New Partner in 2012

My friend is desperate to find a partner right now. She tried blind dating but no one is good to her. She is now considering of trying out the free dating online site that I gave her. I really do hope she will find someone out there.

I am thankful I found my Mr. Right 8 years ago. And I am so happy with my life right now. Thank Hon for coming along!

Barney at 3:27am

Cate is watching Barney right now. And it is freaking 3:27am!!!

She is sick and she can’t sleep. Hubby and I asked her if she wants to watch Barney and she nod, so we let her. My poor baby! I hope she gets well soon. I can’t stand watching her weak and clingy.

Another tooth is popping out I guess that’s why she has fever.

Time Out

Was doing some research on swimming pool supplies yesterday when my husband told me to dress up because we are going out for some family time. I stopped what I am doing because I am itching to go out and breathe fresh air. =)

I need to go out from time to time. I feel so bored sometimes when I am just in front of my laptop working. I hope to have some time out  every week.

Thanks hubby for the time out. =)

Baby Boy

My baby is kicking as of this writing. I love it!

I am sure I will miss this feeling when the baby comes out. Oh well, real kick will soon happen. =)

I am now on my 33rd week. Yikes! 7 more weeks to go and baby boy is out. And I am panicking as I still don’t have a second name for him! Oh my! I am thinking of getting the name of the Saint that represents the day of his birth. I just hope he will come out to the day of a good saints name!

Do you have a suggestion for a nice name? Let me know. Thanks!

Gift Shopping

There are a lot of people at the mall yesterday. Thank God I didn't get dizzy and fall out. I was able to buy everything from my list. Will just wrap them up and give it on the 25th. I only got toys for some of my nephew and nieces. And I am sad not all of them can get a gift this year. We are having a crisis right now. Money problems here and there. We will just give them something in January or early February after we got our income from the car service.

y4lcom_2190_79042437 y4lcom_2190_79026803

Oh well, If you are having trouble on what to give to your nephew, brother or godson, you can buy the yoyofactory. It is a hit right now and I am sure boys will love playing them. I wish we have that toy here but I only saw it online and I don’t have money already! Ugh!

Breakdown Service

Every time we are travelling I cannot stop to worry on car breakdown. I think I have a phobia now after what happened years ago in Manila where in we had a breakdown in Edsa and I was too afraid MMDA will catch us or tow us. Thank God my husband is a mechanic and he fixed the car after a few minutes. But even if he can fix the car we still need to find a good breakdown service. Anyone knows where we can get one? We will appreciate it if you can suggest one. Thanks!

Being a Mom

I love being a mom right now. Cate is just too cute! I love my daughter so much! I have been thinking a lot lately what will be my life when this baby boy inside me comes out and greets the world “Hello!”. Will I still be able to touch my laptop? Blog? Or even check my FB account? I know me and Jun will be so busy by that time. Taking care of two kids are not easy. So I am taking most of my time right now to do what I need to do while I still have 1 child. A friend gave an advice that I will have a handful by the time my baby boy arrives, so make the most of today. I will surely follow her. Even if I will have less sleep, I will do everything that I need to do now.

Wish me luck in 2012!