Sweet Mom

My mommy friend is trying her best to give everything to her kids. She works hard and makes effort to go home early to play with them before they go to sleep. She also buy expensive clothing and other things for them. And the latest news that I read from her blog is that she is getting one spot at guitar center for her eldest son.
Awww. that is so sweet of her. I wanna be like her when I grow up. haha!  I am trying to be a good mom for my kids. I want to give them everything they like. I love them so much.

Thankful for Yayas

I don’t know what to do if we don’t have a yaya. I will be crazy if I don’t get some help! Sometimes I am a very short tempered Mama. I easily get mad at them even by the simplest thing that they do like messing up their toys after I packed them or cleaned them. So thank God there is help. I am lucky to have my Yaya right now. I hope she changes her mind of leaving for vacation. I don’t know what to do if she is not here!

I love Lee Grane

She plays acoustic songs beautifully. I am such a fan of her. And she has this acoustic guitar pickup that I really like. If you haven't seen her perform you must watch her video on youtube. You will like her for sure as much as I liked her when I saw her at The Voice Philippines. Bamboo is so lucky to have her on his team. I will watch her in the coming episode of The Voice Philippines. I am so excited!