UN celebration

We attended the United Nation Celebration at my niece's school last October 25. My two niece joined the costume contest but sad to say they didn't won the award. But it's ok they are the cutest Korean and Spanish little girls ever! I am happy to see their performance at school. It is rare that I got to attend a special event in their school. It was an honored to be invited.
One thing I noticed is that the amplifier that the school was using is broken. I think they need to take a look at the Epifani Amplifiers at musicians friend, they might want to get one to replace the one they are using right now. The price is reasonable and I am sure they have the money to buy it. I hope they will replace it soon for the benefit of the students and parents too.

We’re Back!

We are back from our vacation in Manila. And I am so happy to be back to our normal routine. We had a good sleep last night ( I forgot to turn of the laptop because I am so tired). I woke up early as my son woke me up at 5am. And can’t go back to sleep so I just checked FB for comments on the photos I posted and checked emails too. I am tired but had a great time on our vacation.


Finally after a month of planning my daughters birthday party is over. I can now breathe! Whew! But I am not yet back to my regular routine as we will go on a vacation. So my hunt for a patio flooring will be on hold. I will get back to it when we get home next week. I hope this vacation will be a good one. I can't wait to see my friends!

Finally the Tutu Arrived!

Yey! Finally the birthday outfit of the birthday girl arrived a few hours after I posted my waiting for the tutu post last Friday. I am so happy! And wow I love the quality of my purchase. Definitely a good buy for me! I will bookmark the seller and recommend it to other friends who needs outfit for their little girls. Such a great seller she is.

My Daughter’s Birthday Outfit

I am waiting for the tutu skirt of my daughter to arrive today. She will wear it on her 2nd birthday next week. She has this birthday girl top similar to the one she wore on her 1st birthday photo shoot but it’s white. I can’t wait for her to wear it.

We will have a photo shoot today just here at home and me as the photographer. I hope she will cooperate and have a few decent shot. We did a photo shoot yesterday and there are only a few good shots plus the background is so so. I don’t have nice background here so I will just shoot without one. Let’s see if this is going to succeed. And please no tantrums now.

Ok will go check dock ramps online first as hubby said my Father in law is looking for one. Bye for now!

Marie Biscuit

Cate and Hans love Marie Time Biscuit. It is soft and easy to swallow. Cate can eat 4 pack in just one sitting. Of course I can only give Hans 2 biscuit. He is such a biscuit monster too! I have to limit him into 2 a day. haha! I bought the bigger Marie biscuit but it is not for babies. It’s not the soft and doesn’t melts in your mouth. Thank God I found this at the grocery near us. I can easily go buy if we ran out.

New scissors


I just bought a new scissor yesterday. Why? Nothing. I just need to buy something. haha! The one at home is nowhere to find so I need a new one. I hope Cate didn’t played with it. I saw there are hair cutting shears there and I looked at the price and it was too expensive for me. it is a good gift for Christmas for a friend who is a hairdresser. I will just order it online. Less hassle and easy to pay too. With just a click I can have that in a day or two. I need save up for that though.



This is the stage in which Cate easily melts down. She do this everyday! When she doesn’t get what she wants she throw tantrums at us. I don’t know what to do to her when she do this. I want to comfort her sometimes but I don’t want spoil her either. She needs to learn that not everything is available for her. Terrible twos here we go!