Floor Tile

I wonder when will our house get a floor tile. I wanted to have a glass tile on our living room. But if our budget won't allow us to have something like that then I will still be happy with the outcome of the tiling of our floor. I hope it will happen soon. I have some first priorities right now and I think it can wait. I will just browse some designs at www.buytile.com and take note of the designs I wanted. Go to that site if you are in need of tiles for your home. They have large quantity of designs and they will assist you of your needs. Happy shopping!

Pregnant Friend

A dear friend is now pregnant. I am really happy for her. It is now her time to be a mother again after 7 years. When she told me that she is pregnant I feel like I was the one who has a good news! I was jumping up and down. My heart is full of joy. I was just filled with happiness when she told me her good news. Now I need to remind her to stop using her appetite suppressant it is bad for her health and for the baby. I hope she will take note of that.

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Nude :: Censored
2. Support :: Husband
3. Rachel :: Friend
4. Crane :: Builder
5. Candy bar :: Twix
6. Material :: Wood
7. Mind games :: Scrabble
8. Eviction :: PBB
9. Produce :: Sweat
10. Joke :: Corny

New Moon

This poster make me happy! I can't wait for November to come! I won't let this moment to pass. I love the Twilight Movie and I am excited with the New Moon movie. I think this is one great movie just like the first part.

Are you excited too?

Finish College at Capella University

A lot of people finished their college courses without liking them that much. I have a lot of friends who switched their course to follow what they really like. They made a good decision in doing that. And I have a suggestion to those who finished their college degree with not-oh-so-likable courses. Get those degree programs at Capella Online University. Capella is an accredited online school and offers a lot great courses for you. I am sure you'll learn a lot with them. So go and enroll now and finish college again with them! Good Luck!

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Ok, whats for dinner?

We had fish with sauce and mixed vegetables. I only ate the fish as I am not a vegetable lover. I should eat more vegetables right? I need to push myself to eat some healthy foods. So that when I grow old I will still be healthy.

Ok that makes me feel good. Talking about eating and living healthy.

Internet at home.

Guess what? we already have internet at home! yeeha!!!!

But the problem is I still don't have computer at home. My PC is still at my parents house. I am thinking of buying a laptop for me to use whenever I am here at my parents house. I will bring this desktop at home.

It feels good that we already have an internet to use at home. I just need to fix things so that I will be home based worker. This makes me excited!


Last week I bought a kitchen utensils toy for the daughter of my nanny. I love the colors of it. Pink and Violet. I am happy that she liked our gift to her. I love playing that kind of toy when I was a child. So I joined them and played too. It feels good to bring back the memories you had playing with that toy. It makes me happy. It made me smile for that day. I love playing girls stuff when i was a child. I was never a tomboy. I thank mom for letting me play girls stuff not my brother's toys. hihihihi!


I just love this photo of me and my cousins. We are happy here. We forgot for a little while that we are mourning for our uncle who died of heart attack. It was a nice moment for all of us. We just giggled together and pose our silly self in front of the camera. I miss times like these.

Vacation Baby!

All I want today is an all inclusive vacation with my husband. I wanted to go on a summer vacation. But I don't think we can go right now. Hubby is so busy at work and I have a lot of things to finish. It makes me sad just by thinking that we won't be able to go on a vacation.

I wanted to go out of the Philippine territory. Maybe somewhere in the beaches on the Mexican Riviera Maya is a nice spot. I heard a lot of good reviews on that site. So I put them on my lists to visit. They have a great place to have a vacation. They got beautiful hotels to stay in. I visited their site and I was in awe to see the beautiful photos there. I wanted to go there! I wisll tell this to my husband and I hope he will agree with me on this plan.

Wish me luck!


.. you don't see me here often you can find me on my other blogs. I can't update all of my 5 blogs at the same time. I only have two hands. So forgive me if I don't update this blog more often. So if you are missing me already you can find me here, here and here. Those are my other blogs. I mostly update them.

I will see you all there okay? Visit me there!

I miss

... blogging on this site. This is my very first blog and I am so happy I am still blogging here! i think I started this blog in 2004. Imagine that I am blogging here for 5 years already! Isn't that awesome? I got excited just by thinking its been 5 years since I started this blog. Well, blogging is a part of me already. this is my outlet, my diary and my stress release. I can do whatever I want on this blog and say what I want. I am so thankful they invented blogs.

Gained a Little

We had a small get together today here in our house. Mom asked her office mates to come to our house to help us clean it. And they gladly went here to help. Mom cooked a very yummy lunch today. Now I worry again on my weight because I am sure I gained a little again. Need to hunt for the best diet pills now. Sigh! When will I ever learn?

Ok I am off to prepare dinner first. I am hungry again. Later!

My Recent LO - Self Portraits

Here’s my latest digital layout. I am so happy with this page. I used Tiffany Tillman’s Scrappable Single Template #31 which is available at Little Dreamer Designs. I also used Enjoy the Moment kit by Sahlin Studio available at Scrapmatters.com. I love sahlin’s Kit. Totally my style! And the best part of it is that she invited me to become a part of her CT! I am so happy with her offer. And oh did I tell you I am also on Tiffany Tillman’s CT? yup she also invited me to her CT! It is my dream to become a CT of these two designers. Thanks a lot beauties!

Belated Happy Mother's day!

Ok I know I am late. I just forgot to post my greetings here last May 10. Churi! I had so many things in mind. Lots of tasks to do this week. and finishing some projects. I am so pressured this week. I better check on some online auctions to calm me down. This girl needs to shop!

Top Rated Diet Pills

I was searching on the internet for the top rated diet pills. But I haven't find the one on the top! Until this morning when I chanced upon this site. The reason I am looking for the best one is because I was asked by a friend to research on it. She was determined to lose weight by exercising but it never worked for her. I wanted to help her. She's a dear friend and I want her to be happy. So to you my friend, I found it and best of luck!