Hello December!

Christmas songs are now playing at the local radio stations. Hello December! Merry Christmas everyone! I so love listening to Christmas songs. I feel so calm and relaxed just by listening to it. I wish it will be Christmas all year long. But it can be Christmas everyday right? With your love ones and friends by your side it will. Now I am off to buy some gifts for the Holidays. A good studio 4 at musicians friend will be the perfect gift this Christmas to those music inclined friends and love ones. Happy shopping everyone!

Trimming the Tree


My dear daughter is helping me set up the tree the other day. She was so happy about it. She was enjoying herself hanging those snowflakes ornaments to the tree. She kept on saying WOW every time she sees the tree with decorations in it. She still can’t say Christmas tree instead she say “Quisinin”! She is so cute!