Whenever we go to SM Naga I never let it pass to buy this yummy scramble. I love buying scramble when I was in elementary and this one is a cleaner version. My mom said that the one being sold outside our school is dirty and I shouldn’t buy those. And it’s been ages since I tried scramble. Thank God for stores like this I can eat this yummy desert once again. Set aside your diet pills first and try this. It’s is good I tell you!

To Buy Tanning Lotion?

All my life I wanted to have fair skin. Even when I was younger I remember being so envious on my classmates who have white skin. And because of that I ask mom if I she can buy me whitening soap when she goes to the grocery. Some of my friends says that I already have a fair skin already and I don't need those whitening pills nor soaps. But I don’t see it when I am facing the mirror. I always think I am still too dark. So I just laughed when a friend asked me if I want to buy tanning bed lotions from her. I mean that is so funny right? Why ask the one who is desperate enough to get whiter skin to buy a tanning lotion? Duh!

Bold Wall


A bold wall is what I need for my scrap space inside our bedroom to let creative juices flowing. I like the photo above. Super love it! I think it is a nice area for creating scrapbook pages. Whether digital or traditional scrapbook pages. And that cute bed is so nice. I can just lay there and use my laptop when surfing the net. I am keeping this photo for inspiration.

I am kinda sleepy already but I need to stay awake for some online tasks. I am off to check the extenze side effectsthat a friend suggested to me the other day so bye for now!

The Stalker

I was reading this dermitage reviews when I realized I haven't eaten my lunch. I remember my brother calling me to eat already but I was putting Cate to sleep so I said I will just go out when Cate is asleep. But the internet addict me checked my facebook account once again when Cate slept and I am glued. An hour after I realized I am hungry. haha! This happens when you are stalking someone’s FB page. LOL!


My friend got her mom a new desktop on her birthday. She was looking for a nice netbooks online when she decided to get a desktop instead. Her mom stays most of the time at home anyways. She is such a good daughter. I wish I have money so I can buy mom an Ipad. =D

If you are looking for the best netbooks online, you can go to They have all the best netbooks that you like. I am just staring at the nice deals on netbooks on this site. Sigh!

futon Cover


It's been a long time since we have the one and only slipcover and never replaced it. So imagine the look of that slipcover. Washed over and over again. haha! I am thinking of getting a new futon cover but where will I get it? And the next thing on my mind is that I have no money right now. This means I need to save first for it and be contented with that old and torn slip cover. Ugh! I just hope there is money that will come my way soon.


I am now looking for giveaway ideas for Cate's baptism. I saw some tradeshow giveaways which I can also use as her giveaway but I wanted something unique and pink. I saw crochet booties, baby bottles, chocolate and towel cupcakes. I am still deciding and consulting my husband on what’s the best giveaway for our little one. I do hope I will find something 2-3 weeks from Cate’s baptism date. Or else I will be in panic mode once again.

Wish me luck!