Sleepy Me

I went to bed last night without turning this laptop off. I woke up with my screen directed to Either I accidentally entered the site or hubby used my laptop while I was sleeping. I was really sleepy since I was tired from the trip to Naga City for the Penafrancia Festival. It was a very fun event and at the same time tiring one. Cate enjoyed her trip too! I hope to catch sleep later after I am done with this blogging thing. =)

Lingerie Babydolls

I was planning to buy some new lingerie the other day but hubby can't accompany me as he has some work to do that day. Plus I don't have someone to look over my baby that day too. So I am here looking at these gorgeous lingerie babydolls at How I wish I can wear something like that too. Uhm maybe in the next few years time. haha!