A Great Wedding Gift

I always always run out of ideas on what to give to someone who is getting married. Either I end up giving them a wall clock or a pillow, which a must have for newlyweds. But when I saw the bunn coffee maker, I said to myself, "why not!?"


This is a great gift idea right?

I am not a coffee drinker but I am thinking of getting this one too so hubby won’t have a hard time making his own coffee in the morning. He always wakes up first before me and I don’t want him to go on a hassle in making his coffee. A good coffee maker is what we need. I just need to find money to buy it. Wish me luck!

The Zoo

DSC_6250 copy

I love going to the Zoo. And what makes me happy now is that Cate loves animals specially ducks. She imitates the duck by putting her hands on her armpit and moves like a duck. She is so funny whenever she does that. So I asked the husband to make time for family every Sunday and visit the Zoo if we can. This is a cheap way of spending time with family. And now that Hans is already here it will be more fun to visit the Zoo. Cate now has a playmate. Yey!

Baby Hans

Yey! I gave birth already to a bouncing baby boy!

Here’s his pic:

DSC_6501 copy

Isn’t he adorable?

I am once again in love with a baby. It is so nice to smell him. I really love being a mom. My two kids completes me now. Of course my husband too!

Now I am off to find a site that has small business equipment leasing as a friend of mine is looking for one. And I am sleepy now. So good night to you all! Have a nice week ahead!

YouTube Downloader

What I love to do right now is to download youtube video for my baby Cate. She loves to watch Jollibee videos and TV commercials. So glad I found the best youtube downloader. I didn’t had a hard time downloading the videos that I need. It was so easy to use and with just a click and you are done! Just visit www.bestvideodownloader.com to download. Enjoy!



Weigh Tronix

I have been searching for a nice gift for a friend's birthday next week. I don't know what will make her happy. It's so hard to buy a gift for her as she has everything. From clothes to shoes, bags and scrapping supplies. All I know is that she is conscious with her weight right now. So maybe a weigh tronix will make her happy on her birthday. Ok this will be my gift for her. I hope she will like it.