New Partner in 2012

My friend is desperate to find a partner right now. She tried blind dating but no one is good to her. She is now considering of trying out the free dating online site that I gave her. I really do hope she will find someone out there.

I am thankful I found my Mr. Right 8 years ago. And I am so happy with my life right now. Thank Hon for coming along!

Barney at 3:27am

Cate is watching Barney right now. And it is freaking 3:27am!!!

She is sick and she can’t sleep. Hubby and I asked her if she wants to watch Barney and she nod, so we let her. My poor baby! I hope she gets well soon. I can’t stand watching her weak and clingy.

Another tooth is popping out I guess that’s why she has fever.

Time Out

Was doing some research on swimming pool supplies yesterday when my husband told me to dress up because we are going out for some family time. I stopped what I am doing because I am itching to go out and breathe fresh air. =)

I need to go out from time to time. I feel so bored sometimes when I am just in front of my laptop working. I hope to have some time out  every week.

Thanks hubby for the time out. =)

Baby Boy

My baby is kicking as of this writing. I love it!

I am sure I will miss this feeling when the baby comes out. Oh well, real kick will soon happen. =)

I am now on my 33rd week. Yikes! 7 more weeks to go and baby boy is out. And I am panicking as I still don’t have a second name for him! Oh my! I am thinking of getting the name of the Saint that represents the day of his birth. I just hope he will come out to the day of a good saints name!

Do you have a suggestion for a nice name? Let me know. Thanks!

Gift Shopping

There are a lot of people at the mall yesterday. Thank God I didn't get dizzy and fall out. I was able to buy everything from my list. Will just wrap them up and give it on the 25th. I only got toys for some of my nephew and nieces. And I am sad not all of them can get a gift this year. We are having a crisis right now. Money problems here and there. We will just give them something in January or early February after we got our income from the car service.

y4lcom_2190_79042437 y4lcom_2190_79026803

Oh well, If you are having trouble on what to give to your nephew, brother or godson, you can buy the yoyofactory. It is a hit right now and I am sure boys will love playing them. I wish we have that toy here but I only saw it online and I don’t have money already! Ugh!

Breakdown Service

Every time we are travelling I cannot stop to worry on car breakdown. I think I have a phobia now after what happened years ago in Manila where in we had a breakdown in Edsa and I was too afraid MMDA will catch us or tow us. Thank God my husband is a mechanic and he fixed the car after a few minutes. But even if he can fix the car we still need to find a good breakdown service. Anyone knows where we can get one? We will appreciate it if you can suggest one. Thanks!

Being a Mom

I love being a mom right now. Cate is just too cute! I love my daughter so much! I have been thinking a lot lately what will be my life when this baby boy inside me comes out and greets the world “Hello!”. Will I still be able to touch my laptop? Blog? Or even check my FB account? I know me and Jun will be so busy by that time. Taking care of two kids are not easy. So I am taking most of my time right now to do what I need to do while I still have 1 child. A friend gave an advice that I will have a handful by the time my baby boy arrives, so make the most of today. I will surely follow her. Even if I will have less sleep, I will do everything that I need to do now.

Wish me luck in 2012!

Oh Christmas Tree

Before I read this dual diagnosis treatment online, I wanted to share to all of you my excitement for tomorrow. Maybe you are asking now what’s with tomorrow? Is there a major event or celebration? Nah… I will just decorate our tree finally! haha! I got yah didn’t I?

Today we went shopping for Christmas ornaments. Yey! I already set up our tree the other day and I wanted to have a blue tree so I am not using some of the ornaments which was used last last year. Yes we didn’t set up a tree last year (2010). I guess we we’re too busy with the renovation of the house and the coming of my little one that time. Plus we were at my parents house when I gave birth last October.

Oh well, Weeeee!!! I am so excited to put those blue ornaments  and Christmas lights that we bought today. I will surely take pictures and share them here soon. Wait for it ok?

Our Wish List This Year

I already posted our family's wish list for the exchange gift on our family Christmas Party on Facebook which will be held end of December. I was looking at the top christmas gifts online but I didn't find anything that I really like. So I asked for something simple but will be useful for me and my family. I do hope my mommy will find a nice brand of the gift I asked him/her. Good luck mommy!

It’s A…



Yes we are having a boy this time!

Quota na!

One girl and One Boy! Very very nice right? We are so happy with the news that we got. I had my first ultrasound today at Aquinas hospital. I was smiling from ear to ear when the doctor said that we will be having a boy this time. We are not particular on what gender we want but we are happy that we are blessed with a boy. I am so sure Cate is happy to be an Ate to her baby brother. I cannot wait to meet this little bundle of ours.

We love you baby boy!

Birthday party Invitations

I have bookmarked a lot of sellers in Facebook that offers birthday party invitations a few months before my baby’s first birthday. But I never got to order from them. I opted for a more personalized invitation. I made it and have it printed at the developing center at the mall. And I am so happy the guest have been inquiring on where I ordered it. And whenever I tell them I made it they are amazed! Thanks for appreciating my work guys! I am blushing now. =)

EHD Now Working

I was able to buy a new EHD cable wire. Woohoo! My EHD which contains my scrapping kits is now working and I can now scrap my heart out! Weeee!!! I visited 3 computer stores and nothing works for my EHD. Thank God the last store has one and was able to make it work. As I was paying for the wire, I saw their barcode scanners and canvassed on how much it was as my cousin was asking me the other day on where to get the cheapest bar code scanner for their gift shop. Now I have something to repost to her. I hope she'll find it cheap or else I will have to scout for a new barcode scanner.


I am doing my baby’s slide show for her first birthday party on Saturday. The venue said I can use their projector for free. I think they have an extra lcd projector bulbs there in case the one that is installed will be broken. I don’t want to have a cancelled slideshow in case their projector get broken. Oh well I don’t have to worry about that because I know that everything will be fine. I am just being positive about it. =)

EHD Cable Connector

I am so pissed of this connector ever since it didn’t work. I badly need to replace it soon. I have all my scrapping supplies on my EHD and thank God it is only the connector that has a problem. Not the EHD itself. Or else it will go crazy losing my entire scrapping kits! I will need to visit our local computer shop to look for a replacement. I hope to find one soon.

High Chair Lover

IMG_0336 IMG_0482

Whenever we are out to eat, Cate never passes to sit on a high chair. She just loves being in it while we eat. She loves to look around, discovering the lights and other restaurant equipment. She is just one curious baby. Some babies doesn’t want to be away from their mother’s and father’s when eating but not Cate. She is one calm and independent baby. I just love her to bits!

Stressful Week!

I am still here busy with the party planning of my daughter's first birthday which is in two weeks already! I am one mom panicking right now. I still have a lot of things to accomplish. I do hope that this party will be a successful one. I have been having sleepless nights because of it. And I even forgot the favor that my cousin is asking me. She wanted me to look for Nursing Aide Jobs for her and her friend. Now she hates me! Ugh!

Sleepy Me

I went to bed last night without turning this laptop off. I woke up with my screen directed to Either I accidentally entered the site or hubby used my laptop while I was sleeping. I was really sleepy since I was tired from the trip to Naga City for the Penafrancia Festival. It was a very fun event and at the same time tiring one. Cate enjoyed her trip too! I hope to catch sleep later after I am done with this blogging thing. =)

Lingerie Babydolls

I was planning to buy some new lingerie the other day but hubby can't accompany me as he has some work to do that day. Plus I don't have someone to look over my baby that day too. So I am here looking at these gorgeous lingerie babydolls at How I wish I can wear something like that too. Uhm maybe in the next few years time. haha!

Birthday Gift


I am tired of looking at my iPhone with the same iPhone case. I wanted to get a Cath Kidston iphone case. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on Facebook. It was like seeing a patterned paper in your iPhone! haha! A friend is selling but I cannot afford it right now. I have no savings yet. But 3 days from now its my birthday already and perfect time to reward myself for being a supermom right? Ok will ask hubby to buy me that as a gift. haha!

Pst! Look!

If you want to lose weight fast click here for diet pills that work. A friend needs to see this link that's why I blogged about this. She was desperately looking for pills that really really works! Her weight is making her depressed and do self pity a lot. I want to help her ( at least by showing this link to her!) and I really do hope this will help her! Fingers crossed!

Something Borrowed OST

I am now listening to the OST of my favorite movie. I downloaded this last week and it is now finished! Blame my slow moving internet connection as to why it is only now that I enjoyed this music. I love the soft sounds and how it calms my mind. Perfect for early morning blogging. I love my me time! I have time to do my work and enjoy music like these. Ahhhhh… freedom!

I Forgot, Sorry!

I remember when we went to Davao during my brother’s wedding a friend emailed me for a favor. We will have a meet up that same day when he emailed me so I told him to repeat his favor later. He told me to buy dutch master cigars but I never paid attention to what he is telling me so I forgot it. So nothing for him when I went home. There’s nothing like that in Davao anyways. I just said sorry I forgot his request.

Simple Celebration

My birthday is near and I can't wait for it to celebrate in Manila with my family. I don't expect hubby to buy roses or any expensive gift for me as spending time with him is what matters most to me. A simple eat out will be ok. And to think we are saving up for Cate’s 1st birthday party in October, I won’t ask for any gift now. A smile on my daughter’s face on her birthday will be the greatest gift for me and my husband. I am so excited for my birthday. I can’t wait!

But if given a chance that hubby bought me flowers then I will gladly accept it. Flowers are simple gift for women and they will always appreciate it.

Baby #2


We are so happy to share the news that we are expecting baby #2 already. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. I was so worried at first because of the gap between the baby and Cate. I am afraid that I might not be  able to give the attention to two kids. But with the help of friends and families I was able to accept the fact that this is it, I am having two kids now. And we wholeheartedly accept this wonderful blessing from God. Cate is now an Ate na! Kinda not yet used to calling my first born Ate but it sure does fits her. She is the perfect ate for her baby brother/sister. We cannot wait to finally meet you my little peanut. I hope I will have a healthy pregnancy and no complications. Please pray for me.

New Floors soon

I was thinking of having a laminated floors for our living room up to the kitchen. But I am having trouble finding a good shop who laminate floors. Maybe will just have to tile the floors now. Hubby will also agree with me. Just thinking about the expenses this will really take a big part on our budget. Or we will just cancel this until the baby arrive early next year. I cannot wait for our house to have a new floors. The kids will surely love playing in the living room soon.

Naughty Kid

My friends daughter is so naughty. The other day her mom told me that she played with her mom’s make up and scattered them all over the carpet. She is now learning games that are not appropriate to her age too. I am bothered. I hope my mommy friend will take action with her daughter’s actions. I hope her attitude is nothing serious. I am thinking of ADHD right now. Knock on wood I hope not!

Motorcycle Ride After Two years


After almost 2 years I finally was able to ride a motorcycle again. Well that was last month when I am not yet pregnant. Yes you read that right, I am pregnant again for baby # 2. Cate will be an Ate na. And now I will miss riding a motorcycle once again as I am banned from riding it again. Maybe after 2 years again. huhuhu!

This is my sisters Suzuki Hayate scooter. We borrowed it to go to the motocross event near our place. It was fun to go to a place where you haven’t been to. A new discovery is always an amazing experience.

My Simple Friend

A friend will be celebrating her birthday next week and I am cramming now on what to give her. I was planning to give her the gift basket special that I saw online. I think it will be a good gift for her. And good thing she is the type who is ok with everything. I am so happy that she is my friend. Not a very high standard lady. Pretty and simple too. See you soon my friend!

New Laptop For Sis

The laptop that my sister is using is acting up already. It won't boot up when it is unplugged. I tried using it the other day and it just made me cranky. Oh well she should replace it with a new one or get the mini portables that we saw at the mall. Better to use a good and pricey one than the not so good in quality. Thank God my laptop is still in good condition (knock on wood).

No Gift

We had a buffet lunch to celebrate Father's Day last Sunday. I was looking for some unique fathers day gifts but I ran out of time. So I gave nothing for dad. I will just make up for him this week. Will still try to look for a unique gift and give it as a late gift. Better late than never as they said. haha! What a very good daughter I am! But visiting the site I linked above gave me an idea on what to give to my dad. Will browse the site more. Latah!

Aching Body

Before I say good night to all of you and hit the sack, I will just finish my rv emergency roadside assistance hunt so I can forward whatever I find to my cousin who is in need of this matter. I am tired already. My back is aching now. I need to lay my body to bed so I have the energy for tomorrow. my two lovies are sleeping already and I wanna join them now. So tah tah and good night for now.

Friend’s Graduation

I saw my dear friend's graduation picture awhile ago over at her FB page. And it is so nice to see her wearing her toga. She is blooming and looking great now. She was my classmate before but she stopped and she was determined to finish college. Now she’ll reach her dream in no time.

I am so proud of her. She finally made it! Now I am off to get two curtis and co watches, one for me and one for my dear friend. She deserve this wonderful gift. Congrats my dear! Mwuah!

Weekend Lunch


We always have a good family lunch during weekends prepared by my mom. We always visit them for some bonding and catch up time. Mom prepares lots and lots of food during these times. We are all present at my parents house. It is so nice to have time for family. I love my family so much!

The photo above is the sample of what menu my mom prepares every Saturday lunch. Yummy isn’t it? And lots of variety too!

After 45 Years

Ok now I am alarmed that I am not losing my pregnancy weight! After seeing a friend's photo today and she was amazing! Two months after she gave birth and she is on they way to her pre pregnancy weight! Waaaahhh!!! I am way behind already! I blame it on the delicious foods that is served by our maid. And the weekend gathering at my parents house. She cooks yummy yummy foods and I just can't resist diving in them. hahahaha! Does this say "hcg platinum is here to help?" Nah, I will just be happy with my current weight. For sure I will lose them sometime. Maybe after 45 years. hahahah!

New Dresses for Cate

DSC_0476 copy


I bought another set of cute dresses for my baby Cate yesterday and it arrived today. Weee!!! I cannot wait to try these on Cate. I love online shopping! If only I can get a payday advance then I will have a shopping spree for her once again. hihiih! I love seeing my baby wearing different dresses when going out. It is joy to me to see my baby is pretty in pictures too. =)

I Knew I Loved You

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
and there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life
There's just no rhyme or reason
only this sense of completion
and in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I found my way home
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe
[repeat chorus]
A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I found you
[repeat chorus to fade]


This is my song for my little Catie. I love her so much! This song is perfect for my love for her. She is one amazing baby and I love her to bits. Thank you God for giving her to us. We are so lucky!

Graduation Gifts

It is school time once again on my part of the world and to those who got their personalized graduation gifts last March will be put on use this school year. Whether it may be a ball pen, notebook, bag or even an umbrella. For sure they are going to be taken out of its boxes and put into good use. I love it when I get personalized stuff. The recent item I got was a personalized gift tag. I already used them when I gave gift to Jun’s god daughter. And the impression of the receiver? Of course they love it! =)

Holy Week Vacation


We went to Garchitorena, Camarines Sur last Holy Week. We stayed at my grandparents house for 4 days. Yes that long. No internet for me for 4 days! And I love it! I got to rest and be away with my laptop. I just spend my day with my family and relatives. Went to the beach and took lots of pictures. And oh I eat a lot during our vacation so I expect a few gained weight now. I also talked to my cousin about the creatine supplements he is taking. Been wanting to ask him about it. Our vacation is the best. I enjoyed it and I hope to go back there next Holy Week.

Hello Mayon!


This was taken at our backyard last April 26, 2011.

I am so proud that I live near the majestic Mayon. And I am happy to see her almost everyday. I say hi to her whenever I got a chance. It is pure joy to be able to watch this beautiful scene at our own backyard!

Hello Mayon! It is so nice to see you again today!

2 Step Tool


It is always a problem to me to close the window at the kitchen area. It was too high for me! Hubby must be thinking he has a 6 foot tall wife. hahahha! I guess I need to buy one of the 2 step stools that I saw at the hardware section at the mall now. I hate getting a chair just to close that window. I hope to find a cheaper one as I have no budget for this. Good Luck to me!


I hate it when you have to do lots of things and you are so sleepy already! Hmp! I have lots of work to do and here I am yawing every 3 minutes! Grrrr!!! My eye’s are dropping already. Someone get me a toothpick!!! I cannot think well if I am sleepy so I might just postpone doing this things until tomorrow. I might be productive by then.

Ok one more task and I am hitting the sack.

New Brother Printer

Mom has a new digital camera, laptop and printer from work. I envy her as she can get those things without a cash out. I wish I have a work just like hers so I can request for an iPad2. ahahhaha! I've been wanting to try those brother printers that I saw at the mall. Now I can do it as mom told me the other day that I can try printing in her new printer. She told me that it prints nice photos. Perfect timing as I need to print a photo for my next paper scrapping layout. I just need to buy a textured photo paper this week and I am off to my parents house to print. Weeee!!!

Mojo Where are you?

I am so lazy after our vacation last Holy Week. I just can’t find my mojo to start working. I guess they are right, we need to rest after a vacation. Weird right? Anyways, I hope you all had a great Holy Week. Mine was super fun! I got to spend it with my family. Cate enjoyed Garchitorena though she can’t sleep that much at my grabd parents house. Namamahay ata. Right now she is recharging (sleeping). So that means I need to take advantage of my free time. I need to start working or else I may get a spank on my butt. tah tah!


Good Morning!

Ok now I am energized to blog!  All I really need is rest. Thank God!

Or maybe these bridal gowns that I saw on one site from a friend this early in the morning brought the mojo in me. Thank you beautiful gowns! haha!

Wait, I am hungry already. Let me just eat my breakfast and I will go on with my usual routine.

Will blog more often. Will try. wink!


I don’t know what to blog.

I wanted to post something really interesting when my mind goes blank. I hate this feeling! And I am experiencing it more often after the baby is born. I guess being an operated person affects everything. Ugh!

So what do I write now?


Let me check my Google Reader first.

Ok nothing. Nothing is coming out of my head. Pardon me.

Will just sleep now and rest. I hope tomorrow will be a productive one.


Gift basket

Looking for something special and personal as gifts for your loved ones? Then the red envelope gift basket is the best site for you! They have the most beautiful personalized gift for you! Order your favorite now!


Cute gift idea the one on the photo right? I will definitely order this for Christmas! Super nice idea! You can find more ideas on the site so why not visit them now and order something for your loved ones. Happy hunting everyone! mwuah! Good luck!

Meet someone

sunday advise

I don’t know if I already posted this one here but I will just do it again. I just love this quote that I found online. Super true! I totally agree with this!

I need this to remind myself that I need to have a social life and stop sitting in front of my laptop.

Oh well I am still here and no social life. Poor me! =(

Those Arms!

DSC_5912 copy

Look at those arms! Yaiks! I still need to lose weight! But I am still thankful because I am slowly going back to my pre pregnancy weight. I cannot wait to fit into my old clothes! As of now mom’s clothes are my best friends. yes I am that big! haha!

I was researching on the lipozene side effects since this morning as I intend to take it soon. A friend tried it and it has served her well. She really lost all those bulges! I cannot wait to see the results on me too!

What Am I Doing?

I am currently browsing my friend’s digiscrap gallery. Ever since I adore her scrap pages. It is so beautiful I wish I also have the same talent as hers. I sometimes try to imitate her style but my work is nothing compared to her. Sadly she gave up her hobby a few years ago. I miss seeing her pages. I hope she will go back to scrapping soon. I am so inspired by her.

Frustrated Billiard Player

Hubby loves watching billiards on TV. There is one time that he played billiards with my brothers in Legazpi. And alas he won! I was so surprised when he told me he won. He doesn’t have a formal training in playing it but he managed to play really well. Good job my dear! I am so proud of you!


And because of that I was thinking if I will get him billiards supplies for his birthday. He can use it whenever my brother’s will ask him to go out and play billiards.

Baby Talk with Jacq

I was just talking to my dear friend Jacq on YM a few hours ago. Our topic? Babies and shopping! =) I love it when we talk about babies and of course shopping! haha! Jacq is on her 36th week going 37 on Tuesday already.  A few more weeks and her baby will be out! She is so excited to give birth! And I am so excited for her too! I can't wait to see her baby's first photo.

She was also updating me about her recent OB check up and that baby Ella is fine. I am sure she also hear her baby's heartbeat on the fetal doppler. When I was pregnant with Cate I am always excited to hear her heartbeat. Makes my heart smile with gladness!

To my dear friend Jacq take care always and have a safe delivery!

I love Ipad


I am loving dad’s Ipad. Yes I don’t own one as of this moment. I use my dad’s Ipad from time to time when he is in the office. I was left at home so I have the time to use it. And my verdict? I still love my iPhone. It’s small and easier to use when you are taking care of a baby like my little Cate. I can’t use the iPad as it is big and heavy while taking care of Cate. But I love the high definition of the images, videos and games. And with the newly released iPad2 with the built in camera makes me want to think twice on my verdict on iPad. haha!

Baby Dust


I was doing a research on the zero turn mowers when I saw an update on my twitter on my rockmelt browser. And when I checked it was an announcement from my friend that she is pregnant to her second baby! I am so happy for her! She wanted this thing to happen this year and it came true! Things are happening as planned for her. And this adds up to my friends who are pregnant this year. I think I know 9 friends who are pregnant right now. Wow! Baby dust is really working!

Slow Internet

We have a very slow internet yesterday. I was wondering why already when my friend who works from Bayantel tweeted that due to EAC cable cut Japan to US. Network affected with high latency. Now I know why the internet is slow. I was downloading scrap kits and I wasn’t able to finish anything. Mojo was high yesterday and was gone now. I hope it will go back tomorrow as I am still downloading the scrap kits now.

Hello Mayon!


I am happy that every weekend we got to spend time with Ms. Mayon Volcano. This was taken at Embarcadero Boulevard last February 20. My family went there early in the morning to jog and the get some fresh air. This is our time to bond with each other. To spend time and get a healthy body through exercise.

Mayon is so lovely isn’t she? I love this photo so much! I want to frame this. Will put this in my “to print” folder.

Anyways, I might get shari's discount online as a gift to my friend who will be celebrating her 25th birthday next month. I need to search for other gift ideas as well for another friend’s graduation this March. Yes I am such a gift giver. I love giving gifts!

Cate’s Baptism


She is now a Christian. Welcome to the community baby!

She was baptized last February 27th at St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Legazpi City. And the reception was held at AVP Catering Services.

The celebration was a blast! Everyone enjoyed the party! I love having successful parties. I am so excited to plan the next celebration which is Cate’s 1st birthday in October. Woot!

Thank you all for coming!



Whenever we go to SM Naga I never let it pass to buy this yummy scramble. I love buying scramble when I was in elementary and this one is a cleaner version. My mom said that the one being sold outside our school is dirty and I shouldn’t buy those. And it’s been ages since I tried scramble. Thank God for stores like this I can eat this yummy desert once again. Set aside your diet pills first and try this. It’s is good I tell you!

To Buy Tanning Lotion?

All my life I wanted to have fair skin. Even when I was younger I remember being so envious on my classmates who have white skin. And because of that I ask mom if I she can buy me whitening soap when she goes to the grocery. Some of my friends says that I already have a fair skin already and I don't need those whitening pills nor soaps. But I don’t see it when I am facing the mirror. I always think I am still too dark. So I just laughed when a friend asked me if I want to buy tanning bed lotions from her. I mean that is so funny right? Why ask the one who is desperate enough to get whiter skin to buy a tanning lotion? Duh!

Bold Wall


A bold wall is what I need for my scrap space inside our bedroom to let creative juices flowing. I like the photo above. Super love it! I think it is a nice area for creating scrapbook pages. Whether digital or traditional scrapbook pages. And that cute bed is so nice. I can just lay there and use my laptop when surfing the net. I am keeping this photo for inspiration.

I am kinda sleepy already but I need to stay awake for some online tasks. I am off to check the extenze side effectsthat a friend suggested to me the other day so bye for now!

The Stalker

I was reading this dermitage reviews when I realized I haven't eaten my lunch. I remember my brother calling me to eat already but I was putting Cate to sleep so I said I will just go out when Cate is asleep. But the internet addict me checked my facebook account once again when Cate slept and I am glued. An hour after I realized I am hungry. haha! This happens when you are stalking someone’s FB page. LOL!


My friend got her mom a new desktop on her birthday. She was looking for a nice netbooks online when she decided to get a desktop instead. Her mom stays most of the time at home anyways. She is such a good daughter. I wish I have money so I can buy mom an Ipad. =D

If you are looking for the best netbooks online, you can go to They have all the best netbooks that you like. I am just staring at the nice deals on netbooks on this site. Sigh!

futon Cover


It's been a long time since we have the one and only slipcover and never replaced it. So imagine the look of that slipcover. Washed over and over again. haha! I am thinking of getting a new futon cover but where will I get it? And the next thing on my mind is that I have no money right now. This means I need to save first for it and be contented with that old and torn slip cover. Ugh! I just hope there is money that will come my way soon.


I am now looking for giveaway ideas for Cate's baptism. I saw some tradeshow giveaways which I can also use as her giveaway but I wanted something unique and pink. I saw crochet booties, baby bottles, chocolate and towel cupcakes. I am still deciding and consulting my husband on what’s the best giveaway for our little one. I do hope I will find something 2-3 weeks from Cate’s baptism date. Or else I will be in panic mode once again.

Wish me luck!

Good Make Up artists

I am watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 right now on ETC channel. I researched and Teyona Anderson won this cycle. I love her beautiful face. She is indeed a model. I wonder if those make up artists that do their make ups for every photo shoot went to Regency Beauty Institute. They are so good! I love all the make up of the contestants. The beauty really pops! And I think Regency Beauty institute is the best school for beauty learning. you should check them out and be one of their best sought graduates in the united States. Go now and make other peoples face beautiful!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Tomorrow we will go to our house and start cleaning. It will be a general cleaning as the whole place is a mess. The renovation of our bedroom is now finished and in 2 weeks or so we can go back to our house finally! I will bring Cate tomorrow but she will stay in the car as it will be too dusty in there. I will ask my sister to be the baby sitter tomorrow. She didn’t replied when I asked her but I hope she’ll come. Oh well, I will just finish my lipozene search and then I am off to bed. Night!

Our Noche Buena


This was the Noche Buena we had last Christmas 2010. We had Chicken, Spaghetti, Buko salad, Siopao, Chocolate Cake, chiffon Cake, Quezo De Bola, Embotido and Vegetable Salad. I was hungry already at 11pm so when the clock strikes 12, I immediately asked the family to gather and eat. So what if I gain weight after eating this I will just take the slimming tablets that mom have. hahaha!

My New Do


Out with the old. in with the new… New Do it is!

This is me right now. Yes a new look for me this year. I got a chance to have a make over last December 31st. Cate permitted me to have an appointment at the salon that time and I am so thankful she just slept the whole time I was away. Thanks to my husband who took charge. Love you Honey!

I am loving my face right now. Don’t you? I have no pimples since I got pregnant. No more acne serum to look for as of now. I love it! I just hope it will continue this way. No more problems on how to cure the acne on my face.

Sleepy Me

I am so sleepy already but this baptism planning for my little Cate is keeping me awake and feeling very high! Ugh! I also need to read the pci compliant hosting that a friend suggested to me the other day. And I still have tasks to do. huhuhu! Sleep please visit me now. And what’s this? backache is killing me as well. Waaaahh!!! If I won’t finish my work tonight I will just wake up early later. So bye for now as I will lay my head in bed and hoping Mr. Sleep will visit me already.