Morning Sickness

I am on my 9th week on my pregnancy right now and so far all i do is vomit and sleep. I am embracing this stage and I do hope that it will soon go. I am tired of vomiting. What I eat I will just throw it up. But i am thankful I am not worrying on my weight loss. As this morning sickness is keeping me slim. But I know it is not good for the baby inside me. I hope to finish my first trimester soon and just enjoy this pregnancy. Keep in praying for me okay? Thanks!

Miss Philippines-Earth 2010

I am watching Miss Philippines-Earth 2010 right now and I love watching beauty pageants. I wonder if they also use the best hemorrhoid treatment on their legs as it is really flawless! I love Miss Earth as it not only focuses on beauty but also in caring for our nature. Kudos to the maker of this beauty contest. I salute you all for the time you all give to give mother nature she deserve to have. Good Luck to the candidates! I can't wait to know the winner and represent Miss Earth 2010.

Boasting or Something

As I was surfing my facebook friends I saw one album in which there are a lot of high quality bags. She posted Prada, Hermes, LV and Chanel bags. I was like hello can she afford all of that? Well I am not being mean here. But I've known her as one of those person who belongs to an average family. I was totally in shock she posted all of those as if she was boasting or something. Well she has the right so I didn't even bothered to comment. She was happy with what she's doing so just let it be. =)

No Shopping

Impossible!!! I haven't shopped for a month I think! Bravo!!! hahahha! This pregnancy is keeping me from being online and purchasing unnecessary things. haha! But right now I am eyeing the xbox 360 at again. Ugh! Please get me out of this laptop right now! My paypal will be hurt for sure. But I don't think I will give in to this shopping, I have to save up for the coming of our baby. So I'll say no for now. =)