PBB Double Up 4th Eviction Night

As of this writing I am watching the show and my heart is beating really fast as Toni announces the safe housemates for the eviction. I am glad the housemates whom I like are safe. I wish we mounted our TV on top of my scrap table so that I will just move my face above and I can see the TV. We positioned our TV on the left side of my scrap table so it is really uneasy for me to always look to my left while watching. I think I'll have a stiff neck later. I should check some TV mounts at the mall tomorrow. I badly need one.

High School Get Together

We will be having a high school get together on the 28th. I wanted to come but it will be held in Manila. And I can't go as we have no budget for it. =( I am here in Bicol and going to Manila will cost us $120+. I will just wait for the next reunion for our batch. I envy those who will come. Have fun guys! will just wait for the pictures in FB.

In the mean time I need to find those cigars online as this is my target on what I will give my favorite uncle for Christmas. Off to search the net for it. Later!

A Friend Will be Sending Baby Shower Invites Soon

For sure a dear friend will be sending her Baby Shower Invitations real soon. I can sense it! She might not tell me that she is pregnant right now with her body blossoming into her unusual body I can say that she is preggo!

I wish I can tell her this great site which has baby shower invitation for her baby shower. But I don't want to spoil the fun of her surprising us. but as soon as I got the confirmation from her first thing that I will ask is if she already have baby announcements cards. Because for sure Cards-411 with the link http://www.cards-411.com/ have those service that you can add a photo, picture or logo to any card on their site. Plus proof will be emailed to you within ONE hour during the business day. Customer can make unlimited changes at NO additional cost. My friend will surely like this. I should bookmark this now.

Like A College Student Again

My sister was like a college student this year. She got a job at a non government office last April and this is what she do everyday, she wakes up early, eat breakfast, take a bath and then prepare her baon. Add some college student loans and she will look like a college student again. hahahha! Mom also prepare her things. I think it was funny. She was also petite and you can really mistake her for being a college student. Well we missed seeing our youngest sibling go to school as she was far away during college. We are happy in this set up. =)

Cold Places

December is here already and in some part of the world winter is coming. They will surely need those electric blanket that I saw online.I can never relate to what people in the cold places experience. I wanted to see snow but that's just it. I can never stay in a cold place even in an air conditioned room. For sure i will get colds after that. So I am ok with vacations outside the Philippines but not stay or migrate there for good. I will die there if I did that. haha!


All I can say is that crying is a form of healing so it is ok to cry once in a while about some certain painful things that you experienced. Crying doesn't make you a weak person, it makes you stronger in facing the next chapters of your life. People don't see me being sad in pictures. I always flash my wide smile in it. But you never know what is inside me. I chose to be happy but sometimes this strong outside look in me can burst into sadness in just a snap. Remembering Huey is really difficult but at the same time its good for me. I became stronger because of him.

Excited for the New Years Invitations

Oooh New year is coming already and I am so excited for the New Years Invitations that my cousin is making. Hubby and I will celebrate our New Year at their house. And next month I will help her make our New Year invitations. I will look at Holiday-Invitations that I saw last time. I saw pretty New Years Eve invitations on there. I love those New Years Eve invitation like the one above. That was really cute! I think I will get that design. I love that the site offers a Free Invitations Cards and Free Shipping and the Print and Ship your order the SAME DAY it is approved. I will surely send this site http://www.holiday-invitations.com/ to my cousin tomorrow and we will just order our invitations next month. Exciting!

Cute Cabinet

I want to own this cute cabinet that I found at Decorology blog. It is so classy and has a very nice carvings. I wish I own this. If I have this I will put my scrapbooking books and magazines there. Or I will use it to store my embellishments. I will be very happy to have this. But I think this will remain as a dream. =(

Too Busy

I still have a lot of things to do this week. And I hate that I always feel absent minded whenever I start working. Ugh! I don't know what to do first. Thank God my planner is here with me. It makes my life easier. I take down notes so that I won't forget anything. I guess I can say that I am an organized person. I hope to finish everything and have a good rest after that.

Looking for Graduation Party Invitations?

There are a couple of students who are looking for High School Graduation Party Invitations at my brother's internet cafe so my brother asked me if I can have a suggestion on some good sites that has medical school graduation announcements, law school graduation invitations, and tech school graduation party invitations. so I immediately went to GraduationCardsShop which a friend suggested to me a month ago. Their site emails the proof to you within ONE hour during the business day. Customer can also make unlimited changes at no additional cost. I told my brother to go to http://www.graduationcardsshop.com/ for a free invitation and also a free shipping for his customer's order!

Two Packages Arrived

Woohoo!!! I am so happy my BDJ 2010 planner and the package that Faye sent to me arrived today. I was waiting for the planner since last Monday but it didn't arrived. Thank God the LBC man handed it to me today. Now I am excited for 2010! I love how soft the papers on the new planner. The one I am using today was not that smooth. And I love the canvass cover. Plus the inside pages are so colorful. It's happy and fun! I hope my 2010 will be as fun and happy as those pages. Wish me luck!

The Glamour Test

You Think That Confidence is Glamourous

You admire someone who can walk in to a room completely underprepared and wrongly dressed yet still own it.

Glamour doesn't have anything to do with how much money you have or how fancy you look. It's all about what you've got going on with your attitude.

The most enchanting people have taken a good look at themselves and accepted who they are. True confidence comes from high self esteem.

You believe that you can't be truly loved and respected until you love and respect yourself.

This is nice! I love the result! The last phrase is so true. I have to agree that you really need to appreciate yourself first before appreciating others. Nice!

Business Stationery of my Friend's Cafe

Business Stationery and Business Announcements are a hit on my friend's cafe opening last month. And another friend is planning of opening a boutique next year and she was looking for a corporate stationery so that she can use it in her future business. A business invitation is also important in letting the world know that you have opened your business, so I am suggesting you get it at Announcements-Shoppe because if customer does not find exactly what they are looking for, they will create a special design just for you. What a nice offer right? So get those business announcement cards at http://www.announcements-shoppe.com/ and also get free invitation cards and get a free shipping too!

Body Clock

I've been sleeping really late these past few weeks. I guess my body clock was messed up. I need to change it or else I will suffer from insomnia. Plus I'll get those dark circles under eyes which I hate so much! I want to sleep early but my favorite tv shows airs late. huhuuhuh! How can I change my body clock now? Ugh!

Broken Eyeglass

Last night I discovered that my eyeglass frame is broken. I got sad as this frame is my favorite. I had this for 2 years already. Now I need to get a new one. I was eyeing the Holiday Fun Eyeglasses over at Zenni Optical. They have $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses and their New Arrivals are so pretty. I am now saving up to get a new frame. And I am getting it at Zenni Optical.