We bought her this bracelet making kit to enhance her fine motor skills. My co mommies told me that this will also help her to properly hold her pen and pencil in writing. And I gave it to her this morning and she enjoyed stringing those beads. She also loved classifying them by color and by shape. Way to go Ate!


I missed my husband playing the bass with his band. It’s been a long time! He is such a busy man now. That ESP Bass that he was eyeing for a couple of months is just a dream for now. I know that he will go back to his first love in his hobby, someday when everything is stable he'll enjoy it again. I want him to enjoy life. No to being a workaholic.

Pororo Fans

I have two kids here who are Pororo fanatics!

So I got them a new DVD with all Pororo in it! They are watching it right now and what a peaceful time for me. LOL! I love it when they are behave because they love what they are watching. I wish it will be like this everyday. No fighting and arguing about something. Just behave in watching their favorite cartoon. Oh love!

A drum maybe?

Hans always watches movies or video clips on youtube. The other day, he was so bored with the cartoons he was watching so I searched for some musical instrument playing there. I found a drum playing kid and he loved watching it. I need to ready myself on him wanting to buy boss drum soon. He loves singing and soon he will love playing an instrument too. A drum maybe?

The New Mickey Mouse Doll


Minnie & Mickey Mouse fanatic!

She got her new Mickey Mouse doll by tantrums yesterday. She sat on the floor and threw a tantrum at us. Sigh! We have to give in to her plea. Kids!

Engagement Ring

I visited our scrapping forum today and found a great news there. One of the team members is getting married to her long time boyfriend next month! I am so happy for her! Their BF/GF relationship lasted for 10 years already! Wow that is so long right? And finally they are jumping into a new chapter of their life together. Plus she showed us the engagement ring! I so love the design. Simple yet very memorable. I don't know why I love seeing engagement rings on peoples fingers. It gets me teary eyed. Maybe because I didn't get one. Because the husband didn't proposed to me. We just new we needed to get married right away. Oh well!

Long Time


I am back! So sorry to be on hiatus for 2 months. Oh my! I lost my mojo in writing plus mommy duties ate me whole. haha! My kids won’t even permit me to sit in front of my laptop whenever they are awake. And if they are napping or sleeping, house chores are my buddies. Oh well, I managed to make some time to write now. It’s 2:30 am and I am so hungry!

Will get some food so I can start with my tasks.

Have a great day everyone!