Gift basket

Looking for something special and personal as gifts for your loved ones? Then the red envelope gift basket is the best site for you! They have the most beautiful personalized gift for you! Order your favorite now!


Cute gift idea the one on the photo right? I will definitely order this for Christmas! Super nice idea! You can find more ideas on the site so why not visit them now and order something for your loved ones. Happy hunting everyone! mwuah! Good luck!

Meet someone

sunday advise

I don’t know if I already posted this one here but I will just do it again. I just love this quote that I found online. Super true! I totally agree with this!

I need this to remind myself that I need to have a social life and stop sitting in front of my laptop.

Oh well I am still here and no social life. Poor me! =(

Those Arms!

DSC_5912 copy

Look at those arms! Yaiks! I still need to lose weight! But I am still thankful because I am slowly going back to my pre pregnancy weight. I cannot wait to fit into my old clothes! As of now mom’s clothes are my best friends. yes I am that big! haha!

I was researching on the lipozene side effects since this morning as I intend to take it soon. A friend tried it and it has served her well. She really lost all those bulges! I cannot wait to see the results on me too!

What Am I Doing?

I am currently browsing my friend’s digiscrap gallery. Ever since I adore her scrap pages. It is so beautiful I wish I also have the same talent as hers. I sometimes try to imitate her style but my work is nothing compared to her. Sadly she gave up her hobby a few years ago. I miss seeing her pages. I hope she will go back to scrapping soon. I am so inspired by her.

Frustrated Billiard Player

Hubby loves watching billiards on TV. There is one time that he played billiards with my brothers in Legazpi. And alas he won! I was so surprised when he told me he won. He doesn’t have a formal training in playing it but he managed to play really well. Good job my dear! I am so proud of you!


And because of that I was thinking if I will get him billiards supplies for his birthday. He can use it whenever my brother’s will ask him to go out and play billiards.

Baby Talk with Jacq

I was just talking to my dear friend Jacq on YM a few hours ago. Our topic? Babies and shopping! =) I love it when we talk about babies and of course shopping! haha! Jacq is on her 36th week going 37 on Tuesday already.  A few more weeks and her baby will be out! She is so excited to give birth! And I am so excited for her too! I can't wait to see her baby's first photo.

She was also updating me about her recent OB check up and that baby Ella is fine. I am sure she also hear her baby's heartbeat on the fetal doppler. When I was pregnant with Cate I am always excited to hear her heartbeat. Makes my heart smile with gladness!

To my dear friend Jacq take care always and have a safe delivery!

I love Ipad


I am loving dad’s Ipad. Yes I don’t own one as of this moment. I use my dad’s Ipad from time to time when he is in the office. I was left at home so I have the time to use it. And my verdict? I still love my iPhone. It’s small and easier to use when you are taking care of a baby like my little Cate. I can’t use the iPad as it is big and heavy while taking care of Cate. But I love the high definition of the images, videos and games. And with the newly released iPad2 with the built in camera makes me want to think twice on my verdict on iPad. haha!

Baby Dust


I was doing a research on the zero turn mowers when I saw an update on my twitter on my rockmelt browser. And when I checked it was an announcement from my friend that she is pregnant to her second baby! I am so happy for her! She wanted this thing to happen this year and it came true! Things are happening as planned for her. And this adds up to my friends who are pregnant this year. I think I know 9 friends who are pregnant right now. Wow! Baby dust is really working!

Slow Internet

We have a very slow internet yesterday. I was wondering why already when my friend who works from Bayantel tweeted that due to EAC cable cut Japan to US. Network affected with high latency. Now I know why the internet is slow. I was downloading scrap kits and I wasn’t able to finish anything. Mojo was high yesterday and was gone now. I hope it will go back tomorrow as I am still downloading the scrap kits now.

Hello Mayon!


I am happy that every weekend we got to spend time with Ms. Mayon Volcano. This was taken at Embarcadero Boulevard last February 20. My family went there early in the morning to jog and the get some fresh air. This is our time to bond with each other. To spend time and get a healthy body through exercise.

Mayon is so lovely isn’t she? I love this photo so much! I want to frame this. Will put this in my “to print” folder.

Anyways, I might get shari's discount online as a gift to my friend who will be celebrating her 25th birthday next month. I need to search for other gift ideas as well for another friend’s graduation this March. Yes I am such a gift giver. I love giving gifts!

Cate’s Baptism


She is now a Christian. Welcome to the community baby!

She was baptized last February 27th at St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Legazpi City. And the reception was held at AVP Catering Services.

The celebration was a blast! Everyone enjoyed the party! I love having successful parties. I am so excited to plan the next celebration which is Cate’s 1st birthday in October. Woot!

Thank you all for coming!