Big Loss

My uncle who's been my second father to me died yesterday morning. He had a heart attack from his sleep. He was a great uncle to me and my sister. He treated us as his own. We will miss you Papa! Kindly give my kisses to Huey in heaven.

Ok I need to stop being mushy... I still have a lot of things to do and will find ellipticals for my dad over the internet.

Scented Candles

I am a collector of pens and decorations in our house like figurines. I also love collecting scented candles to display in our living room. I have a candle that smells like bubblegum. Whenever I smell that candle I wanted to taste it. My husband laugh at me whenever I tell him I want to eat that candle. It is super yummy! So if you want to give me some gift I also accept candles. Big ones are appreciated. hahahaha!


In the past week have you had any restaurant food (whether deliver or you went out)?
+ Yes, KFC. I love KFC a lot!

What is your favorite restaurant?
+ Shakey's. Love the mojos there.

What is your favorite food?
+ Mojo's and pasta. No wonder I love Shakey's so much!

How often do you go out to eat/order delivery?
+ Once a week.

Are you a good tipper (to servers or drivers)?
+ Hmmm not really. I am so kuripot. hihihii!

Got this from Aggie. Ok I still need to find some good travel deals for my dear friend. Later!

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

The Bottom Line

Buy a bigger address book -- you are going to gaining a lot of new friends today.

In Detail

Today you might want to go out and buy a bigger address book, because you are going to be meeting a lot of new acquaintances today. New names and faces will be filling your day with excitement and possibility. If you are interested in growing your social scene or expanding your career networking connections, this is going to be a banner day. But if you are fine with where you are and who is in your life right now, simply take all this new energy for what it is. Don't try to keep track.

April Morning

You can grab this April Morning kit by Peppermint Creative HERE.
Go Gran this now!

Old Photos

I need to catch my breath right now. Let me pause for a while...

There I am ok now! Whew! I was beating a deadline that's why. Ok back to my post. I was in my grandmother's place last week and I am so happy to be there. Love old places and finding old stuff. I was looking for some bedding when I saw a box full of old photos of my grand father. I was happy to see those photos. I asked my grand father on one of the photo because I saw something interesting. She told me that it was a gold mine. I was amazed to see a gold mine near their place. But my grandpa told me that it was now gone. The Japanese miners are gone.

I still dream that someday I will have a gold bar on my hand. I never seen a real one like that. And I hope to at least save up on gold coins someday. You know investing in golf form is the best way of saving up for the future. It is somewhat a superior thing to do when saving up. I wanted to try this one. Saving up in money form is so hard on me. I keep on going to the bank and withdraw everything I have. So maybe this is the best way of saving up for the future. For the future of my kids and family. I will ask my husband about this and if I get a go signal then off I go to to get some golf coins. This is exciting!

I am Back!

We are back from our holy week vacation and I forgot to update this blog. I am so sorry! Been busy with the uploading of our pictures on Flickr.

Well, our vacation was full of fun and a lot of sand hugging. LOL!

I have sun burn now and I was darker than before. huhuuhuhu! I hope to get my color back soon. I am using a whitening soap so in time I will be back to my real color again. =)

Still have a lot of paper scrapping and digiscrapping to do and some online works. I have a deadline to beat so just bear with me and visit my blog ok?

Be Nice

I saw this from Yen and Caryl's blog and snagged this from Faye.

This is a really nice quote. Totally true. This is somewhat a realization on my life. Be Nice Everyone!


How am I right now? Well, here are updates about me and my life:

  • No baby yet. Planning of having one this year or early next year.
  • Still busy digiscrapping.
  • Missing paper scrapping so much. I have no time to sit on my scrap area.
  • Still working online.
  • Still doing internet job here at my parents house. No internet connection in our house. Sigh!
  • Excited for our adventure in Caramoan, Camarines Sur this Holy Week.
  • Excited for bebots and twittermates EB on April 17 in Manila.
  • Bought 2 camera strap cover for my camera.
  • Constantly shooting everyday for my project 365. I am proud!
  • Needs to save save save because we need money right now for the repair of our bus.
  • Been addicted on online shopping! hihiihi!

I still have a lot of updates to share but this will do for now. I need to browse some New York City hotel for a friend. She will be going there next month. Later!