UGG Boots

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I like to wear a ugg boots but it is not suitable for the weather here in our place. Of course you cannot wear a UGG boots if the weather is so hot and sunny. People will look at you in a weird way. haha!

I like the stylish look of these boots. Shoes is not my thing but a good pair will be a good investment right? Sigh! When will I ever can wear this beautiful boots? In my dreams!

Be Secured

Sheesh! the peso dollar exchange rate right now is going up and down. I won’t withdraw my money from paypal first until it goes up at least for a bit. the economy today is not good. Specially when tourists are not coming in. Because of some major incidents happened to the country.

I might consider buying gold coin for our future use. I know that this form of investment is a good one as a friend of mine who took the plunge and invested in gold is now earning more than his salary. I wanted to have that earnings too. So I am considering this gold investment. Wish me luck!

No More Ideas

I am so tired already. I passed some work to my friend today as I cannot finish them on time. I was lazy the whole day and when my mojo to write visited me, it is time for bed already. I am sleepy right now. But I still want to write. Sigh! Will finish some work now and sleep already. I am out of ideas to write on this blog. =(

Comfy Living Room

Picture 25

Wow! This photo is so nice to look at!

I love the comfy feel of this living room. I would like our living room to be like this. With a comfortable sofa and those soft carpet. It will be a nice spot to take pictures in here. There is enough natural lighting and look at those chandeliers! wow! Sigh! This is my dream living room.

Time to Invest

I was telling my dear friend that she needs to start investing. With all the income she and her husband gets they have the capacity to invest now in gold coin and save it in a depository. That way their future will be secured and they will have money to get from in times of emergency. I told her to check out the US Gold Bureau as they have these precious metals. They are America’s best dealer of precious metals with the best prices in the market. I guess my friend is convinced as she said she will take a look at the site tomorrow.

Books for sale

I have a friend who decided to open up an online store and sell her used books. I got some of her chic lit books which I haven’t read. I got 3 books from her and is just waiting for her to send me them. I can’t wait! I am into reading these days. Maybe I am just too bored right now. With the pregnancy and all. Sigh! My friend said it is just gathering dust in her room so she decided to sell them. I am sure in the long run she will sell textbooks too. This will really help her with their financial problem.

Baby Gender

US girl 

We are so happy to know that we are having a baby girl!!!

We are so blessed!

Thank You God for this wonderful blessing!

Pretty Kitchen and Dining Photo


I so love the color combination of this photo. Not the usual matching colors but its beautiful to the eyes. Very nice lighting. Small kitchen and dining. So cute! This kitchen will be so nice to cook at. And I am wishing for that gas stove there. Pretty!


I always thank God for denver accident lawyer when my friend was involved in an accident a few years ago. Their family is now living safe in Denver, Colorado and they are now taking extra care in driving in the highway. Thanks for this post!

One Site For All

Have you ever wanted an all in one site for finding the best school and degree for your education goal? I’ve seen some sites which allows you to go research online degrees suitable for your needs. And one of them is CollegeDegreesToday. A website that helps you pick by degree level, degree program, online school, campus based school, or vocational program. They will also help you find the right  accredited school or university. So why look for another when all that you are looking for is at CollegeDegreesToday? Visit them now and choose the right path for you. Go and pick the best one for you!

Beautiful Small Kitchen


I am so loving that pink fridge!!!!

Look at this beautiful kitchen. Isn’t it lovely? I sighed when I saw this photo over at The space is limited but the owner didn’t limit herself/himself to design a very beautiful kitchen. If this were mine I will be surely stay in my kitchen whole day long! I will bake and cook to my hearts out! haha! And eat, and drink and check the groceries at that small pantry, and look inside the fridge.. Ahhhh!! Pure bliss!


listening: Classical Music for the baby.
eating: 2 bread (pandesal) with Chiz Whiz.
drinking: Birchtree Milk.
wearing: pajamas. =D
feeling: energized. I love working early in the morning where I have all the energy to blog and scrap.
weather: Sunny weather here!
wanting: to finish the book Love The One You're With.
needing: some rest. But nah! I have tons of work to do. Maybe tomorrow I can rest. I really hope so!
thinking: of what to write next.
enjoying: working at home.
wondering: when will the electricity comes back. ???

Go To The Parlor

Today I remembered I need to go to the parlor for the preparation for the baptism and first birthday party that I have to attend on Saturday. My nails looks ugly already! With all the chipping old nail polish on my toes! Ewwww!!! It’s been weeks since I went to the parlor for my manicure and pedicure session. How I wish we have a decent parlor near our place. Hmmm… this makes me think to put up a parlor in our town. Why not right? Maybe this business will be my calling. But of course I cannot just put up a parlor without a knowledge in the business. I heard about this beauty school in Wichita and I am really wishing to study there! Well we will see if this will push through. My fingers are crossed!


Yes I am early. Not a usual thing for me to do right? I usually sleep at 10pm and wake up at 8am. Today I woke up at 5:30am. I slept late last night because of work and still I woke up early because i need to finish a lot of things today. I really do hope that I can accomplish everything on my schedule. I don’t want to have a bad impression on my “bosses”.

Wish me luck today guys!

Natural Light


I super love a living room like this. Natural light coming in. This is a great spot for taking pictures. I am not a flash user and natural light is important to me. I love how it makes my photos beautiful. Someday I will have a room like this. Maybe not our living room as ours don’t have a glass window but maybe a future bedroom in the upper floor of our house.

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