New Laptop For Sis

The laptop that my sister is using is acting up already. It won't boot up when it is unplugged. I tried using it the other day and it just made me cranky. Oh well she should replace it with a new one or get the mini portables that we saw at the mall. Better to use a good and pricey one than the not so good in quality. Thank God my laptop is still in good condition (knock on wood).

No Gift

We had a buffet lunch to celebrate Father's Day last Sunday. I was looking for some unique fathers day gifts but I ran out of time. So I gave nothing for dad. I will just make up for him this week. Will still try to look for a unique gift and give it as a late gift. Better late than never as they said. haha! What a very good daughter I am! But visiting the site I linked above gave me an idea on what to give to my dad. Will browse the site more. Latah!

Aching Body

Before I say good night to all of you and hit the sack, I will just finish my rv emergency roadside assistance hunt so I can forward whatever I find to my cousin who is in need of this matter. I am tired already. My back is aching now. I need to lay my body to bed so I have the energy for tomorrow. my two lovies are sleeping already and I wanna join them now. So tah tah and good night for now.

Friend’s Graduation

I saw my dear friend's graduation picture awhile ago over at her FB page. And it is so nice to see her wearing her toga. She is blooming and looking great now. She was my classmate before but she stopped and she was determined to finish college. Now she’ll reach her dream in no time.

I am so proud of her. She finally made it! Now I am off to get two curtis and co watches, one for me and one for my dear friend. She deserve this wonderful gift. Congrats my dear! Mwuah!

Weekend Lunch


We always have a good family lunch during weekends prepared by my mom. We always visit them for some bonding and catch up time. Mom prepares lots and lots of food during these times. We are all present at my parents house. It is so nice to have time for family. I love my family so much!

The photo above is the sample of what menu my mom prepares every Saturday lunch. Yummy isn’t it? And lots of variety too!