Mac Dream

Our friend invited me and my husband to a dinner party as a celebration for their daughter's moving up day last Wednesday. The food served was delicious, I am so full. They also showed to me their new Mac laptop. It was my first time to hold a mac and the first impression was WOW. I want one for myself. haha! I wish! My friend told me that they will soon upgrade the mac memory. And I agreed to them as they will need more space for their photos, videos and applications. A MAC laptop will be in my dreams forever. =)

Happy Birthday Huey!

It's my son's 6th Birthday today. I am sure he's having a grand party in heaven. Happy Birthday son! We miss and love you so much!

Yummy Lunch!

I am hungry already. Smelled the food being cooked by our maid in the kitchen. We are having Fried chicken and Pork in tomato sauce. Yummy smell it is! I can't wait to eat lunch. But I need to watch out my diet. I don't want to use the slimquick extreme in the long run. I might regret being too fat. Ok I need to check again if the rice is cooked already. Later!

Murad Company

Who doesn't want to have a great looking face? At my age right now I should be taking care of my skin. I am not getting younger you know. So I am in the hunt for the best acne treatment in the web. This murad reviews is a great help for me. I've read great things about the Murad company and I really hope to find their products here in our place. Murad is a skincare company that offers great looking skin as a result for using their products. Will so searching for their product online if I didn't got them at the mall.

The Birthday Cake Test

You Are Daring and Dazzling

You are funky, eccentric, and charming in unexpected ways. You are constantly inspired and inspiring.

You throw caution to the wind and try to avoid the safe option. You love not knowing what's coming around the corner.

You love that the world is full of infinite possibilities - and you'd like to try every combination of them that you can.

You are always changing, growing, and expanding your horizons. You never suffer from stagnation or boredom.

Love this result! It is so nice to take quizzes like these. I love answering them one by one. Somehow the results are accurate and are pleasing to read. This quiz made me happy today. Will take another one later. I have to clean my scrap area first.

Benefits of Colon Cleanse

The benefits of colon cleanse will make your life easier. No more tummy aches, low energy and no more parasites on your tummy! Isn't that great! I've been experiencing tummy aches lately and constipation and colon cleanse is my option to remove this. I was not able to move freely with my tummy aches. I really wish I will have time to do this. Might plan it ahead so I can do this. Wish me luck!

Acne Scar Removal

I want to get an acne scar removal right now. I have this scar on my face which I hate. It always get attention to everyone I am talking to. I hate it when they notice it. I feel so ugly when they tell me about it. I hope our local derma have this kind of treatment or else I will be just wishing that these scar will be gone forever. If you know a good one near me please refer it to me ok? Thanks!

Sick Friend

I am such a freak when it comes to a person getting sick. I guess the trauma in the hospital when Huey died never go away. So when I learned that a friend is in the hospital I was hesitant to go. But she was a friend I need to be there to support her and give her a big hug. I almost cried when I saw her there. I am thankful she was ok now and free from cancer.

Cancer is serious. And it is not to be taken lightly. With the low mesothelioma survival rate, a cancer which is very rare and develops in the mesothelial cells, it is a thing needed to be taken seriously. So be careful with those Asbestos as it can cause cancer that is hard to cure. Be safe!

Thankful for Friends

When I am sad or happy I go to my online friends. I chat with them and tell them how I feel if I am upset or happy. I am so thankful they are there. Without them I won't be able to solve problems that are hard to bear and share my excitement to something new in my life. I treasure everyone of you and please take care of yourselves always. I am lucky to have all of you! Thank you!

Iphone Camera

I love that I have an iphone already. Thanks to my dear friend who offered it to me at a very reasonable cost. I can take photos of everything I see and then share it online in a minute. I love it! The camera though is not that clear but I am happy with the result. It is viewable and what matters most is that it can take photos. I am happy with that. =)

Invest in Gold

With the economy we are facing right now, investing is the best way to secure the future. Saving up in a bank is not enough. It is too risky if the bank gets bankrupt right? So why not try to buy gold bullion and start investing in it. Gold never gets old and it's price value never depreciates. Get this form of investment now. You'll never go wrong with precious metal investment specially GOLD. And I found a site in which can help you in this matter. Go now to to read more information about it. Come let's go there now and start investing for our future. Good luck to us!

New Eyeglasses

My dear friend is so nice to me. She gave me a new eyeglasses at an affordable cost. I love it! She let me pick a frame through flickr. I got the one which i think fits me perfectly. I am so excited to get it. She said she will send it to me as soon as it is finished. I cant wait! My old eyeglasses is already broken and it is perfect that i will have a new one. Thanks friend! You know who you are!


I am thinking of buying a typewriter for my husband next month. The one we have is already broken and hubby was having a hard time using it. The keys are hard to press and the ribbon is not functioning well even if it is newly bought. I will order from a friend in the US. It is better to buy it there. Much much cheaper!

A Friend in Need

A friend talked to me last time about the condition of her father. He was sick and needs money for the hospitalization. My friend said she is in the lookout for some admin jobs so that she can buy some medicines and hospital supplies for her father. I hope she find the job that fits her. She badly need work! And as a friend will help her to at least add some financial support to her family. I love her to bits. That's what friends are for. Love you friend!

Bathroom Lighting

I am visualizing again. I've been planning on my head on what to do on our bathroom. I need to continue working with the tiles there. Plus put the sink there and maybe this Golden lighting fixtures that I saw from I like the elegant design of this. It surely fits above the mirror right? I will ask my husband to get this for me when the renovation starts.

Birthday Gift for my Sister.

Too many birthdays to celebrate this Month. I have 5 family members and relatives who will be celebrating an additional year to their lives. And one of that is my sister. She will celebrate her birthday on the 19th. And I haven't thought of what to give her on her special day but I was thinking of giving her this tm-t88iv, but she might not like it. So I will just look for another gift for her if she doesn't like that. Any suggestion you can give?

Happy Vacation

It's vacation time once again! No more school and no assignments to finish. Just laze around and enjoy summer. Maybe a nice vacation is a great way to spend summer in your part. Do some relaxation and maybe learn a new sport like swimming or surfing. Are you planning where to go? karisma Hotel and Resort is the place for you. A great destination for your family.

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Happy Vacation everyone!

I Love Twitbird Application!

I installed this iphone application when my friend tweeted that it is a great application. And it was indeed a great application! I love it to bits! I always check twitter in that application. Maybe I need to delete the twitteriffic. What I love in this application is that it posts the tweet you are replying. That way you are not lost in what you are reading. Also you can sign in with your other account. Meaning you can have two account logged in. Plus the design is very cute! Try it! You'll love it too!

SM Naga Trip

We went to SM Naga last Saturday with the family. I was going to meet Yon for his exhibit that's why I want to go to SM. Hubby tagged along with me. We were supposed to go on a motorcycle but when I mentioned to my mom that we will be going to Naga they said they wanted to go too. So we just went there using the Revo along with my nephew and niece. We ate lunch at KFC, I met Yon and visit his exhibit. After that we went a little shopping and met my aunts and then headed home. That's it. Simple as that. Short trip but we had fun.