Laptop Memory

My sister is here since she moved out from her school because she graduated from collage already. She doesn't have a job right now and she is trying to work online. She is using her laptop which my brother in Kuwait gave her. But the problem is her laptop memory is so slow. She needs to upgrade first. So right now I am surfing for a good memory for her laptop. She needs it badly.

Rest where are you?

My head hurts a lot today. I need to take medicine for this or else my day will be ruined again. I don't know if this is migraine or not. Or maybe this is the cause of my eyes. I already have an eyeglasses and have a grade of 300+ on both eyes. I have been wearing an eyeglasses since grade 5 and experience headache when I need to replace my eyeglasses. I might need to replace this eyeglasses of mine since this was a year already.

I still need to read this progesterone thing. Sigh I need rest!


This is my sister a.k.a my model. She is so photogenic and I am so proud of her. She is so natural right?

Here are my photos:

She was just fitting mom’s dress on her bedroom and I said to come out and do a photo shoot. She put on her shoes and there we go to moms garden. And I was clicking away because she is such a good model. I had a great time shooting and editing these pictures. Thanks sis!


Hubby is going to Manila today. Our bus was rented by the government office in Legazpi and will go to Manila for a tour. I wanted to go with him but he said the office do not permit other people to be in the tour. So sad! :(

I want to go somewhere on June. Sort of a vacation for me and hubby. I might try to discover other places here in Bicol. But I am dreaming of going outside the Philippines. It is my dream.. to travel. And Rome is my first target. We will try those Rome hotels there and just relax in our vacation. Sigh! I guess it will be long to go there. I need to save save and save more. I always check the net for some photos and articles about Rome and I am in love over and over again with the place. It is my favorite place to travel.

I will miss my hubby but he said he will be away for 2 days only since he will go back here in Bicol on Friday evening. He will left the bus there with the other driver. I think they can handle it already. Hubby needs to be back on Saturday because he will attend the baptism of his inaanak. Of course I will be there too to take some pictures of the event. That will be our gift to the family.


Diane says, KAYA!

This is the hardest challenge that I made for the KAYA challenge. Lagot si Nina sa akin kapag naka luwas ako ng Manila kasi pina iyak nya ako sa paggawa ng LO na ito. :) But coming up to this LO made me realize that it is healthy to be feel this. It is healthy to cry. I also realize that there are a lot of people who still loves me. Specially Jun. And thanks to my scrapbook friends I am slowly letting my feelings out and shared via scrapbooking. I am so happy to belong on this group. Thanks Nina my dear friend for this challenge! I miss you!

Symbol: White and Blue Balloons.

I am not ok right now. You may see a lot of happy posts and pictures of me smiling and laughing on my blogs but you only see the physical side of me. The wound is not completely healed and I think won’t be completely healed. And it hurts me a lot. I miss my little darling so much! I still cry every night with out my husband noticing it. Yes I am strong but I just keep my soft side. I hate crying. I hate other people see
me cry. I hate being weak. And this is also what I hate about me. Not letting out what I really feel. The guilt is still here in my heart.The blaming, the scenes in the
hospital, the face of Huey inside the coffin, the crying people surrounding me, the burial and that hurts me a lot. How am I going to let go of this? God help me! 10-03-07

Adobe Photoshop CS2, In My Mommy’s Dream Kit by Jofia Devoe at, Worn Photo Overlay by Danielle at, Glittery Alpha by Leora Sanford at, Tape Measure by Tia Bennett, Font: Amaze

I made this LO with Adobe Photoshop CS2 software, Add some drop shadows to make LO pop. Blended the balloon photo on the background. Layering.


My cousin is getting a new Santa Fe dehumidifiers. Their old one was not functioning well already so they wanted to get a new one. The one they had served them well and was happy and satisfied with the performance of it in their house. I would like to get one of that too. i just hope I can save up more so that I can slash it down on my wish lists.

Friendship Around the World!

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6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

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I’m tagging everyone on my blogroll. :)

Now and Then

This is a tag made by Aggie. I had fun browsing from my box of photos and reminiscing the memories with the old photos I have. I smile every time I saw the one with Huey in it. I am not sad anymore because I know he is fine to where he is now. I am happy. And I also laugh and giggle at those high school photos of mine. :) Thank you so much for this tag Aggie!

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Aggie wants to see pictures of YOU through the years!!

The Rule:
Post a picture of YOU through the years. You can post as far back as you can and as far back as what you can dig with your pictures. Finish your post and tag three people :) Link up the BLOG post you had your entry on (let’s keep this real and not a viral link exchange, people, kies? Thanks! :D)

Blogs who participated:
1. Aggie - Mommy Talks. Wife Stories. 2. Yen 3. Glo 4. Jacq 5. Buge 6. Joy 7. Thea 8. Diane

{End Copy}

Don’t laugh on my pictures ok? LOL! :)

This are my photos as a baby. I am a chubby one. See my dimples on the first photo? Cu-teeee!!!!!

I am such a happy kid. I always smile when someone takes a picture of me. LOL on the last photo. Sobrang smile naman yun!

First and second photo pacute kuno. Third photo playing teacher teacher. I love writing on my black board with the 1 box of chalk that mom bought me. :)

At ten years old. A skinny one. :)

My High School Photos. Yes I am also a studio girl. :) I have a natural curly hair back then. I have straight hair now. I had it straightened at the parlor. I always want to have straight hair. I hate having curly hair. :)

The first photo was taken at Baguio City after my HS graduation. Second photo was during my first year Physical Education. Third photo was my craziness of the VHF radio. This is where hubby and I met. The “over over!” thing. :)

This was the year 2002 when hubby and I was still BF/GF. Second photo was taken when my sister got hospitalized because of asthma. Kami yung bantay. LOL! Third photo was taken in Pili, Camarines Sur. Wala lang pumunta lang kami dun. Trip lang.

First photo was again a studio shot. I feel beautiful on that photo. LOL! Second photo was my graduation photo. I never had those glamour shot. Jologs grad pic ko. LOL! The last photo was a pre nuptial photo of hubby and I. Again a studio shot. I am so young in that photo. I miss that hair, though I hate having curly hair. :)

I am pregnant to Huey on the first photo. Second photo is during my graduation ceremony. I am so HUGE!!!! That was my mom’s clothes. LOL! It was May of 2004, two months after Huey was born. Third photo is taken during my brothers wedding in Davao City. January of 2005.

First photo is with Huey. Taken during the “pamanhikan” of my uncle. Second photo was taken when we are still in Manila for Huey’s therapy. Third photo is my recent photo. Taken last Sunday with my sister.

That’s it! I hope you had fun viewing my now and then photos.

I would like to see the now and then photos of Amor, Litzie and Chikai.


Every time I went to bed at night I can always see the lights coming from outside and I can't sleep well with that. So what I do is I cover my eyes with my blanket. I wanted to put a dark shade of curtain to lessen the light coming from outside so that I will have a peaceful sleep. That'll be on my list. Hubby on the other hand can sleep with or without light. I envy him. I can easily fall asleep when the light is turned off. I wish I am like my husband.

Mother's Day Pics

Pictures of our mother's day celebration.

With my sister, sister in law and our maids daughter.

Me and my sister.

Mom, my niece Liit, Me and my brother.

I enjoyed celebrating mother’s day with my family.

Itching to Buy

I am itching right now for an External Hard Drive. I badly need it to store my digital kits. I saw one at and I think it will be my best buy for this month because it is only a hundred bucks. How cool is that right? I am just waiting for the go signal of my husband. He is still in Manila and I don't want to go on an impulse buy without the permission of my husband. Will wait for him. I am so excited!

Guess the Baby of Amore Contest

My friend Amore is having a “Guess the Baby” contest on her blog.

You can check out her blog here.

Be sure to post your guess on her comment section of the post because the deadline is on May 8th, Thursday, Pacific Time (actual drawing is on Friday).

Good Luck to all those who will join!!!

New CT LO's

Here are my CT LO’s for ScrapKitchen Designs. Love her designs a lot! So lucky to be on her team. :D

My LO using the Free kit at My Scrapbook Art during the NSD Celebration.

ScrapKitchen is one of the designers who made the kit.

My first LO using her products as a CT. I used the Sugar High Kit by ScrapKitchen Designs and Lauren Grier. I love the colors of this kit. Purple is my favorite!

My favorite LO as of the moment. I love how funky this LO turned out. The kit was amazing! I used the Chillaxin Kit here, a Triple Dip by ScrapKitchen Designs, Melissa Bennett and Eva Kipler.

I made this for the Speed Scrap Challenge at SSD. You have to scrap with a template in an hour. I made it to the deadline but didn’t win. LOL! I also used the Chillaxin Kit here. The template was based on the LO by Jacq here.

Pocket Watch

A friend of mine will celebrate his birthday soon and I can't think of anything to give to him. So I searched for his favorite things to collect and discovered that he loves to collect pocket watch. So this is what I will give to him on his birthday this June. I still need to save up for it because it is quite pricey! LOL! I hope he will like my gift to him.

The Husband (& Wife) Tag

Thanks Mai for tagging me with this. Haven’t done this eh.

How long did you date?
We dated when I was still in College. It was March 5, 2002 and the first date was considered as our anniversary as BF and GF. Jun fetched me at school and said we have to go somewhere. I have no idea where. He surprised me by bringing me to the romantic place I have ever seen here in Legazpi. It was so memorable ans sweet!

How old is he?
He is 33 already. He is older than me by 9 years. :D

Who eats more?
Sad to say but it was me. That is why I am like this big. hahahahaha!

Who said “I love you” first?
He’s the one who said that I think.

Who is taller?
He was. I am only 5″ tall.

Who sings better?
Me. He never sings out loud. Shy daw sya.

Who is smarter?
Hmmmm… I think he is. He awards when he was still studying. Me? Forget it!

Whose temper is worse?
I do. Iniintindi kasi nya ako eh. baby daw ako! hahahaah!

Who does the laundry?
Our helper but sometimes me.

Who does the dishes?

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I am at the right side of the bed near the wall.
Who pays the bills?
He pays the bills.

Who cooks dinner?
Sometimes me and sometimes our household helper.

Who drives when you are together?
He does. I am still learning how to drive right now.

Who is more stubborn?
Guilty here!

Who kissed who first?
I kissed him first. ahhahahaha!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Me. pacute muna pero in the end aaminin ko din na kasalanan ko.

Whose parents do you see the most?
My Parents. I am not that close to his family.

Who proposed?
He was but there is no formal proposal. He was just telling me that someday we will get married. When I got pregnant, my parents wants us to get married already after I graduated.

Who is more sensitive?
I am. Insensitive ata ang asawa ko eh. hahahahaha! Minsan gusto ko na ngang batukan para matauhan eh. LOL!

Who has more friends?
He was. I am shy in person. I don’t like to socialize with others whom I don’t know well. I have more online friends than my IRL friends.

Who has more siblings?
We have the same. He has 3 siblings and I have 3 too.

Who wears the pants in the family?
He does. I admire him a lot for taking care of me and Huey when our little boy is still alive. He was a very good provider. A very workaholic and responsible man. He gives me what I want. Thanks hone for being like that. I love you soooo much!
This is such a nice tag. I had fun answering this. Thanks Mai!

Now I am tagging all those who haven’t done this tag.

Motor Home

This is so cool! A class A motorhome is what I am dreaming of owning. We have a bus company and this one is so perfect for us. Hubby wants to have one like this also. He is in line with vehicles, bus in particular so this is nice if we have one right? Perfect for getaways and emergency out of town. That picture above is so beautiful isn't it? This motorhome will be on my dream list. hahahaha! it will be long years to wait if I will have this one. Sigh!

Drug Addiction

Gosh! I have a friend who had an encounter with an addict. She said it was so scary! Thank god her boyfriend came in time she was saved. If that will happen to me I don't know what to do. sometime drug adducts are so scary. They don't know what they we're doing. They should be enrolled in a drug rehab. I know there are good ones out there. The government should act now about this fast. I pity those people who was into drug addiction. They need to be taken care of also.