Birthday party Invitations

I have bookmarked a lot of sellers in Facebook that offers birthday party invitations a few months before my baby’s first birthday. But I never got to order from them. I opted for a more personalized invitation. I made it and have it printed at the developing center at the mall. And I am so happy the guest have been inquiring on where I ordered it. And whenever I tell them I made it they are amazed! Thanks for appreciating my work guys! I am blushing now. =)

EHD Now Working

I was able to buy a new EHD cable wire. Woohoo! My EHD which contains my scrapping kits is now working and I can now scrap my heart out! Weeee!!! I visited 3 computer stores and nothing works for my EHD. Thank God the last store has one and was able to make it work. As I was paying for the wire, I saw their barcode scanners and canvassed on how much it was as my cousin was asking me the other day on where to get the cheapest bar code scanner for their gift shop. Now I have something to repost to her. I hope she'll find it cheap or else I will have to scout for a new barcode scanner.


I am doing my baby’s slide show for her first birthday party on Saturday. The venue said I can use their projector for free. I think they have an extra lcd projector bulbs there in case the one that is installed will be broken. I don’t want to have a cancelled slideshow in case their projector get broken. Oh well I don’t have to worry about that because I know that everything will be fine. I am just being positive about it. =)

EHD Cable Connector

I am so pissed of this connector ever since it didn’t work. I badly need to replace it soon. I have all my scrapping supplies on my EHD and thank God it is only the connector that has a problem. Not the EHD itself. Or else it will go crazy losing my entire scrapping kits! I will need to visit our local computer shop to look for a replacement. I hope to find one soon.

High Chair Lover

IMG_0336 IMG_0482

Whenever we are out to eat, Cate never passes to sit on a high chair. She just loves being in it while we eat. She loves to look around, discovering the lights and other restaurant equipment. She is just one curious baby. Some babies doesn’t want to be away from their mother’s and father’s when eating but not Cate. She is one calm and independent baby. I just love her to bits!

Stressful Week!

I am still here busy with the party planning of my daughter's first birthday which is in two weeks already! I am one mom panicking right now. I still have a lot of things to accomplish. I do hope that this party will be a successful one. I have been having sleepless nights because of it. And I even forgot the favor that my cousin is asking me. She wanted me to look for Nursing Aide Jobs for her and her friend. Now she hates me! Ugh!