A Day Off

I took a day off from using my PC yesterday. Hubby and I just stayed at home and watched TV. It was nice to be with my husband and just be lazy yesterday. We also played cards and hubby is the lucky one so that only means that I am always the loser. hahaha! We also got to talk about our plans in 2009. We will be saving up for our baby and will continue renovating the house. I am thinking of getting some furniture, a pop up tv, and a new curtains. I hope this plans will come true and I hope the baby planning will succeed and We are praying to have a healthy baby next year. =)

Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Ok mom is still doing some healthy cooking right now. We will be having our family reunion later this evening. I am too excited. I will see my dear cousins once again. There will be lots of eating and partying later. I am also excited for the exchange gift! hihihi! I wonder who got my name. I already have my gift to my manita and I am sure she'll like it!

Ok I still need to decorate our garage because it will be our venue for the party. Later guys!

Bed Talk

I wanna get a sleep number bed just like the ones I saw online. I wanna replace our very small bed. So that we will have a new bed next year. Will let hubby see the site i saw. let me just look for that on my bookmarked sites. I am not comfortable anymore with our bed and I guess hubby is not comfortable also. He is not telling me but I can see it while he was sleeping. He constantly changes position and when he wakes up the next day he has headache. I should replace our bed fast!

Tag Train 10

Riding along the train this week:

1. What is your worst habit? Procastination
2. What is your best physical feature? Dimples
3. What is your most overused phrase? Korek!
4. What is your favorite salad dressing? Caesar’s
5. What is your favorite scent or perfume? Victoria's Secret
6. Who makes you laugh the most? Hubby cracking corny jokes.
7. Never under any circumstance would I…..? eat cockroaches! eeeewwww!!!
8. Have you ever run away from home? No.
9. Can you whistle? Yes. And hubby can't.
10. What is the last song you’ve sung? My Only Wish This Year by Britney Spears.

Christmas Temptation

My throat hurts. I've been eating a lot of sweets. huhuuhu! I better stop eating sweets and drinking cold water. This will also make me fat! There is Leptovox but I still need to control myself. Specially now that parties are so tempting to eat a lot. Control! Control! Control yourself diane! hihihiih! I'll just enjoy the Holidays and watch my diet.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Two Tiny Feet

Two tiny feet
That wave in the air
Two tiny hands
That tug at your hair
Cute bottom for patting
Adorable face
A bundle of joy
To love and embrace
Author unknown

Gift Shopping

Holidays are coming already! I am busy shopping for gifts and making some personalized gifts for dad and my mother in law. How's your Christmas shopping? Mine is a bit cramming. I am always like that. It is difficult to shop with a lot of people. I am happy shopping anyways.

My friends are already done with their gift shopping and they are in gift wrapping stage already. Some of my friends are on vacation and they emailed me that they will be staying to one of the grandest hotel in las vegas. I envy them now. huhuhu!

Ok enough blabbing I need to wrap some of the gifts I shopped the other day.


How am I doing?

I got sick yesterday. Maybe it is stress for working non stop. I badly need rest so I went home early yesterday and sleep early too! I slept with PJ's, a jacket as if I am in the US hihiih! and with a blanket. I was really cold. Thank God when I woke up this morning I feel ok or else I won't be able to update you guys here. hihihi!

Ok I will eat my dinner now and will continue reading more about golf equipment to the site that my friend suggested. I am thinking of buying my fave uncle a golf club this Christmas.


Shopping Money

I am broke right now. I badly need money for gift shopping this Christmas. Yes I haven't done my Christmas shopping. Blame it on those people who doesn't pay for what has been worked for. Sigh! I don't want to ask hubby for my shopping money. I want to buy gifts with my own money. I guess I need to scout for a small business opportunity right now. So that I can have money until next year. I need money already! waaaahhh!! Can anyone help me?

This is Cute!

I bought this at Etsy.com. What a cutie pie right? I instantly fell in love with this the first time I saw it. And it is pink! perfect for my little niece Nadine. I saw her wear this already but it is still too large for her. She needs to wear it when she is 2 months old I think.


I am thinking of getting my life insurance quotes right now. I just need it I guess. I am telling my husband about it but he said it is not yet time. But my conscience is bugging me. Do I really need to get one? I've been thinking about this since last week. But if hubby is not yet ready then I will just wait for the right time.. And we need to save up for our baby next year. I need to save up for that. been wanting to have a baby and I won't replace that plan for anything. I need to keep our goals first and one of that is having a baby. I can't wait to be pregnant again.

Busy Girl

I am so busy right now. I have a lot of things to do. We went on an out of town vacation with hubby. It is our 5th Anniversary last November 29th. We went to Rizal Beach in Sorsogon. It was a very fun day. We are with 2 friends. I am happy that they were there to celebrate with us. Thanks Melissa and Jeff! I owe you both!

Ok I need to finish my work first. I'll be back!