Books for my nephews

I was looking for those who sell textbooks that are cheap as my nephews needs them for school. Their books got flooded by the typhoon Ondoy and I wanted to help them get back their books. The ones at the mall are so expensive and I cannot buy them all. i gave them 4 books already which I bought at the bookstore. It is hard to go to school without any school supplies and books. They need help ASAP. I hope to find one soon.

Cute Kindergarten Graduation Invitations

My cute niece will be soon graduating from Kindergarten. And of course the proud mom and dad is now planning her graduation party. They also in search of cute Kindergarten Graduation Invitations.

GraduationCardsShop is the perfect site for them as they make unique and exclusively designed cards for kindergarten graduation announcements, preschool graduation invitations and kindergarten graduation party invitations. They also allow you to put a photo or logo in your card design. Visit now and start creating your Kindergarten graduation party invitations. Good Luck!

We Now have Mang Inasal

Yes the popular food chain in Manila opened in Legazpi City particularly in Embarcadero. Hubby and I tried to eat there last last Sunday and I think the food was ok but the service is really slow. We waited for for the food for 20 minutes I think. And we are so hungry already at that time. So hungry tummy and angry hubby. He asked the manager if the food will take long and instantly she served us food. Ugh!

Just in Time for Christmas

This box arrived last Friday. Containing some online purchases from Glo in the US. Mareng Kathy sent it to me via LBC. Thanks Mare!

The Fuji Instax Camera was in this box and I am really really happy with it. I can now take photos and have it developed in an instant. Cool right? Also some gifts for my family was in the box. I can't wait to give it to them for Christmas! I am sure they will like it!


A friend was looking for an Adults Only All Inclusive Hotel outside the Philippines for their upcoming honeymoon next month. It was the right timing as I just bookmarked Karisma Hotels site just awhile ago. I will recommend this site to her. The place has a secluded white beach and everything is romantic and sensual. For sure their honeymoon will be as romantic as their life together as Boyfriend and Girldfriend. I was a witness of how they loved each other for the longest time. And this place is perfect for them. They are also a food love and I heard the food there is really really good.

So if you are also looking for a place to just relax and have a stress free vacation go to


We went to kawa-kwa, a hill in Ligao City last Dec 5 with my brother, sister and the kids. I went there again with my friend Faye last Wednesday. And the place is really beautiful. I love it. Plus I was having an exercise without my knowledge! hahahha! You know I hate exercise! Just by thinking it I am irritated. So look at why I look this way. Sigh!

Pinoy Big Brother

I am again addicted in watching Pinoy Big Brother and this time it was double up! I love the housemates this time. They are really funny specially Melai. She was a born comedian. I love her funny facial expression. And their love team with Jason. I get so kilig everytime I see them together. They have mutual feelings with each other. For sure when they go out they will surely be a hit in entertainment world. Their life will change when they go out of the PBB house.


The title tells all of you how I feel. I am so stressed on everything I need to do this December. I think I need to go away for a while and spend some time in a good hotel. Just do nothing. Maybe one of those beautiful orlando hotels can take away the stress that I am experiencing right now. I wish I can go there in just a flash.

Making a College Graduation Announcements?

I wanted to practice in making a College Graduation Announcements like the one on the left but I am so busy right now. Thank God there is GraduationCardsShop in which you can find unique and exclusive designs for university graduation announcements, college graduation invitations and college graduation party invitations. They will email the proof to you within 1 hour during the business day. Customer can make unlimited changes at no additional cost. Visit now and order your College Graduation Announcements Cards.

Good Exam Tables

When I saw this photo on the web I remember the check up that we used to go for Huey. The bariatric exam tables of his doctor's clinic are so nice, Huey was so comfortable lying in it. some clinic doesn't have those high quality exam tables so I am thankful that Huey's doctor has those good ones. I hope when the time comes that we need to visit the doctor or the pedia it has a good exam tables. Because it can ease the nervousness of going to the doctor every time you have a check up or you are sick.

Slow Laptop

The other day my brother borrowed this laptop that I am using so I used my sister's laptop instead. I am not used to check my emails and Facebook there as it was processing so slow! I think it needs a new laptop memory. I told my sister about it last time and I guess she didn't bought a new one until now. But I think she was ok with that kind of laptop so I'll just leave it that way.

Time for Oktoberfest Invitation Making

I wasn't able to go to the Oktoberfest Invitations that my friend gave to me. I was too busy last October, I didn't have time to go out. i hope I can still get a lot of Oktoberfest party invitations next year. And I will see to it that I will attend. I missed a lot this year and I don't want to miss it again next year.

Maybe it is time that I host the Octoberfest party? I will still think about it. But I am already searching for the best Octoberfest invitation online. If ever this is my first time to host a party and I want my Oktoberfest party invitation to be special. So I am heading now to and view some beautiful invitations there. I heard Invitations-Shoppe offers a Print and Ship your order the SAME DAY it is approved and you can add a Photo, Picture or Logo to any card on their site. Wasn't that cool? So I am going to bookmark this site from now on.

Sleepy Head

I am sooooo sleepy! It's 1am already and I am still here working. I want our bed!!! I need to finish this as I won't be able to work well tomorrow for sure. I will spend my time resting. I am having a very exhausted day today and it caused me a muscle pain on my body. I want to rest tomorrow. i hope to be well soon as I have a lot of tasks to finish after this.


I am watching this show as of this writing. I love Boy Abunda as a host. He is a master. I love how he asks questions to 2010 election candidates. He was so direct to the point. He is so clear. I hope to continue watching this show until the last candidate for presidency was questioned. I need to make a decision on whom to vote. I also want to experience change. Let us all get to know the candidates and make a wise vote.

Birthday Party Invitation Maker

I am always assigned to my relatives' Birthday Party Invitations. Even with their kids parties. I am so glad I am able to help them. I am always happy to help others. Whenever I am in a hurry or can't find time to create one I always rely to my favorite Invitation shoppe online. This is
CardsShoppe that i am talking about. They got birthday party invitations, a lot of free birthday invitation, and any kind of party invitation that you need. They print and ship your order the SAME DAY it is approved and you can add a photo, picture or logo to any card on their site. What a cool site right? If you want to check them out you can visit for your birthday party invitations.

Still Up

I waited for Pinoy Big Brother Double Up that is why I am still up. I love that show so much. I laugh and get kilig with the Jason and Melai tandem. They compliment each other. They will surely a hit when they go out of Big Brother House.

Ok Hubby is sleeping already and here I am working with a very slow internet connection. Ugh! I need to finish this or else I'll get spanked.

Bye for now. I should be working. Later!

Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday Party Invitations printed via developing center is a hit today. But nothing can beat the classic design made from invitation sites like CardsPersonalized. Site like that is hassle free as they have the feature in which proof will be emailed to you within ONE Hour during the business day. Customer can make unlimited changes at no additional cost. They also have free invitation cards and free shipping of birthday party invitations for those who will order with them. So why not get your party invitation and birthday invitation at I am sure you'll love the design and the cute images that come along with the card.