Sleeping Together

I am so thankful when my kids sleep together. They are in bed by 7pm. How I wish it is like this forever. So I can also work, read emails, scrap and most importantly sleep early too! You know after they sleep it is my ME time. My time to sit in front of my laptop. So when they sleep late I also stay late and sleep late. But never got to wake up late as my youngest will wake up early. Oh motherhood!

Dance Recital Gift ideas

A friend of mine is looking for some dance recital gift ideas as her daughter is going to her first dance recital next month. She asked me where to look and of course I pointed her to Pinterest. There are a lot of DIY there which she can do and save a lot of money instead of buying expensive stuff. I hope she doesn’t get addicted to pinning. hehe!


DSC_6375 copy 2

We got to visit Irosin, Sorsogon once again. The last time I have been here is I was still in elementary. Too long ago! I passed by this place when we went to Bulusan last December to attend the wedding of my friend. It’s nice to be back! I love this place!

Ray Ban Sunglasses

This is my sister wearing her favorite ray ban sunglasses.


I love to have one too but it's too pricey for me. I am still saving up for a new sunglasses. A ray ban 4147 is my target. I really like this one. Simple and stylish at the same time. I hope to get more work so I can get this before summer ends. Will check some ray ban shades for hubby too. He needs it the most as he travels often. Will check the website now.




Cate loves to take a bath outside. She enjoys the sun and the fresh air. She really loves summer because she can go swimming. I am planning of enrolling her next year to a swimming lesson. I know she will enjoy it. It is my frustration to learn how to swim. I hope I still can learn it. It is my favorite sports.