My Afternoon Snack

I am having Lucky Me Pancit Pares right now. Yaya cooked and brought it to our bedroom as I am still working. Thank you Ate! I will surely miss having her as she will go on a 2 week vacation starting tomorrow. I am lucky to have her. I can’t wait till she gets back in August!

Musician Friend’s birthday

A friend will celebrate his 30th birthday next month and I was invited to his party. But I am so clueless on what to give him. Maybe that affordable gibson les paul classic at musicians friend would be perfect! I will canvass on how much is that and start saving up. He is into music anyways. He is in a band who performs in Manila. I am so excited to see him perform on his birthday. I bet he will. And maybe a few request of my favorite songs will be granted. I wish!

Eggs and Hotdogs


My kids love this over breakfast. But they are full so I ended up eating this. And I ate my breakfast already! Talk about being the leftover ( and sometime not leftover) eater! LOL! Maybe it is best to ask them first if they want to have breakfast or not.

What’s for Lunch

I have been planning on the weekly menu for my family. I’ve been struggling on what to cook for lunch and dinner. I have no problem on the snack and breakfast as I have that covered. I searched the web and found some yummy dishes but it’s so hard for me to follow the recipe as some of the ingredients are hard to find. So if you have some recipes that are easy to cook with easy to find ingredients please do share to me ok?

I am just gonna search for a nice vinyl banners printing site for a friend and off I cook lunch. Bye for now!

Rainy Sunday

It’s a cold morning for us here. Perfect bed weather but I need to get up to work. Yes it’s weekend and I need to work. I have a lot of unfinished projects and blogging to do today. As much as I want to slack today I simply can’t. Will make it up for the kids and the husband next weekend.