Bean Bag Hunt

My sister was looking for some bean bag chairs last week at the mall. She needs to find one as she will be using it on their apartment. She is on training for her work and needs to rent an apartment as the place where she was assigned is too far from my parents house. I just hope she found one when she visited the mall near her office the other day. I will have to ask if she got one. I found a beautiful bean bag online and if she haven’t found any, I will have to recommend it to her.

One Busy Mom

This is my role now that I have two kids already. The coming of Hans into our lives changed the way I live my life. Before I can stay in front of my laptop for hours as I can leave Cate with the husband. But now I can’t. =( I am a full time mom already. I breastfeed Hans which feeds every hour I think. Yes I have one always hungry kid. hahaha! And I can’t leave two kids under my husbands care. He needs my help. I know that this is not temporary. I can do this. I am always positive about motherhood and AJA! I am one supermom!

4 Months now

I am cleaning my closet tomorrow and getting rid of my maternity dresses which needs to be taken away since Hans is now 4 months old. I should have done it a few months back but I am just plain lazy. Haha!

Time really flies so fast. It was just like yesterday when he was in my tummy and now he’s laughing and smiling at me already! Awww… I will surely miss my kids being a baby. And oh I don’t have plans on adding another one very soon. LOL!