Baby #2


We are so happy to share the news that we are expecting baby #2 already. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. I was so worried at first because of the gap between the baby and Cate. I am afraid that I might not be  able to give the attention to two kids. But with the help of friends and families I was able to accept the fact that this is it, I am having two kids now. And we wholeheartedly accept this wonderful blessing from God. Cate is now an Ate na! Kinda not yet used to calling my first born Ate but it sure does fits her. She is the perfect ate for her baby brother/sister. We cannot wait to finally meet you my little peanut. I hope I will have a healthy pregnancy and no complications. Please pray for me.

New Floors soon

I was thinking of having a laminated floors for our living room up to the kitchen. But I am having trouble finding a good shop who laminate floors. Maybe will just have to tile the floors now. Hubby will also agree with me. Just thinking about the expenses this will really take a big part on our budget. Or we will just cancel this until the baby arrive early next year. I cannot wait for our house to have a new floors. The kids will surely love playing in the living room soon.

Naughty Kid

My friends daughter is so naughty. The other day her mom told me that she played with her mom’s make up and scattered them all over the carpet. She is now learning games that are not appropriate to her age too. I am bothered. I hope my mommy friend will take action with her daughter’s actions. I hope her attitude is nothing serious. I am thinking of ADHD right now. Knock on wood I hope not!

Motorcycle Ride After Two years


After almost 2 years I finally was able to ride a motorcycle again. Well that was last month when I am not yet pregnant. Yes you read that right, I am pregnant again for baby # 2. Cate will be an Ate na. And now I will miss riding a motorcycle once again as I am banned from riding it again. Maybe after 2 years again. huhuhu!

This is my sisters Suzuki Hayate scooter. We borrowed it to go to the motocross event near our place. It was fun to go to a place where you haven’t been to. A new discovery is always an amazing experience.

My Simple Friend

A friend will be celebrating her birthday next week and I am cramming now on what to give her. I was planning to give her the gift basket special that I saw online. I think it will be a good gift for her. And good thing she is the type who is ok with everything. I am so happy that she is my friend. Not a very high standard lady. Pretty and simple too. See you soon my friend!