Happy Birthday!

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to me!!!!!!!!!

Wow I am already 24!!! I can't believe it I am already old! hahahahah!

I will cook spaghetti later. I will have a small celebration here at my parents house. I cannot celebrate on our house because there is a "pabasa" for Jun's Lola. It her first death anniversary. Mother-in-law and other relatives of Jun will be there. I will bring spaghetti there instead for the snack.

My brother will be coming home from Kuwait together with his family later. I am really excited!

Well I already have a gift from my sister-in-law. She paid the UHU Glue I ordered from April. Yey! More scrapbooking glues for me!!!!

Honey is very silent about my birthday gift. he doesn't tell me. I don't want to bug him. He might not give me any. ahahhaha!

Another gift just came in!

Woohoo! I am moving on to Round 4! Thank you so much scrappinmoms for giving this as a gift to me. I really appreciate it! Mwuah!

You can see the announcement here. and my entry here.

My birthday wishlist

These are my wishlist for my birthday. Of course all of these won't come true. heheheh! Day dreaming again!

> Scrap materials - BG infuse, Swirl and alpha chipboards, Prima flowers, Albums, Stamps, American Crafts stickers (alpha), American Crafts Rub ons, Different Cardstocks, UHU Glue, more to add... hahahhaha!

>Things for our house - dish rack, vase, cabinet for our clothes, photo frames, throw pillows, additional electric fan, pillows, blender, measuring cups, tupperwares, venetian blinds, plants.

> Personal things - New blouse for me, pants, rubber shoes, socks, jogging pants, bag, make up, contact lens, hair relax.


Yey! I am finally done on my Round 3 entry. I already submitted it. This challenge is really tough! I am glad I am already done. Nothing to bother me now. LOL! I will just wait for the announcement if my entry passed. Gosh! it will be announced on my birthday! I just hope that this will be a good birthday gift to me. Ill post again on Friday if I made it or not. Good luck to me!!!!!

What product to use?

My dad id suffering from hair loss. He is already 55 years old. I saw a lot of pictures of him when he was still young that he has a lot of hair, but now I can only see some of it! hahahahah! sorry dad! I should told him about provillus or maybe I can still tell him that this product is the best way to grow back his hair!

Mom on the other hand is already on the menopausal age. She is already 49 years old. I think some women is already on menopause at the age of 40. My goodness it is so early! I don't wanna menopause that early! Well there are a lot of symptoms a menopausal woman experience like hot flashes, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and backaches. It is so hard to go on menopause I think.

Guys, If you are suffering from cellulites you should put cellulite cream on it so that it will be lessen. I wanna have a great skin when I grow old, so as early as now I put lotion to my skin. I wanna take good care of my body because I wanna look beautiful when I grow old.

Go to the links mentioned above if you wanna seek the right and best product you are interested in. A lot of review of great products are on the site.

Woohoo! Im on a CT!!!!

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Yey I am now ready to take jobs as a CT again! And Jennifer Howland is super nice to take me to be on her CT! Thank you so much Jenn! Mwuah! She makes a very beautiful Digi kits! I love her stuffs!

I am still downloading one of her stuff to work on. I will post the LO I made with her stuffs here. Stay tuned!

Top 24

I am really excited at the same time nervous yesterday because I might not be included to the Top 24 contestants anymore. I am really excited to know who will be included to the Top 24. This morning I texted Issa if is it a Bad news or a Good news. I am not at my parents house so I cannot check the announcement. And the Issa replied Good news Diane we are still in!!! Bad news the next round is so hard! I am happy upon receiving Issa's txt. I made it to Round 3!!!! Thank you scrappinmoms for picking my LO again. Mwuah! You can view my LO here.

I am puzzled on what the next round will be until I came here at my parents house and checked that it will be about Altered item! OMG! I haven't done any altered item! And this challenge is so hard because they twisted it. The altered item should be not of its original purpose. For example *an altered picture frame is NOT allowed if you will use it again as a picture frame. (*Taken from the site). My goodness! What will I do? What household item should I use? Until now I have no idea.

This challenge is really tough! Whew!

My friend was a Master

Wow! I am so happy to see a familiar face on the announcement of the 2008 Memory Makers Masters. It was the face of the beautiful woman below named IRIS BABAO-UY!!!!! I am really happy for her. This was her dream. Congratulations my friend! I am so proud of you! How I wish I can also scrap the way you scrapped. Well I can only dream! LOL! You can view the announcement here.

Yey! I digiscrapped again!

Credits: Everything from Bren Taylor-Boone. Color Frilly and Fabulous Funky kit.

Credits: Everything from Melissa Bennett except heart doodle by Ida, Ribbon with clip, journal paper and Staple by Jessica Bolton, Twill by Victoria Feemster, Stamped Alpha by Meryl Bartho, Wild tear action by Atomic Cupcake.

We went to Naga City

Yesterday we (Mom, Dad, Chin, Me and Jun) went to Naga City to attend to the burial of our Ninong Edmundo Simando Sr., the ex mayor of Garchitorena, Camarines Sur. It was a sad day. I saw his family crying and very sad. The scene was the same when Huey passed away. But I didn't carried by the tears overflowing on the funeral. I always tell myself that Huey and Ninong already met in heaven. They will take care of each other. I was also sad but I didn't cry.

Ninong was so good to us. He was a great person. He died of a certain illness I cannot tell exactly because I really don't know what happened to him. Jun and I are thankful he came into our lives. Rest in peace Ninong Edmundo.

We arrived at home at 3pm so I asked Jun if we can go to the Airport to just have a fun time with my sister. To eat bbq and meet up with his friend Mcdo (hihihih! i don't know why they call him Mcdo). It was a blast! I enjoyed talking to my sister about everything under the sun and laugh at the jokes of Jun and Mcdo. We ate bbq and fishballs. Drink Pepsi. And at 6:30 we went home.

What a day! After a sad scene came a very fun and wonderful ending of my day.

Thank God for this day!

My cake

My sister came home last Thursday evening with my cake all the way from Los Baños, Laguna. I know, I know the cake is too early for my birthday. My birthday will be on August 31. But my sister will be back on September already so I took the chance of ordering a cake from her.

I super love this cake. It was so yummy! We always buy our cake there whenever we visit Los Baños. The day my sister told me that she will visit home, I asked her to bring me a cake from Mer Nel's. We cut it into half. One for my parents and the other half is for us.

Thank you sis! Mwuah!

Top 27

I made it again to TOP 27!!!!!

Thank God!

This challenge is really stressful! I am now thinking of what to do with the next round. I might be one of the 3 who will be removed from the Top 27 this time. It will be ok for me if I will be removed because I am so stressed just thinking what to do on my LO's! LOL!

Thanks scrappinmoms for including me again to Top 27! Thank you so much! It feels great!

You can view the announcement here and the LO's submitted here.

Money Matters

Woohoo! I am P11,600 richer today! That was my money from blogging! I already got it from the bank. Amor sent it yesterday via xoom.com and I got it this morning. I am really happy I finally touched my own money from my own sweat!

But so sad to say it is for the payment of the windshield of our Bus. We will buy windshield in Manila. Damn that accident that crushed our bus windshield! Damn that Bus driver who quickly stopped and the bumper of his bus hits our Bus. Grrrr! I am so pissed! The worst part of it he did it in purpose! And he went off without any sorry from us! Grrrrrr!!!!

Well at least now I can share to Jun. I am sad seeing him so problematic about debts and money matters. Thats why I already got the money from Amor. I will start saving again for my dream camera. ;)

How do they do it?

Ok I admit it I AM ADDICTED TO SHOPPING! I am guilty beyond unreasonable doubt! You can now put me into jail! LOL!

Upon seeing those online stores, I often wonder how does those shopping cart software works on my favorite online stores. How does it work? How does it track my purchases and my billing and payment details?

I salute those programmers who make those shopping cart softwares. I am also a programmer but I can never do those things! Maybe I need to go back to college in order to make those! Hahahahha!

If you guys are putting up an online store for your business you can check out ashop.com.au. They are best for Shopping cart softwares. They are the leading provider of those things about shopping carts. They have professional programmers and they are in the business for four years already. Wow! Four years! That is so amazing isn't it? Someday I will put up online store of my dream business. I am still saving for it, and for sure I will check ashop.com.au for my shopping cart software.

Idol - Round 1

Scrappinmoms Idol Round 1 is all about CARDSTOCK!

Make a LO with only cardstock in it. No patterned papers!

Whew! I haven't done any LO with just cardstocks in it in my 2 years of scrapbooking. This challenge is really challenging! LOL!

Right now my LO is already finished (I think!). I can't show you the LO right now because it is not allowed. Ill post it here if I am not chosen to be on the Top 27. Or link you up if I am lucky to be chosen.

I am not really expecting to win in this contest or chosen to be on the Top 27. I am just happy I can now scrap. It feels great to scrap with pressure! LOL! Even if I have all the time to scrap I just can't, maybe because of my laziness! heheheh! This challenge is really helping me with my backlogs! hahahah! So thank you scrappinmoms!

Good luck to my fellow Round 1 takers!

Happy Scrapping!

Paid Blogging

Yey this blog was approved by Smorty to take tasks! I am really happy that I can now grab some tasks to post on this blog. I am also happy because I can now earn money from blogging! Woohoo!

I am always at home so paid blogging really works for me. It is my only way of earning money of my own. I love blogging so I tried to get advertisements on my blog. I also tried smorty and to my surprise, they approved my blog! Thank you smorty!

Are you also interested in paid blogging? Sign up now to Smorty.com. This site is about blog advertising. They connect advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers can benefit from the blog because their site will be advertised by the bloggers. And then the blogger is then paid on a weekly basis.

It is a great site for paid blogging. Now go to smorty.com and blog for money. Good luck and happy blogging!

Hey Pipz!

If you don't know yet I still have another blog. Please do try to stop by and say hello to me there.

You can visit me here.

Leave me a comment on how you think about my other blog.

See you there ok?

Thank you!

My Fitness Pal

I am sure a lot of you wanted to lose weight right now. In fact I wanted to go on a diet. But simple exercise doesn't work for me. I tried not to eat for a day but it doesn't work out. And then I found MyFitnessPal.com. It is a great site about losing weight. They have an online diet journal to keep track of your meals per day and exercise quickly and easily. You can also keep track on how much is your body calories through their calorie counter. And did you know that it is a free calorie counter. Isn't it great that you can now count your calorie and keep track of your body weight. For sure you will lose weight in no time! go now to MyFitnessPal.com!

New Theme

Whew! Finally I am done changing the old skin of this blog. My eyes is so teary eyed already because I kept on looking at the monitor closely for codes. I have a headache now! hahahahah! But I kinda like this skin from blogskins.com. I edited the codes and this is what it turned out.

So what do you think of this new skin? Do my blog look good already? Hehehehhe!

And also Sponsored Reviews and Blogsvertise approved this blog! Woohoo! Now off to take more Tasks!

Dating Sites

Have you heard of those free dating sites that will help you find your Mister right? You have to check this site! It is a fun free online dating site. You can share profiles and find a lot of friends there. This site is 100% FREE. Isn't it great? Finding your soul mate online for free! It is like you are meeting him/her in person! This site is the same to other paid dating site, the only thing that is unique about this site is that it is FREE. You won't see any credit cards there or any kind of payment.

Your other personals won't be exposed if you want to. It is your right to tell them about your life or not. I haven't experienced dating online. But I know it is FUN! So try it now!

We went on a Family Outing!

This day is so much fun! We went out for a picnic at the beach! We were with my family on my father's side. I love them so much! I enjoyed this day. Check out my other blog for more pictures.

Meet my sister

This is my sister Donna Dawn. I call her Chin. She is already 19 years old. Isn't she beautiful?


I made it to Top 30!!!! Woohoo! I am really happy today! Thanks Scrappinmoms for this challenge! Read more here.

Scrapbook LO

I wanna share with you all this new scrapbook LO I made last week. This is my nephew Lilo and his favorite blanket. TFL!!!

There are a lot of great entries in the Scrappinmoms Idol Gallery. And wow talents are overflowing there! I am so proud Filipinos can prove that we can. That we are talented and creative in our own way. Goodluck to the contestants and Happy Scrapping!

My LO there was entitled "Great Grandma"


I super miss posting on this blog. I've been busy posting on my other blog. I will revive this old blog of mine and continue posting away. I hope you didn't forget visiting this blog of mine. I totally miss this! I am happy to be posting again here. Expect seeing new posts here. Have fun!