her Mama because she was like a Mama to us when we are still young.

Last night I cooked rice only because before leaving, Mama Chon cooked us Sinigang na Baboy. It was so delicious! I also do the dishes and cleaned the table. And after eating honey and I watched TV and then went to sleep.

This morning I wake up at 8:00 am. Prepare some breakfast for honey and I, do the dishes and left for work. Work? Do I have a work? Yes! I am doing work here at my moms house. Earning while blogging. heheheheh! This is work for me. That’s why I leave our house everyday to work. My moms house is what I consider as my office. ahahhahaha! Am I weird? Well to a SAHW who doesn’t have a “real” job surfing the net and earning while blogging is work for me. At least I can contribute to honey some money. I am happy doing this so who can blame me?

I have a lot of things to do right now. Lots of OPPs to do and emails to read. So bye for now! Expect a lot of posts today. hihihihi!

In search of Memory Card?

My brother is having a problem with his computer. He said it kept on hanging up and then it shuts down on its own. He is already pissed off with it so he is now in search of a good IBM memory because my brother who is a computer engineer said that it is his memory that needs an upgrade. So I am suggesting to him this site called They have a wide variety of memories that my brother need. So if you are in need of memory you can check out Memory Store first.