Gift for Grandma

It has been years since we gave grandma a gift so I wanted to give her something special. When I asked her what gift she want to receive from us, she told me that she wanted some beautiful garden flags, but it was not available at the mall so I got new garden utensils instead. She haven’t received it yet and I hope she won’t read this post until we give her gift to her. She’s not into internet and computers anyways.

Cash Advance

After all the shopping we had, our wallets are now empty. We need money right now as we are renovating our bedroom. I might try the cash advance method that my friend suggested to me. She said it is fast and easy to use. She tried it and she was happy with the service. I just hope that it will be easy to use for me and we will get the money asap as we badly need moolah right now.

Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless!

Jun, Diane and Cate

Car Insurance

We went to SM Naga yesterday and hubby thought of dropping by Toyota Naga to follow up on the plate and registration of our car. But we got so busy shopping for Christmas gifts so hubby forgot to drop by before we head home. He said he will just check it next week. How I wish we can just go online and check the insurance just like the site offers. It is easier to get it online right?

Arthritis Treatment

My uncle is telling me to find some treatments for arthritis on the web last month. He was suffering from bad case of arthritis. And he kept on bugging me about it so I searched the web and found one at I am suggesting this site to him and print the information in this site as well so he can read more information about the matter. I just hope I helped him in his situation.

My Wallet


These are the gifts I received from my SIL who went home from Kuwait last June. I super love the color and how big this wallet was. And it has credit card slots in it where I can put my cards. As of today I still use this and have no plan of replacing this unless it is damaged already. Thanks Ate Shiela for these gifts I love it so much! Thanks You!

Memory Foam Mattress

Soon I will be getting a new bed for our newly renovated bedroom. We will be upgrading from a single bed into a queen size one. I think we will get one over at Uratex in Pili where my brother got their King size bed last month. I am also getting a memory foam for my husband. He’s been suffering from neck pain recently. And this memory foam mattress sale over at is timely. I will browse their site and hopefully get what I wanted.