Bathroom Talk

I love clean bathrooms with nice bathroom vanities. i always admire those houses that has clean bathrooms. Sometimes I take a photo of it so that when our bathroom will be renovated I can rely to that photo and copy the things or arrangements of it. My mothers bathroom are so beautiful also. I wanted to have a bath tub on out bathroom but it is too small to have a bath tub. I wish i can have a larger bathroom so that I will have a bath tub. Sigh!

Hotel Deals

Want to get a great hotel deals? Then check out Sherman's Travel site and get a great deal on hotels. It is the best site for you to get the cheap hotel in your destination. Go check them out now! And experience luxury in your hotel with a low price.

I will surely tell this site to my friend who wants to go on a vacation in US. This is the best for her because she wants a nice hotel but she is on a budget.

Little Girl

I love this little girl. She was one of the guests in my nephews 2nd birthday party last easter Sunday. She is our neighbor. I love her hair a lot! So girly and so curly! I was curly when I was little too!

I took this photo in Manual mode and edited in photoshop CS2.

I am slowly learning how to take photos in Manual mode. Yay!

People Search

I want to get in touch with my old friends through the net and be updated on what they are up to now. I miss my friends and the online world will be a great way to get in touch with them. I have friendster, myspace, facebook and other sites that I can get in touch with my friends. I didn't know that Spock- the best for people search is the best one to find old friends and other people that I want to find.

This site is best if you doesn't know where to find them. I like this site because just by entering the name, email or tag of the person, they can easily direct you to that person you are finding. Isn't that cool? I will try this site because I have a lot of old friends that I want to keep in touch with and those who I wanted to see.

I remembered when one housemate of the pinoy big brother show wants to find his father. I wished they knew this site so that they can find his father. It is nice to see other people find those long lost family members and friends right? It is so touching to be with them again.


I can now wear this on my gallery. WOOHOO!!!!

The Wedding Gown LO has been published at Bella Scraps Magazine March 2008.

I am really happy to be published! This is my first time!


I also saw Jacq in that issue. She was the featured scrapper there. I was one of her fan. I love her LO’s.

Better Photos

I am still learning how to operate my new camera. I always get bad lighting when I use the manual setting. I wanted to get better pictures just like the ones I saw online. I better practice more using the manual setting. Or can someone help me with the manual setting? I will gladly appreciate it if you can help me. Thanks in advance!

Be Safe

Gosh! It is so scary last time because there was a gang who hostage the house near us. Well not that very near but in the same place with us. Our neighbors said the armed man got all the money they have. This family has a junk shop business and they got spied by those men and got all the money. It is so practical to install an alarm system monitoring at our houses right now. You'll never know when will those guys will attacked you right? It is better to be safe!

Life Insurance

I am thinking of getting a term life insurance yesterday. It just hits me because I will never know when will God get me or one of my family. It is always best to get secure right? So I am thinking of getting one. I will tell this later to my husband if he agrees or not. Crossing my fingers! Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday my Angel!

Happy Birthday to our dear Angel up in heaven Huey Dhale!

We will go to him this afternoon. I bought spaghetti at Jollibee to give to him. It is a tradition to place something every time we visit him. He is now 4 years old. He is now supposed to be in kindergarten already. Sigh!

I know he is happy right now. I can feel it.

We love you son!

Update on Me

Jun and I arrived this morning at 6:00 AM at home. We departed Manila last night at 6:00PM. It was a very tiring trip but I had fun spending that vacation with Jun’s family.

We went to Manila Ocean Park and it is so cool there. I suggest this place for field trips, family outing, nature lover specially those who loves fishes and other ocean creatures. And then we went to MOA to go shopping. It was tiring to find the shop that you are looking for there. The mall is so large I can’t manage to stroll around in just 2 hours!!! My feet are already swelling when we went back to the bus. Yes we used one of the buses of Jun’s family. I bought new scrapbooking magazines at BookSale there and I am one happy shopper again! hahahahah! Imagine I bought 7 scrapbooking mags!!!! I was smiling from ear to ear when i saw the mags. Honey also bought motorcycle mags there.

After MOA we went to STAR CITY. I had a lot of fun there too. We have the ride all you can ticket and at first I was so afraid to try one of the rides there. We started to ride on the ferris wheel and then I joined Jun and his brother and brother in law to the Surf Dance. I was so thrilled to ride that one. It was not that scary at all.

After STAR CITY all of us are tired so we went home at my sister in law’s house in Fairview, Quezon City.

The next day we went to Quiapo. We dropped by the church, prayed and then went shopping. Mom bought umbrella’s for pasalubong to our maids. I got one too because my umbrella is staring to give up already.

And then we separated to the group. Jun, Kuya Curd (husband of my sister in law) and me went to one of the Mall who sells DVD’s. OK I’ll admit it was pirated! hahahahahah! I bought 6 DVD’s and then went to one of my target shop. I didn’t planned to buy what they are selling but I was just canvassing so that I know how much I will be spending on that product.

OK I will tell you what product it is….


We went to Henry’s and saw a lot of good camera’s there. I was drooling there!!!

And I got tempted!!!! LOL!

My main purpose of going there is to canvass but I can’t let go of the cam I was planning to buy. So I purchased it. Gosh! I was so HAPPY to touch it and try it!!!! I was smiling after the sales lady put the camera and accessories to the bag.

So there… I have a new BABY and I decided to call her Nikkolette. And I am happy to introduce her to all of you.

My New Nikon D80 Camera with 18-135mm lens.

Also purchased the 50mm f1.8 lens and two filters.

The camera has a 2GB Memory Card and a free bag.

Sorry for the not so sharp photo above. I am a newbie in this kasi. I didn’t edited this one. I just cropped it in photoshop.

*Smiling from ear to ear.

I will post pictures of the ocean park and other photos tomorrow. Thanks for visiting me! Mwuah!

New LO here

I made a new digital page. I am making LO’s of all things I love and this is one of them. I was raised as a nature lover. And I live in a fresh clean place called Albay. Where you can see the magnificent Mayon Volcano. Thanks for Looking!

You can vie the credits here.


We went on a vacation last Sunday to Manila with Jun's family. And I enjoyed it so much. We went to MOA and passed by the World Trade Center. My sister in law said she is thinking of getting one trade show booths on the next show there. And i said that it was so cool. if she needs some help I will volunteer myself. I love booths and selling things. This is exciting!

Losing Weight

Weight is a very large issue to me. I wanted to go back to my weight when I was in college. I kept on looking at my large belly and arms in the mirror everyday to see if I gained to much weight or not. When I get bigger it shows on my belly and arms. I also see a lot of friends who got sexier than me. Waaaahhhh!!! I wanna lose weight!!! Maybe I need to try this Orovo thing that my friends are telling me. I am desperate to lose weight.

A New Wallet

My God! Hubby's wallet is damaged already! I needed to buy a new one. I think that wallet is 3 years old already! I spotted this Johnston and Murphy wallet and I kinda like it for hubby. This will be on my wish list for sure. And hubby will be happy to receive a new one. Hmmm.... I wish I have enough money when his birthday comes so that I can give it to him as a present.

Motorcycle Thing

My husband's favorite thing to do is to take care of his motorcycle. To buy stuff for traveling like helmets, eye gear like this Wiley X that I saw online, dress for motorcycling and different parts of the motorcycle. I am not against that because that is what he enjoy doing. I too have some hobby which I am happy about and all of you know that it is scrapbooking. I just hope that he won't be too attached to that motorcycle or else... LOL!