Birthday Gift


I am tired of looking at my iPhone with the same iPhone case. I wanted to get a Cath Kidston iphone case. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on Facebook. It was like seeing a patterned paper in your iPhone! haha! A friend is selling but I cannot afford it right now. I have no savings yet. But 3 days from now its my birthday already and perfect time to reward myself for being a supermom right? Ok will ask hubby to buy me that as a gift. haha!

Pst! Look!

If you want to lose weight fast click here for diet pills that work. A friend needs to see this link that's why I blogged about this. She was desperately looking for pills that really really works! Her weight is making her depressed and do self pity a lot. I want to help her ( at least by showing this link to her!) and I really do hope this will help her! Fingers crossed!

Something Borrowed OST

I am now listening to the OST of my favorite movie. I downloaded this last week and it is now finished! Blame my slow moving internet connection as to why it is only now that I enjoyed this music. I love the soft sounds and how it calms my mind. Perfect for early morning blogging. I love my me time! I have time to do my work and enjoy music like these. Ahhhhh… freedom!

I Forgot, Sorry!

I remember when we went to Davao during my brother’s wedding a friend emailed me for a favor. We will have a meet up that same day when he emailed me so I told him to repeat his favor later. He told me to buy dutch master cigars but I never paid attention to what he is telling me so I forgot it. So nothing for him when I went home. There’s nothing like that in Davao anyways. I just said sorry I forgot his request.

Simple Celebration

My birthday is near and I can't wait for it to celebrate in Manila with my family. I don't expect hubby to buy roses or any expensive gift for me as spending time with him is what matters most to me. A simple eat out will be ok. And to think we are saving up for Cate’s 1st birthday party in October, I won’t ask for any gift now. A smile on my daughter’s face on her birthday will be the greatest gift for me and my husband. I am so excited for my birthday. I can’t wait!

But if given a chance that hubby bought me flowers then I will gladly accept it. Flowers are simple gift for women and they will always appreciate it.