Good Night!

I spent my day in front of my laptop working, so here I am saying good night to you all. I will hit the sack now.

Have a nice day tomorrow!


This and That!

Slowly Cate is pointing at her wants at the mall. We went there yesterday and she wanted to buy xylophone which she already have at home. I didn't entertain her as we don't have extra money to buy a new one. We just proceeded with what we are doing but after a while she pointed at another toy. Ugh kids!
I wanted her to appreciate music as both her parents loves it. Mama loves to sing while Papa is in a band before. The reason why I buy musical instrument toys than ordinary toys. I know there’s an inner musician in her. She can hum a tune while watching barney. yes I caught her doing that. So I hope she’ll develop that talent.

This little One

DSC_7101 copy2

Will soon become a toddler. Look how big he is now!

hans 11th month

He will celebrate his 1st birthday in two weeks time and by that time he is no longer a baby. Awww… I am having separation anxiety to his babyhood! He grew up so fast! Soon he will no longer be needing my help. He cannot walk yet but he is going there. He is one little explorer too! Oh baby Hans please don’t grow up too fast!

Sing Sing!

I got to sing my heart out last Christmas at my parents house. It felt good after not holding a mic for a long time. Nope I am not a pro. But I can sing. My dad is my number 1 fan. haha!

I missed singing at the karaoke. It is one of my passion since I was a child. But I got sad to know that one of mom's karaoke got broken. I used the old one last Christmas and it was good. The latest has more songs to choose from though. But I still had a great time singing at the old one. I hope mom will replace it soon. I will take a look at later if there’s a good deal.

Cars Themed Party


We will be having a cars themed party for Hans’ 1st birthday in 2 weeks! Weee!!!

I am now busy preparing for his birthday. Ordering this and that. Booking this and that too! I hope this party will be a good one and I hope my son will be happy on his grand day. I want it to be simple this time. Limited budget that’s why. But I know that this party will be special. Hans will have a great time for sure! And I can’t wait for this to be over. Planning a party is so stressful!

Organize and Plan

When we went to Manila last October I passed by a store ( I forgot the name) and it was crowded. I don't know why but there are a lot of people waiting outside. The manager is entertaining those people and commanding his staff to organize those people. I think I heard him say "get those stanchions here!". I think before you hold a promo or anything that will drive people to go to your store, plan first and see how people will react to the promo. It is better to have a clean and organized one than to have a bad reputation of having a bad service right?

Sickies in the House

My kids got sick this week. Cate is better and Hans is on the way to recovery but both still have cough. I am so worried the other day as they got high fever. I wanted to take them to the hospital but thank God they got better the following day. It’s not easy to have sick kids. It will test your patience and mama capability. I am glad I survived. I am thankful that my husband is there for us. I don’t know what to do if he wasn’t there. Thank Hon!