I was blog hopping when I saw my Tea Party LO over at Dani Mogstad Girl Talk Blog. I was very happy that Shannon G spotted my LO to use for inspiration on their blog.

I am so happy today.

Thanks Girl Talk!

SIL's Pregnancy

Sister in Law is already pregnant. We are so happy with her pregnancy. It's been 3 years since they got married and it is only now that she got pregnant. We we're giving her advice not to ride the motorcycle again which my brother owns because it will be not good for the baby. And I am asking her not to think of losing her weight because a baby is growing inside her tummy and to lose weight is a no no. It is normal for a pregnant woman to gain weight. It is her first time so we are giving her lots and lots of advice on her pregnancy.

Favorite LO of mine

I forgot to post this favorite LO of mine here.

This is my entry to Bookoto.com’s Get Digi With Us contest. But sad to say I didn’t win the contest. :( It’s ok. My friend Teys won and Kaje also won in the raffle. Congratulations to both of you!!!

Tea Party

Our Nanny’s daughters and the little girl in our neighbor played tea party during my nephews 2nd birthday party. I enjoyed watching and taking photos of them. They are so cute! And it matches the Kit.

A Very Merry Unbirthday Kit by Manda Bean and Dani Mogstad at Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Staple from Brighter Days Ahead by Lauren Grier and Micheline Martin at Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Font: Tweed
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Walk In Tubs

I love that photo above. It is so cool to have that walk in tubs. I wish we had one. I will surele be happy if hubby will allow me to remodel our bathroom and place this one instead of an ordinary shower. I want want want this one! I am so excited! LOL! Imagine soaking in that tub for hours and when you get out of the bathroom you'll feel more relaxed, clean and refreshed. Ohhhh I wanna experience that one! I will list this one on my wish lists. hihiihih!

My New Wallet

This is new to me but the wallet itself is not new because mom bought this in ukay ukay. And guess how much mom bought this???? THIRTY PESOS ONLY! Gosh where can I buy a good quality wallet for only P30? I love mom so much! And oh! I love love love the girl in front. This wallet makes me girly. And this has lots of pockets to store my cards and other important receipts. I love it!

Latest LO

This is my latest scrapbook LO.

I had fun creating this one. I love the colors and it is so easy creating this because of the template I bought from Janet Phillips. I love love love templates! You can check out my gallery for the credits. Oh btw, if you have new LO's too kindle show it to me so that I will be inspired to make another one today. I need to scrap a lot of photos today.

I still need to check out argent gratuit, argent facile sur le net, and devenir riche because it is an assignment to me. Bye for now!

Mattress Topper

I cleaned our bedroom last Thursday and I was thinking of buying a new mattress topper. I never bought one but I think it is nice if we have that. It will feel much cozier right? I really like the photo above. I wish our bedroom will be as clean as the photo above. hihihiih! I am such a lazy cleaner that is why our bedroom is such a mess.

A Day in a Life

Thanks for the tag Alpha!

What time do you usually wake up?
8-9 am.

What’s the first thing you do?
Make Bed.


Do you go to work/school?

Do you like it?

If you stay at home, what do you do all day?
Surf the Net. hahahahha!

When’s lunch and what you eatin’?
Between 11:30 to 12nn. We had Sinigang na Baka and Fried Fish. Yum!

What time do you get home from work/school?
I go home at 7-8pm. My PC is at my parents house so I consider being here, a work. hihihiih!

What do you do?
Internet work.

Dinner: When and what?
7-8pm. I still don’t know what’s for dinner.

What do you do to unwind?
Go shopping or window shopping! hihihi!

What’s your favorite part of the day?
All Day!

Who’s your favorite person to interact with?
My family, Jun and my twitter friends.

When’s bedtime?
Between 9:30-11pm.

Who’s bedtime with?
My Husband Jun.

Brown Out! grrrr!!!

We experienced a 5 hour brown out. That is why i haven't updated this blog today. It is so annoying to have brownout. I got nothing to do but read magazines. Thank God for scrapbook magazines that I always tag along. Whew! I have a lot of emails to read, blog updates and CT LO's to do. Waaaahhhh!!! I also need to canvass a good fiber cable for husband.

Got to go guys! Later!

Savings Account

Mom want to get another savings accounts right now. She asked me to open an account too. But I don't like her ban. I am thinking of opening my own savings account on the bank I trust. I will open an account soon and I still want to research more on what bank is good to have a savings account. I need to open an account so that I won't pay $5 for every withrawal on my paypal account. I will ask my friends who has a bank account and if their bank are good also.

Happy Childhood

I was raised by my parents with a happy family and a close relatives. All of my cousins on my father side are close. We play games like there is no tomorrow. I remember playing a community. My brother was the driver of a jeep, my girl cousins are working on a parlor and some are at the bank. And me? I own a store. I sell a lot of thing which is only leaves and flowers. The candy wrappers are serves as our money. I am so happy to remember all those things. I had a happy childhood.

Trip to Manila Photos

Here are some of the Photos from my trip to Manila.

Atimonan Rest Area

Me and Hubby. Sweet!!! ;)

Great View


Will post more later.

Savings Account

I always want to have a lot of money when I grow up. And saving is not my thing! I am such a spender! I love shopping a lot and who can blame me? I want to have what I see inside the mall. hihiihi! I have a Savings Accounts right now and it has no more money in it! hahahahha! Again I spend it today! i need money for the grocery and hubby only gave me 500 pesos! What can I buy with a 500 pesos? I bought things needed in our kitchen and the bill is already One thousand pesos! Gosh! What is happening in our economy! All of the groceries have a high price compared to last year!

I just hope that the government will take this thing seriously. More and more Filipinos are suffering! We are poor already! waaahhhh!!! I am poor already! hahahahha!

Hubby always tells me to save! save! and save! but I never follow him. hahahhaha! I know that a lot of mommy's out there are also like me so I am not alone. hihihiihi! I need to change my attitude from now on. I know that it is for our own good to save for the future. I will thank myself if i will start saving from now on. I am crossing my fingers now about this saving thing!

Mommy Yen's Contest

I joined in this contest. You should join too!


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I am crossing my fingers so that I can win. hahahha!

Thanks Mommy Yen for this contest!

IT Support

Are you a business minded person? Then you need to check this site about IT Consulting. It is necessary for you to read on what the site offers because it is important to your business too! The Boston IT Outsourcing is the best one online in terms of IT services and IT supports. You should check them out now!

Someday I will also need to go to this site. I am planning to have a business too. I want to earn my own money and not rely too much on what my husband earns. I am planning to have a store on what I enjoy a lot. Scrapbooking. It is what makes me happy so I will go with the selling. I dream of having a store near schools so that I can have a lot of customers. And put up a group of scrappers here in Bicol Region. I wish this dream of mine will soon come true. I just need to save more for my capital. And this IT support will need most when I will set up my online store someday. I am a computer science graduate but I still need to consult other experts about things I need to do.

Wish me Luck!

HDMI Switches

Are you looking for a HDMI switches? Then head now to Firefold.com and get your HDMI switches now. I better get those switches so that I can use my HDMI cables in watching DVDs. My husband will be more of a happy viewer if I will get this switch to match our HDMI cables. This will be on my wish list now.

Skin Whitening

They said I have a fair skin but I don't see it. I still love to have white skin that is why I use different skin whitening creams. I always love those models with fair skin. I wanted to have a fair skin too. Having a fair skin is so important to women. I think all of my friends use creams to get fair skin. It is so common these days.


The colorful toy of my nephew. I love the colors in this toy. So bright and playful!

That Girl

I went to the mall today with my friend Eden. We went shopping and watched "My BIG Love" which starred Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga. After the movie I looked for a dress to wear at the wedding of my cousin on April 5th. Our local Mall has a lot of beautiful dresses because it is graduation time. I was having a hard time picking the best dress for me. I got 5 dresses to fit in the fitting room but I liked the Pink dress more. So I got that one. I also got a headband to match with the dress. Eden also purchased a new dress and a headband for her daughter. This day is so much FUN! I love getting in touch with friends and spending time with them.

As I was looking for the perfect dress for me I saw one girl that has a familiar face. I didn't bother to approach her because I was not really sure if I knew her. And then I remember that when I go home today I will just go to Spock.com - A Great Place for Search where in I can search for other people and long lost friends. Who knows that girl might be my long lost friend.

I will go home already because hubby is already waiting for me at home. Bye!

Oh btw, i will go to Manila tomorrow. I will be absent again. I will miss blogging. hehehehhe!