Business Administration Degree

I am still thinking whether to take up another course just like what my friend did. I got so convinced when I talked to her last time over at YM. She told me that online universities does a lot just like studying in an ordinary school in your studies. Was thinking whether I take up a business administration degree just like my friends course or another course which I am interested. She will be graduating this year and I am so happy for her. She is really a great student. And soon she will have her own business. A successful one it is!

My friend suggested to me this link for studying online. She heard a lot of good reviews about the site so she suggested it to me. Will take a look at this site and then well see.

Big EB on Friday!

I am so excited for Friday and Saturday! It will be another big EB for us bebots. I will be able to see again my dear friends online. In preparation to that I am going to the Parlor tomorrow to beautify myself. And maybe go to my derma for a facial treatment. I don't want to look ugly come our meet up. Plus I have a big zit today on my cheeks so a zit cream is needed. I have to get it from my derma tomorrow. I really can't wait for this EB!

Back and Joint Pains

I am here at my parents house as hubby is on a tour. When we move into our house all of my things were transferred and our room was occupied by my brother's family. So right now I share room with my sister. And I sleep on the floor. Poor me! Every time I sleep here I suffer on back and joint pains. I should get a back and joint pain relief soon. This would result to something serious in the long run. I should take good care of my health as I am not getting any younger.

Diet Pills for Men

I am on the lookout for some diet pills for men. My cousin needs one right now. He wants to look good for their homecoming on December. I didn't know that men are also vain specially my cousin. Well they have the right to do those things but not more vain than women ok. You might get a different impression. =)

Acne Vitamin

I was so lucky I never took acne vitamin in my entire life. I never experienced acne on my face and had a clean face compared to those who got acne all over their faces. To think I never use anything on my face. I just clean my face with water and that's it. I am so lazy putting creams on my face even when I was younger. I just hope that this won't do anything when I get old.

Quick Tip

Do you have a quick and easy weight loss tip for me. I am gaining weight again. I was losing weight a few weeks ago and now I gained again. Blame it to the too many parties we attended this week. Ugh! I just can't help it when I am seeing a lot of foods on the table. Ugh! Discipline is really not me!

Throw Pillows

I bought new throw pillow cases last Sunday at SM. I got the green color as I want it to coordinate with our wall color. I wanted to get the ones with beautiful design but it is over my budget so I got the cheap one. It's cheap but the design is nice. I wish I can find a design like in the photo above. Will continue hunting for that.

Bed Covers

I just love love love this bed cover that I saw online. I feel like sleeping in that bed already. Someday when we are able to get a bigger bed I will surely get some nice bedsheets and put it in there. And put lots of pillows too. Yawn... I feel like sleeping already.

Investments are Important

Investments are super important to my parents. They purchased land and ventured into different businesses just to save up for our future. I salute my parents because they didn't stop until now. I so wanna be like them. They told me when we got to talk last time that they wanted to buy gold bullion but mom wasn't so sure about it and has no idea on how to buy one. Thank God there is internet now and with just a click of the mouse you will be directed to sites including which sells gold coins and bullion to those who are interested in investing those kinds of precious metals. This is why I super love the internet. I should tell mom about this site soon.

Iphone is LOVE

Ever since I laid my hands on my friends Iphone it got stucked in my head that I am going to buy one someday. A lot of my friends have it already and for sure when the time comes that I will have mine I will ask for their help on how will I use it. haha! i cannot wait for this to happen. Pardon all my wishful thinking.

The Tooth Fairy

Hubby and I watched this movie at SM Iloilo. We wanted to watch Avatar in 3D but the person in charge said their machine was broken so they have to stop showing Avatar first. That got me sad so we opted to watch The Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, and Julie Andrews. It was one great movie. I love the Rock and the story. It has lesson that we all need to learn. Watch it!

We Are Back!

I forgot to post here that we are back from our business trip/vacation. It was nice having a little getaway from the usual routine that we have and I am so happy witnessing the Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo and the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo. The place is really beautiful and amazing. The food is yummy and the people are so kind. I will go back there again for sure!

During our lazy days I just used my laptop and played Hotel Dash. And surf online and check on the Acer Aspire laptop that my cousin wants to buy. All we did there is eat and go to the mall. It was a great experience. I am excited to try visiting another place real soon.