Our 3rd Anniversary

Honey woke up at 8am and I was still sleepy so I went back to bed. He kissed me goobye for work and I was like "yes go ahead" and then back to sleep. What???? What was I thinking? I didn’t even remembered that it was our 3rd anniversary!!!

I woke up at around 9:30 am and had my breakfast. And then Huey woke up too. I grabbed my phone and saw in the calendar that it was November 29th. OMG!!! I hurriedly txted him my greetings. And then no reply. Naku baka nagalit na!

When he got home I asked him if he remembered our anniversary by the time he kissed me goodbye for work and he said nope… He said he remembered it while driving to work and so he texted me his greetings also. But I didn’t received it. All along I thought I was the only one who forgot our special day. Whew!

I prepared a dinner for us. I asked my sister-in-law if she can buy us a cake since she was heading to the mall. And I told her to tell the cake vendor to put "Happy Anniversary" to the cake. Honey and I went to the pizza parlor to buy some pizza also. We also ordered Pansit there.

Our celebration was simple but full of fun!

I am so thankful that we reached 3 years together.

Im on a CT!!!

yey! I got accepted as CREATIVE TEAM!!!!

I applied to Amanda Roberts of www.scrapcloud.net and I got in!!!
Here's the email of Amanda to me, accepting my application.

Thanks so much for being interested! I would love to have you join in!! I'm
working on setting up a yahoo group for us so you'll be getting an email
soon. Your gallery is great!! I can't wait to see how you use my products.
I'll send all the info to you as soon as I can. Thanks Again!!!

I also applied to www.digiscrapcentral.com and they also accepted me...
The email of Ronda...

We would love to have your join our CT at DSC.... if you aren't already registered please register and email me your username... if you are already registered please just let me know your username and I'll get you all set up


And just now I applied to Bren Shevia of www.scrapoutsidethebox.com

Hello Diane!! I'd love to have you join my CT!! I've included a link of the terms for being on the CT. Let me know if you're still interested after you've looked at it. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!!


I am so happy right now...

My "2 challenge" entry

2 Big Eyes lo for the "2 challenge" of scrapbukan at www.scrappinmoms.net. Thanks for viewing this! And wish me luck!

Digital Blog

This is my Digital Scrapbooking blog Digitally Done
Drop by kayo ha?! Thanks!


Sobra yung damage nung bagyo dito sa amin last september 27... Ngayon lang ako nakapag post nito kasi ngayon lang kami nagka kuryente... grabe talaga yung bagyong yun! here are the pics nung umaga after the bagyo (september 28). pagka gising ko ito pinicturan. tumba yung avocado tree namin and the bubong of our hugasan sa labas ay sira din... si greta (our golden retriever) naka labas ng kulungan nya.... wawa namn kasi basang basa na sya... at nung umuwi muna si jun sa bahay nila to check his room kung binaha na yung tumbang poste ang tumambad sa kanya sa daan...

scrapbook materials

These pictures are gifts, bought and some pasalubong ni mommy galing kuwait... tsaka na ako magkkwento pag may ilaw na kami...(wwwaaaahhhhh!!! la pa kami ilaw hanggang ngayon!) I am soooo excited to use these new things of mine... i am soooo happy!

Mom's pasalubong for me... (left) box, small bottles (these is from ate shiela... galing sa hospital ito... ninakaw! joke! hihihi! nilagyan ko ng mga embellishments), a can (halos lahat lalagyan. hahahah), staedler coloring pens, glue stick (which is not acid free! hahahha!), and garbage bags for my dumi (yung naka roll na pink). (right) acid free embellishments. made in china. wala sya tatak so i dont know ano itatawag ko dito na brand... =)

Gifts from my dearest friends... i love them sooo much!!! you know who you are... yung nasa mga plastic is DIE CUTS. the orange thingie is an alphabet foam stamp. ang ganda nito sobra!

Bought these in smile, memory lane, carolinas, and the sizzix simple impression (included in the sizzix machine, haven't taken a photo yet kaya yan na muna na nakuha ko sa net na picture) is from ria and the small tag set is from gigi...

8x8 Album made for my Sister-in-Law

Meeting with Cabbie, Nina and Jen

ill post pictures muna ngayon... kasi wala pa kami kuryente... naka generator lang so very limited yung oras. tsaka na ako magkkuwento...

Nina, Matt, My sister CHIN and Jen

Cabbie, Me and Jen

My dearest friend Cabbie and Me


We went to naga for the penafrancia festival last september 16. we planned 7 am for departure pero nagising kami mga 6:30 am na. so naka alis kami ng Camalig mga 9:30 am na. nakarating kami ng Naga City mga 10:15 am. Dumeretso na kami ng church. Sa Basilica na kami nagsimba kasi traffic na sa Centro which is andun yung Cathedral na andun din si "INA" (Our Lady of Penafrancia). After namin magsimba dumiretso na kami sa bahay ng Tita ko (kapatid ni mommy) kasi andun yung kainan. Sarap ng pagkain! Nabusog ako! After ng kainan nagchikka chikka muna kami ng mga pinsan at ibang relatives namin. Tapos mga 4pm umuwi na kami.

Basilica Church.

With Ate Fen.

Look at Huey... Very very serious huh!

My Boys... Si Huey inis na...

Ate Fen, Huey, Auntie Poy and son JV.


I so love this little maniquins and the designs of the dress at the mall. soooo C-U-T-E!!! very very colorful. I am so amazed how they do it. Hindi sya tahi ha? Gumamit lang sila ng madaming pins. Ang galing noh?

happy day

i woke up happy kanina. nung mag internet ako at na open ko yung YM ko, there are so many offline messages. two are my favorites. from jeff and cabbie.

jeff complimented on my latest lo and wow sobrang praises naman yun!!!! pero THANK YOU kasi tumaba na naman yung puso ko. salamat jeff and pia for everything! hope you like my token for both of you pagdating ni liza sa scrapfest.

cabbie complimented also our future house. and she said i will be able to decorate our house with my own creativity. and she said she's happy for me. awwww!!! thank you so much cabbie for the nice words. sobrang nakaka gaan ng loob at nakaka lagay ng ngiti sa face! luv you talaga! ingat! mwuah!

last is i met up with liza in gaisano mall for some chikka... kasama nya officemate nya. and wow it was fun! i gave liza laing and bicol express and some abaca slippers. and made some bilin to ria, pia and jeff. sorry dun sa iba kasi yun lang nakayanan ko. yaan nyo next time kayo naman bibigyan ko. wag na magtampo ha?