New Brother Printer

Mom has a new digital camera, laptop and printer from work. I envy her as she can get those things without a cash out. I wish I have a work just like hers so I can request for an iPad2. ahahhaha! I've been wanting to try those brother printers that I saw at the mall. Now I can do it as mom told me the other day that I can try printing in her new printer. She told me that it prints nice photos. Perfect timing as I need to print a photo for my next paper scrapping layout. I just need to buy a textured photo paper this week and I am off to my parents house to print. Weeee!!!

Mojo Where are you?

I am so lazy after our vacation last Holy Week. I just can’t find my mojo to start working. I guess they are right, we need to rest after a vacation. Weird right? Anyways, I hope you all had a great Holy Week. Mine was super fun! I got to spend it with my family. Cate enjoyed Garchitorena though she can’t sleep that much at my grabd parents house. Namamahay ata. Right now she is recharging (sleeping). So that means I need to take advantage of my free time. I need to start working or else I may get a spank on my butt. tah tah!


Good Morning!

Ok now I am energized to blog!  All I really need is rest. Thank God!

Or maybe these bridal gowns that I saw on one site from a friend this early in the morning brought the mojo in me. Thank you beautiful gowns! haha!

Wait, I am hungry already. Let me just eat my breakfast and I will go on with my usual routine.

Will blog more often. Will try. wink!


I don’t know what to blog.

I wanted to post something really interesting when my mind goes blank. I hate this feeling! And I am experiencing it more often after the baby is born. I guess being an operated person affects everything. Ugh!

So what do I write now?


Let me check my Google Reader first.

Ok nothing. Nothing is coming out of my head. Pardon me.

Will just sleep now and rest. I hope tomorrow will be a productive one.