Some Fun Questions

1. Today I feel very— sleepy. I want some rest!

2. I enjoy — listening to Beyonce's music.

3. I am unhappy when — the husband is away. =(

4. I feel good when — I got payment! weee!! hahaha!

5. I wish my boss — will give me more moolah!

6. My office mates think — I'm a freak because they don't even exist in my world. hahaha! I don't work so I don't have office mates.

7. My work area is — half organized half messy. LOL!

8. I enjoy reading about — scrapbooking.

9. I like myself best when — I look good.

10. If I had a choice I would — travel abroad with hubby and stay for 2 weeks maybe.

11. I wish — I am pregnant now.

12. Tomorrow I would like to — go to the mall to shop! I need to! Stress is killing me!!!!!

Yummy Tag

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure yummy food? Chocolate. I love chocolates so much!

2. It is snack time. What do you reach for? Chips? Ice cream? Something healthy? Chips for sure!

3. What is your ideal breakfast? Bread and milk.

4. What are you craving right now? Tocilog. Sigh!

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What Kind of Friend Are You?

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Artscow Package

My Photobook and prints order from Artscow arrived yesterday.

My prints. The one is cylinder package is the 12×18 print.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Spread Cover

Inside Pages

Mom got it for me at the post office.

The photobook was a duplicate from the one I sent to my brother in Kuwait. I ordered it because the one I ordered for my brother haven’t arrived at my brother’s house. And then after two days of ordering this duplicate, it arrived. Oh well I will just send this photobook to my sister in law’s mother in Cotabato City.

I love the photobook so much. For such a cheap price, I got to print my digital LOs. I need to make another one as I have an expiring photobook code on January 29th. I am thinking of printing our Boracay Vacation.

Electronic Sale

Malling is what I enjoy doing every Sunday. I went to the mall yesterday and got some groceries and toiletries. There are a lot of electronic sale at the mall for the valentines. I was tempted to get one but thank God I don't have money on my wallet. Or else hubby will be in shock if I have one on my hands when I get home. hahahah! I want to buy TV for our living room. I will save up for that first. Our living room TV needs to rest for a while. Its bee a while that thing is with us.


I faced the mirror just now and I see a gaining weight woman. hihiih! Shocks I need to get the best diet pill in town. I better watch what I eat and stop eating french fries. I want to get back to the old me. After giving birth 5 years ago I never went back to my old weight. Sigh! I wish i can still wear my old blouses. I need to keep trying and stop those impulsive eating. Focus!

Things I Do

snagged from aggie.

1. things you have done this morning.
-- cleaned our house. did the laundry.
2. things you plan to do this weekend.
-- weekend is over. next weekend I plan to clean the house again. hihihi!
3. things you wish you had.
-- lots of moolah.
4. celebrity women you think are beautiful.
-- Julia Roberts
5. celebrity men you find attractive.
-- Patrick Dempsey
6. friends you regularly blog with.
-- can't think who.
7. ways you would spend $1 million.
-- house repair, buy a car, do some shopping spree (hihihi!), save on bank.

Christmas Experience

Our family reunion last December 27th went nice. Super happy and fun! A lot of gifts there and some have sports gifts there which is our gifts to my cousins. They loved it by the way. I received a purple sweater from my baby who got me on the exchange gift and I super love it. I needed this since I was riding a motorcycle often. Hubby got a new shirt. It was black and he liked it. Mom also gave him 3 sweat shirts. He's been looking for a new sweat shirt before. Thanks Mom!